Friday, April 26, 2013

Fri Sum: Of Stitchy being 'dead' and Sat class


My laptop went dead. Yeah, Stitchy is my laptop, named after Lilo and Stitch if you don't know. Because the laptop is blue.

Stitchy was all fine and well before I switch it off in the evening around 4pm. There was a storm so I had to turn it off. See how good and careful I am.

BUT Stitchy didn't switch on later when I tried around 8pm. Charger was in, the power button was all blue and a black empty screen. OMG....

And to top off, when I unplug the charger, Stitchy doesn't have a battery, it died earlier in Jan, there was a weird sound. High pitch like a scream but in technology speech maybe. Something like 'Nyitttttt'.

T_T Stitchy had a long life, had it since PASUM 2009 until now 2013.

Errr, wait, why I distinctly remember an Acer laptop suddenly? 0.0

Ah, my memory fails me.

Anyway, the only thing so far that upsets me is the memories I have with Stitchy. Notes? Nahh, I have most of them in Dropbox and recent ones are in emails. Lucky notes. X3

So tomorrow is my additional class for Autocad. It's cool and I especially love the pattern.

Though Estate Management and Autocad...errr...hopefully it's added bonus in Resume. Hehe..

That's all!

Oh, borrowing my sister's laptop and frankly, I don't feel like posting any pictures until I get Stitchy back... *crossing fingers

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