Mon Fav: Hairstyles

1:26 AM

A bit of an obsession now but my hair isn't as long as I wish it to be.

Note: If it's small to view, just click on the picture and will direct you to the source. :)

Easy peasy but I haven't try it yet. 

This one looks okay and I'll try and maybe post a picture of it.

Quite easy..if my sister helps me. xD

The prettiest and fairly simple. Love it!!!


Sun Wishlist

7:30 PM

...... I wanted to put a picture of a laptop but I am eternally clueless. So anyway, I'll wish for something else.

If you don't know what it is, don't mind the inner child in me. xD

On second thought...
Now that's a collection!!


Sat Story: My name

6:00 PM

First of, credits to Daddy who always like to tell stories about me. He remembers so much about me that even myself can't remember. Okay some he doesn't know because only I experienced it wth. Hahaha..

Okay, my name has 2 N in it: Julianna.

I think I was named after Mummy. Her name's Julia. Maybe, I can't remember.

So short story began on the day I came into this world on 1st February 1991. (I love the date very very much... :3)

And Daddy had to go and tell the nurse my name. (I think he said nurse. Anyway there was someone that he had to inform what my name is.)

Here's the amusing part. 

Daddy was lining up and there's a Dad in front of him. That Dad was saying his child's name and Daddy heard what it was. A little bit Deja Vu because that Dad wanted to name his child: Juliana.

Which was what MY DADDY wanted to name me.

WTH you have got to be kidding me???!!!!!!!!!!
*The above was me when I first heard the story from Daddy. Cough*

Ending up, Daddy added the extra N into my name.

-___-" What so lucky in all chances my name was influenced by a 'twin'.

The end.


Fri Sum: Of Stitchy being 'dead' and Sat class

6:27 PM


My laptop went dead. Yeah, Stitchy is my laptop, named after Lilo and Stitch if you don't know. Because the laptop is blue.

Stitchy was all fine and well before I switch it off in the evening around 4pm. There was a storm so I had to turn it off. See how good and careful I am.

BUT Stitchy didn't switch on later when I tried around 8pm. Charger was in, the power button was all blue and a black empty screen. OMG....

And to top off, when I unplug the charger, Stitchy doesn't have a battery, it died earlier in Jan, there was a weird sound. High pitch like a scream but in technology speech maybe. Something like 'Nyitttttt'.

T_T Stitchy had a long life, had it since PASUM 2009 until now 2013.

Errr, wait, why I distinctly remember an Acer laptop suddenly? 0.0

Ah, my memory fails me.

Anyway, the only thing so far that upsets me is the memories I have with Stitchy. Notes? Nahh, I have most of them in Dropbox and recent ones are in emails. Lucky notes. X3

So tomorrow is my additional class for Autocad. It's cool and I especially love the pattern.

Though Estate Management and Autocad...errr...hopefully it's added bonus in Resume. Hehe..

That's all!

Oh, borrowing my sister's laptop and frankly, I don't feel like posting any pictures until I get Stitchy back... *crossing fingers


Thurs Tag: The Shopaholic Tag

5:00 PM

Got this tag from Deeya.

1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
A bit. I do tend to use up ALMOST all in my purse which is so bad. But I don't have a credit card...yet. :P

2. How would you classify your style?
Here and there, mix match and sometimes I-just-don't-care-as-long-as-no-one-stares style. Hahaha.. Well, prefer casual, jeans and T-shirt. Currently I'm into blouses with sewn patterns and some bright colours? Then I'm considering colour pants. So, summing up would mean I am adventurous? (Pffft... home perhaps, not for class.)

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?
Nichii and Treats. Nichii has really great choices, smart, casual, elegant and affordable too. Treats is more for when I'm in fun mode because it has quite interesting choices. There was a very pretty flower pattern dress but they didn't have my size. :'(

4. Where do you find the best deals?
Nichii and Treats!! Whenever I go there with Mummy, there's always some sale going on and discounts. Hahaha.. Treats also have their ongoing promotions which is amazing! XD

5. What designer are you willing to splurge for?
I honestly don't know what designer, be it bags or anything branded. So perhaps what Mummy likes: Bonia/Guess. :3

6. Do you have a go to shopping outfit?
Casual jeans and T-shirt. If I'm confident of the weather being not too hot, a blouse over jeans. On feet, either shoes, sandal or if there's not much walking, my favourite wedges.

7. What is your guilty pleasure? (Not including makeup)
Tricky. Hahaha, I just remembered one. Black clothes. Most of my T-shirts are black and it's not because of the emo trend. Black doesn't show when you sweat. x3

8. What is one staple clothing piece you cannot live without?
Flowy clothes. I am trying for a collection of flowy pieces. So far I have a flowy maxi skirt, and a flowy blouse.

9. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
Maxi skirts and dresses!! xD (And they never do, I hope)

10. What trend did you love that passed way too quickly?
Hmm...errr... >___<

11. Who is your fashion icon?
Ahahahahahahahahaha... Is it vain to say I am my own fashion icon? Because I don't refer to anyone for my fashion picks.


Wed Tots

9:00 PM

Honestly I felt lazy on this day.

Anyway, I hoped I was able to donate blood but something else had to happen: My monthly-s.

So I can't and was upset about it. I wanted it to be the second time I donate blood.

Well, a friend asked why do people donate blood. Is it because you feel good about doing it like showing off? I felt her question was indirectly applying that.

No, it isn't about feeling good about oneself, my dear friend.

It is the knowledge that my blood may help somebody out there. Worst case scenario, that somebody may be someone related to you. Thinking like that makes me want to help.

So if you can and is able to donate blood, please do. You can really save a life.

And a life is very precious.


Tues Beauty

7:27 PM

Cosmetics later. First, I'll show what skin care I'm using. There will be no before and after face pictures and also I am just a user of the brand. :P

Previously I used Awakening Snow Wash. It was in a trial size. Now I'm using the new range, Nanowhite Infinity. It's the Sparkling Foam Cleanser. It gives a great wash and my face feels clean and soft. Really love this new cleanser. 

Next to it is the Hydrating Whitening Mask. I'm not so into using mask even though it says to use it twice in a week. So far, I've used it last Sun. If I remember, I'll use. The mask tightens the skin when dried. After rinse with water, my face did look fairer. So I suppose it does work. xD

Eye Brightener: Didn't plan to buy it, honestly. But the saleslady said I had serious dark circles... Thanks for pointing out under my spectacles.. -___-" Anyway, even if I do use it diligently, my sleeping time... Hahaha..

Day Renew Cream SPF25 PA++: This was in the trial pack. Normally I dislike face cream because it makes my face feel so sticky. This doesn't. It's a bit thick in texture for me. After spreading, it feels better and my skin did look a tone fairer even. :)

Whitening Night Repair Cream: The texture is kinda watery. It left my skin soft after spreading which is great. Skin also felt better the next morning. 

DNA Protector Serum: One thing to dislike about this product. Some of the good liquid sticks and dries up in the tube attached to the cap. Other than that, it is great to apply because the texture is really light and skin feels smooth.

DNA Protector: Almost the same function as the serum just that the product dispenses white cream unlike the serum which has a lighter white cream. I either use the serum or this one.

Refining Treatment Toner: It was in trial size hence the smaller size. Not restocking because I bought the Infinity range, Refining Astringent Mist. The toner worked great and also finishing soon.

What I like most about Nanowhite is the smell of all the products. To me, it has the most appealing smell for skin care. 

Daiso Collagen Deep C Moisture Gel: Watery texture and leaves a moist, soft skin. I did the mistake of putting this after the Day Cream and it 'wash' away that cream. xD Now I put before the Day Cream.

The end. 


Mon Fav

6:00 PM

Cute drawings of different hairstyles <3


Sun Wishlist

5:00 PM

Desktop Ion Generator with Face Moisturiser

I. Do. Not. Know. The. Price. LOL. xD

Anyway, it looks sleek and cool.


Sat Story

8:00 PM

Actually I am clueless what story to tell about.....

So how about a story from my little brother who is 8 years old. He tells some really good ones and sounds great except that he leaves them unfinished because he doesn't know how to end. -__-" Which I realized is what he is being taught at the moment. After 3,4 years, he will learn how to end stories. For now, he has the beginning and the body minus legs and shoes.

The Disappearing Television
By Niqck Balasan (My 8 year old brother xD)

One day the family go out. Their house got television. Got ("How you call people who steal thing?" "Thief, I think" "Oh, thief" *He couldn't pronounce 'thief' properly, which actually makes him soooo cute xDDD ) thief come. They take the television. Family come back, no television, like television disappear. The end.

That's my 8 year old brother. 

(Yeah, when you're older, I'm going to show you this and smile while you sulk and pout at me. ;D)


Fri Sum

5:00 PM

Supposedly summary in pictures but I don't really like taking pictures even though there was a lot of nice things that I saw this week. So all pictures are not mine.

I saw a lizard. Not the household lizard. This is the jungle type one. UM is after all still part of a forest so it was no surprise that I saw one.

Almost looked like this one but smaller. 

Next thing I got a chance to see was a trail of white smoke in the sky. Normally I'll say a jet is making the trail. 

But the one I saw had the white trail disappearing.


Yeah, slow me just knew I saw a COMET!? 

What I saw was exactly like the last picture above, the white trail disappearing. Wow... 3 times in my life that I saw this type of phenomenon.

I hope it means I'm lucky or something good. xD

That's all. 


