Last Week's Fri Sum: After Exams' Happy Hour

2:19 PM

Actually a very late post but I'm not doing anything much at home so I saved this post. 
I finished my exams for 2nd Semester, 3rd Year on last Thursday, 20th June. It was a morning, almost noon paper. Naturally we have to go out and have an after exams' party k. 

No specific plans, quite flexible. 
The guys who went earlier to Midvalley suggested the Thai movie Pee Mak. 

However, we ladies were fooled into thinking it was purely a horror flick. (Because a few hours ago in our room, we were talking about Thai horror movies.)

I was disappointed. 
(Next time check reviews before making assumptions.)

Pee Mak
A romantic, comedy and horror movie

For me, it was a mostly romantic movie. Seriously when the ending was in sight, it was like the director went into a lets-make-it-end-sweetly mode. 

I preferred the horror scenes. Too bad the effect didn't really sink in because right after the horror, came the comedy. What a way to burst the horror bubble, guys. 

Great to watch if you don't mind the romantic scenes. Even the guys were quiet when those scenes came. Dila and I were cringing, hoping the movie will end faster. 

Oh by the way, we sat in the front rows! Very very front rows. All occupied by 3rd Year EM students. 

Moving on the Fri usual~

1. With my study's essentials: A drink (drinking water a must and one pick-me-up drink), raisins (my fav for focusing and also nibbles) and my Stitchy!

2. Popcorn and the ticket stubs from the movie. I found the popcorn box cute. 

3. My dinner, horrible dinner. Dislike the sauce, it made the fish taste so yucky. I regretted not ordering my usual.

4. The drink was okay, expensive as always when you eat out.

5. We ladies already planned for a bowling session! 
At this, the guys left us. 

6. During the first half of the first game. We opted for two games. It was great fun!

7. The scores for the first game. (In Blue)
8. The scores of the second game were better. At this time, one of my fingernails chipped. Not ouch for me but my friends found it scary. 

~The end~
Oh and Happy Semester Break!

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Tues Beauty: Playing with eye cosmetic and a cap

1:34 AM


I am not, well, not really a cosmetic fan. In fact, I had kept my first ever mini cosmetic kit/palette Johnson brand for almost five years before got rid of it this year. It had beautiful colours to the innocent me that time. Even had a Johnson face powder, which was in a way fully used. Point was, I was afraid to use and too lazy to learn that time. Hahaha~

Anyway, now I have a cosmetic bag. It's a useful bag just enough for the stuffs, not really those specific cosmetic bag. I think any bag is fine as long as it can hold the weight and looks pretty externally. :D

PS: Cosmetic bag's contents some other time okay. For now it is kinda messy. x.x

Back to topic of the day~

I was at home last week. I was bored. Yes, I have two paper exams, so not looking forward to them this week but can't wait for them to be over.

Then waking up last Friday, I thought, why not do one of those eye styles I admire and long to try out?

Actually I was pondering to do or not to do.. Shakespeare-an style: To do or not to do, that is the dilemma~

I tried.


(>.<) Not going to do both because I know I will end up messy on my lefty side.


Ah actually I didn't plan what to do. 
At first was thinking of just doing my fav cat eye look. 
Then I felt what a waste so while doing the bottom, I extended it without combining the ends. 

After doing those two black lines, I remembered one of those eye styles where she had white filling the space between and I have a white eyeliner. You can guess what happened next.

If you notice, there's pink on my upper eyelid. I deliberately applied some of my cream blush on it. I should have applied more but using my finger, was afraid of smudging the eyeliner there. Hahaha~

End of eye cosmetic. 

Next the fun part. :P

It's actually a new cap I bought from FOS Midvalley. 
It's a big wide cap, street wear is a trend now.. just saying.

Love that it makes my face look smaller. Hahaha~

Point is to put it lightly on your head. This one makes me look, well, small-brain. :P

Same picture, just clarifying how much I filtered the real picture. xD
Also, my room is yellow and the light is also giving a yellow light. Hahaha~

-The End-


Mon Fav: A book and a convenience

1:32 AM

It's been like what- 2, 3 weeks since this 7 days labelled post. The thing was only Fri Sum seemed interesting. Honesty pays, right? Hahaha~

So one of my fav pastime is reading. Yeah, who doesn't okay. Unless you are those hands-on perhaps then reading might bore you.

Currently reading Secret Series. :)

This is the second book in the series of 5 books. 

I like the plot, it's really unique because the writer is actually telling the story, in a mysterious way even. 

Not going to spoil it. Get and read it yourself. 

Next fav: A convenience

My new external. (Technically not new new, it's already 3 months old.)

It's RED!!

Hahaha, they didn't have blue, so kinda settled with red. 
I love that its a 1 TB external. 

Currently it is filled with Japanese and Koreans related stuff like animes, dramas, etc. 
The other external, older, also red, around 300 something is filled with English movies, cartoons, etc. 
Organization, just how I like it. Hahaha~

The End


Fri Sum: Home and Splurge

2:48 PM

Upper corner is my latest fav in McD: Beef McPepper set XD
Sorry, Fish-o-Fillet set, haven't ordered you since...

Next to it is a close-up of the burger. So tasty! I want more!!
(It's a simple burger. Bun, beef patty, and onions. Do your breath good. 0:) )

The pasta is from Food Junction at Midvalley. 
It was Pepperoni with Cream Sauce. Taste was okay, a bit spicy. Otherwise just nice and the portion was okay for me. 

The last assignment for me to hand in was the script for my Elective Course. 
It was super last minute, hope it's a Pass. The story is quite nice, honestly. :)

Then below it is my fav at the college's cafeteria: Fish and Chips ala carte. 
It's great, eaten with mayo and black pepper sauce but the black pepper that day was horribly watered down. :(

Last was the cup!! Haven't eaten the cup version since I went into college. Great taste though I think I didn't let it simmer enough. But the tom yam taste is there in the soup. So yummy!!

Bought from Daiso. I was curious how it would taste like.

~The ingredients~

Taste verdict: Very bitter. xP 

Meh, it tasted almost like Old Town White Coffee before adding a packet of Coffee Mate. 

But it worked just like any other coffee would on me. Was super active tormenting my youngest brother. *Angel face

Meet LOKI!
My teddy bear...


~My stylish teddy bear~

Both caps bought from FOS, Midvalley.
PS: I do have a slight obsession on caps, hats...

~Next is the VAIN fashionista~
PS: I am vain, I admit. So what?

Just so I don't feel guilty, it's edited with a little bit of filters. A bit.. like 10%. Hahaha..

The end!

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