Sat Story: My name

6:00 PM

First of, credits to Daddy who always like to tell stories about me. He remembers so much about me that even myself can't remember. Okay some he doesn't know because only I experienced it wth. Hahaha..

Okay, my name has 2 N in it: Julianna.

I think I was named after Mummy. Her name's Julia. Maybe, I can't remember.

So short story began on the day I came into this world on 1st February 1991. (I love the date very very much... :3)

And Daddy had to go and tell the nurse my name. (I think he said nurse. Anyway there was someone that he had to inform what my name is.)

Here's the amusing part. 

Daddy was lining up and there's a Dad in front of him. That Dad was saying his child's name and Daddy heard what it was. A little bit Deja Vu because that Dad wanted to name his child: Juliana.

Which was what MY DADDY wanted to name me.

WTH you have got to be kidding me???!!!!!!!!!!
*The above was me when I first heard the story from Daddy. Cough*

Ending up, Daddy added the extra N into my name.

-___-" What so lucky in all chances my name was influenced by a 'twin'.

The end.

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