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7:27 PM

Cosmetics later. First, I'll show what skin care I'm using. There will be no before and after face pictures and also I am just a user of the brand. :P

Previously I used Awakening Snow Wash. It was in a trial size. Now I'm using the new range, Nanowhite Infinity. It's the Sparkling Foam Cleanser. It gives a great wash and my face feels clean and soft. Really love this new cleanser. 

Next to it is the Hydrating Whitening Mask. I'm not so into using mask even though it says to use it twice in a week. So far, I've used it last Sun. If I remember, I'll use. The mask tightens the skin when dried. After rinse with water, my face did look fairer. So I suppose it does work. xD

Eye Brightener: Didn't plan to buy it, honestly. But the saleslady said I had serious dark circles... Thanks for pointing out under my spectacles.. -___-" Anyway, even if I do use it diligently, my sleeping time... Hahaha..

Day Renew Cream SPF25 PA++: This was in the trial pack. Normally I dislike face cream because it makes my face feel so sticky. This doesn't. It's a bit thick in texture for me. After spreading, it feels better and my skin did look a tone fairer even. :)

Whitening Night Repair Cream: The texture is kinda watery. It left my skin soft after spreading which is great. Skin also felt better the next morning. 

DNA Protector Serum: One thing to dislike about this product. Some of the good liquid sticks and dries up in the tube attached to the cap. Other than that, it is great to apply because the texture is really light and skin feels smooth.

DNA Protector: Almost the same function as the serum just that the product dispenses white cream unlike the serum which has a lighter white cream. I either use the serum or this one.

Refining Treatment Toner: It was in trial size hence the smaller size. Not restocking because I bought the Infinity range, Refining Astringent Mist. The toner worked great and also finishing soon.

What I like most about Nanowhite is the smell of all the products. To me, it has the most appealing smell for skin care. 

Daiso Collagen Deep C Moisture Gel: Watery texture and leaves a moist, soft skin. I did the mistake of putting this after the Day Cream and it 'wash' away that cream. xD Now I put before the Day Cream.

The end. 

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