Friday, May 17, 2013

Fri Sum

Actually was last last Friday.... Weeks ago that I did these Brownies. Not bakery standard okay. xD

Below are this week's stuffs/events.

Bought ViVi magazine and the little packet dropped out. Was really surprised because I saw the same packets on the shop's counter but didn't think much. Turned out the packets contained five stickers to fill up the album there. The stickers are so cute. (To Hello Kitty lovers~ xP) 

The table arrangement for MANDETA last Saturday. Blog about it later okay. 

XD Had time to do a prank on a coursemate. Happened to park next to his car so we left him a Summons Letter. The fine? RM LOL.LOL. 

This was yesterday. In my EM studio. Didn't have any picture of the night that we all slept over to finish up that one assignment. 

Currently in Studio too because suddenly my hostel doesn't have WiFi. Boohoo... 

The end~ :)

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