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5:37 PM

If you could turn back time, what would you do?

I would make myself join many activities in my school times. You know like those uniform bodies, sports, even that public speaking I did. Luckily, I got involved in Rotary Club and Drama Competition in my Secondary year. If not, I would most, very most likely be the most boring student.

I would try hard, very hard to make an effort to stay involved. Turns out I tend to lose interest very fast. I need to do things which have momentum. I don't like daily things. I lose part of my will.

I  would keep my friends' contacts. -___-" Here I fail badly, dreadfully. It's a habit already, to lose touch instead of keeping in touch. For example, was in Bintulu, moved to Mukah then moved back to Bintulu. Met a friend from my Primary years in Bintulu. That time there was not much popularity about Facebook, I wasn't technology savvy. Heck, a desktop computer was a luxury that time. (Kids now have it great, well, some.) So yeah, we met when we were both at a sports meeting for secondary schools. BUT it was awkward. Not to mention I looked fat during my Primary 12. We talked but hell, I had no idea what we talked about. Nothing perhaps. See what a few years without contact can do.

I would care less about my grades. Seriously, I would. I don't see the point when rewards for high achievement is more less the same as average achievements. I wish I could enjoy my school years, just hang around friends. I was such a boring person. Okay, books helped me to fantasize the world. If not, I might be some adult knowing only science and nothing about real life out there.

I would dislike someone. Yes, someone. Wish I had dislike someone very very much. Then perhaps, now wouldn't be bad to worse. Because no matter how I try, there's this dark gloomy cloud that somehow might start to shower rain on me and throw bolts at me too. I think it is waiting for the moment.

The End.

Okay, the above is not story. It's a rant. Whatever, I don't have a story.

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