Sun Wishlist

9:33 PM

Too bad my birthday has passed... Oh well, there's still next year or I could save enough to buy them myself. ;)

Sigma Mrs Bunny Travel Kit

For someone like me who has always used my fingers to apply most of my make-up... Then next thing is to know how to wash them. Love the packaging and colours! 

Price: RM245

.... Yeah, quite pricey but lovely. *sigh dreamily

Aubrey Organics 100% Organic Jojoba Oil

Not sure why I wish for it when I can't stand putting coconut oil on my hair. Hahaha.. 

Price: RM69

This is a 50/50 wish of want.

Snail Street Cream 

I want to add to my growing collection of creams. xD Seriously. xDD

Price: RM99.90

How can I not fall in love with its simple pink tub.....

End of wishlist.

Ps: I wanted to add more but then I will run out of wishes. :)

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