Fri Sum

5:00 PM

Supposedly summary in pictures but I don't really like taking pictures even though there was a lot of nice things that I saw this week. So all pictures are not mine.

I saw a lizard. Not the household lizard. This is the jungle type one. UM is after all still part of a forest so it was no surprise that I saw one.

Almost looked like this one but smaller. 

Next thing I got a chance to see was a trail of white smoke in the sky. Normally I'll say a jet is making the trail. 

But the one I saw had the white trail disappearing.


Yeah, slow me just knew I saw a COMET!? 

What I saw was exactly like the last picture above, the white trail disappearing. Wow... 3 times in my life that I saw this type of phenomenon.

I hope it means I'm lucky or something good. xD

That's all. 

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