Tues Beauty/Health

7:30 PM

I. Need. To. Jog. More.


Currently I run out of breath after a few meters. Bell jogs farther than me. At least I am making use of my running shoes. Previously only for classes when I think the classes are long and if I need to walk more.

To add horror motivation, I checked my weight last week. -___-" Hate the increase so so so so much. It's even more than my Form 1 weight, when I looked like a bloated fish. My IC had the picture. Thank goodness already changed. However, there's still other pictures. I really have no sense of beauty pre-university. Seriously. I was the good student. Even tied my wet hair for school because duh, school rules. My pinafore was actually bigger than me, I think I was a sack that time.

OH MY, the only beauty sense I have is to look into the mirror every morning and think I'm pretty. Yes, before I wash my face even. xD

Anyway now I am experimenting with cosmetics. So far I achieved the pale, unhealthy look. Or the overly blush-y cheeks. Or the ever famous black eye. (What's with water-proof, smudge-proof anyway if they won't work as claim...)

Mostly I try. Oh yes I did. I love doing cat eyes, lipstick (the easiest by the way for me), and if I think I could, foundation. I prefer those liquid type. Powder just makes my face look powdered. -___-"

Next week, I'll show what cosmetics I'm using. Well, what I mostly use because 7 out of 10 would be forgotten.

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