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Actually I am clueless what story to tell about.....

So how about a story from my little brother who is 8 years old. He tells some really good ones and sounds great except that he leaves them unfinished because he doesn't know how to end. -__-" Which I realized is what he is being taught at the moment. After 3,4 years, he will learn how to end stories. For now, he has the beginning and the body minus legs and shoes.

The Disappearing Television
By Niqck Balasan (My 8 year old brother xD)

One day the family go out. Their house got television. Got ("How you call people who steal thing?" "Thief, I think" "Oh, thief" *He couldn't pronounce 'thief' properly, which actually makes him soooo cute xDDD ) thief come. They take the television. Family come back, no television, like television disappear. The end.

That's my 8 year old brother. 

(Yeah, when you're older, I'm going to show you this and smile while you sulk and pout at me. ;D)

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