Fri Sum: Great moments to end this Semester

8:49 PM

1. Yummy Coolblog, Banana Milkshake flavour, minus those annoying pearls XD

2. Mr Almost Perfectionism's stash of neckties. Deco credit to me!
Albeit speechless when found the stash, there was 5!! Black not included in pic.

3. Enjoying latest Running Man (ep146) with long time fav snack, Strawberry Rocky~
Was needing a pick-me-up after gruesome compilation episode.

4. Gift from Roomie who went to her relative's event. 

5. Close-up of the Blueberry Cupcake! Very yummy!!
Seriously bliss...

6. Miss eating these candies. Love those with chocolate fillings.

7. Doing simple eyeliner trick in the studio. 
Hair was self done with elbow aches and lots of bobby pins (12 in all).
Worth it when got compliments from lecturers. 
(I am a bit vain, I confess)

Night of Happy Hour

The above artwork by Hartini (le Roomie)

Guess who came to our event?

The respected and beloved Dean! Also one of our lecturers~

~le Crazy Gentlemen of the batch~

~le Gorgeous Ladies of the batch~

2nd pic: Because we are gorgeous!

~le Playful Friend~

PS: Never get on her evil side. She knows how to trip your leg. XD

~le Roomie~

She was making sure I didn't make one of my gruesome face.

~le Roomies!!~

~le Guitarist~
In the making

~le Funny moment when learning Poco-poco~

~le Moment when imitating a Penguin~

~le Moment when doing a Rocket- human version~

~le Sloth moment~

~le Elephant moment~
PS: It was a seriously cute version XD

~le Funny, Unexpected moment~

~le Karaoke moment~

Finishing with a vain self photo!

The End!

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