Fri Sum: Home and Splurge

2:48 PM

Upper corner is my latest fav in McD: Beef McPepper set XD
Sorry, Fish-o-Fillet set, haven't ordered you since...

Next to it is a close-up of the burger. So tasty! I want more!!
(It's a simple burger. Bun, beef patty, and onions. Do your breath good. 0:) )

The pasta is from Food Junction at Midvalley. 
It was Pepperoni with Cream Sauce. Taste was okay, a bit spicy. Otherwise just nice and the portion was okay for me. 

The last assignment for me to hand in was the script for my Elective Course. 
It was super last minute, hope it's a Pass. The story is quite nice, honestly. :)

Then below it is my fav at the college's cafeteria: Fish and Chips ala carte. 
It's great, eaten with mayo and black pepper sauce but the black pepper that day was horribly watered down. :(

Last was the cup!! Haven't eaten the cup version since I went into college. Great taste though I think I didn't let it simmer enough. But the tom yam taste is there in the soup. So yummy!!

Bought from Daiso. I was curious how it would taste like.

~The ingredients~

Taste verdict: Very bitter. xP 

Meh, it tasted almost like Old Town White Coffee before adding a packet of Coffee Mate. 

But it worked just like any other coffee would on me. Was super active tormenting my youngest brother. *Angel face

Meet LOKI!
My teddy bear...


~My stylish teddy bear~

Both caps bought from FOS, Midvalley.
PS: I do have a slight obsession on caps, hats...

~Next is the VAIN fashionista~
PS: I am vain, I admit. So what?

Just so I don't feel guilty, it's edited with a little bit of filters. A bit.. like 10%. Hahaha..

The end!

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