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My blog has fallen into its darkest hole... (I was thinking of putting pit but some of you will think of another pit.) Since Jan, my post count is so dismal, it's disappointing really. Heck, it's amusing that from Jan til March, I had only managed to write only ONE post. With nothing much to tell about too. Hahaha.. This 2013 might just become my most minimal number of posts award! xD

Anyway, I found a way to get myself into the posting gig again. With help from a friend's blog: Deeya.

So, taking cue from her and seeing how she has managed a week of 7 posts, I can try it too.

Here goes my list of Seven Days Post:

Sun wishlist
Mon fav (favourite)
Tues beauty/health
Wed tots (thoughts... )
Thurs tag
Fri sum (summary)
Sat story

+ Cik Muda's rants, whenever she pleases. :P

Hopefully I can stick to those arrangements.

And now I wish myself Good Luck!!

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