Thurs Tag: 'Get to know me' Tag: 21 Questions

6:30 PM

Got this tag from lebeautygirl. (After searching high and low for a tag that I could manage/force myself to do. Actually I was being picky, very picky.)

-I was playing with filters and exceptionally love this one.-

Here goes: 

1. Are you named after anyone?
Yes. My Mummy. (Cue: Awwww.... xP) There's even a short story of how I got 2 N in my name! That's another post unless I already told it here.

2. When was the last time you cried?
A few weeks back, I think. Just  something akin to on the verge of a waterfall. I get sensitive when put under  a lot of pressure. Either I snap into grouchy mood or break down into tears.

3. Do you have kids?
Not at the moment.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Perhaps if I happen to meet the Smiling version, I could be great friends. I notice smiling makes it easier to make friends.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Not a lot. Just to intended individuals. Or when I am peeved at that person. Or when I couldn't be bothered just to make people leave me alone.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump?
I WANT!!! Tried flying fox and loved the thrill of hanging over the ground. But I closed my eyes. Anyway, I view it as a stress reliever.

7. What's your favourite cereal?
Can't decide between Honey Stars or Koko Krunch.. Both taste great with milk.

8. What's the first thing you notice about people?
Their appearance, which means their hair, face, attire, etc. I know it's wrong to judge on appearance but if you meet someone who haven't shave, haven't wash their face, doesn't bother if their shirt has a hole or missing button.. Because then your eyes will wander away to that good looking guy at the back.

9. What is your eye colour?

10. Scary movie or happy endings?
If the story is good, it's fine. If both are crappy, damn both of them. xD

11. Favourite smells?
Freshly cut grass, rain and baby. There's just a soft, natural smell from all three, especially babies.

12. Summer or winter?
Summer. Because I can't bear temperatures below 24 degrees. I get too cold and sneeze most of the time.

13. Computer or television? Computer, as long as I have an Internet access.

14. What's the furthest you have ever been from home?
China, a family vacation. It was fun and exciting since I got to experience a lot of stuff. (Which I haven't told any yet..)

15. Do you have any special talents?
Does turning a nap into a nearly full sleep count? A 20 minutes nap turned into a 4 hours sleep. Side effect: groggy and slept even later at night.

16. Where were you born?
Malaysia (country). Sarawak (state). Kuching (city).

17. What are your hobbies?
READ!! But I get sidetracked by animes, mangas and dramas. xD

18. Do you have any pets?
None for now. I plan for either a dwarf hamster or a dwarf bunny.

19. Favorite movie?
Hmm.. tough. Harry Potter series, perhaps.

20. Do you have any siblings?
.......... Initially I was thinking of being mean but I might get a scolding. Anyway, an older brother, younger sister and two younger brothers.

21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be successful and independent. I don't want to rely too much on others.

The end. :)

Feel free to do the tag.


Wed Tots

3:00 PM

*Actually I did this post on Thurs Morning.. Thought I better inform anyway.

So, my thoughts are like this:
1. Shit stuff kept reminiscing itself in my head.
2. Do unto others what you hope to receive. Don't hope for it, just give and receive... hopefully receive.
3. Always prepare myself mentally. That is if I haven't already done that.

There's some hidden meanings behind each thoughts. But don't delve on them. Bye.


Tues Beauty/Health

7:30 PM

I. Need. To. Jog. More.


Currently I run out of breath after a few meters. Bell jogs farther than me. At least I am making use of my running shoes. Previously only for classes when I think the classes are long and if I need to walk more.

To add horror motivation, I checked my weight last week. -___-" Hate the increase so so so so much. It's even more than my Form 1 weight, when I looked like a bloated fish. My IC had the picture. Thank goodness already changed. However, there's still other pictures. I really have no sense of beauty pre-university. Seriously. I was the good student. Even tied my wet hair for school because duh, school rules. My pinafore was actually bigger than me, I think I was a sack that time.

OH MY, the only beauty sense I have is to look into the mirror every morning and think I'm pretty. Yes, before I wash my face even. xD

Anyway now I am experimenting with cosmetics. So far I achieved the pale, unhealthy look. Or the overly blush-y cheeks. Or the ever famous black eye. (What's with water-proof, smudge-proof anyway if they won't work as claim...)

Mostly I try. Oh yes I did. I love doing cat eyes, lipstick (the easiest by the way for me), and if I think I could, foundation. I prefer those liquid type. Powder just makes my face look powdered. -___-"

Next week, I'll show what cosmetics I'm using. Well, what I mostly use because 7 out of 10 would be forgotten.


Sun Wishlist

9:33 PM

Too bad my birthday has passed... Oh well, there's still next year or I could save enough to buy them myself. ;)

Sigma Mrs Bunny Travel Kit

For someone like me who has always used my fingers to apply most of my make-up... Then next thing is to know how to wash them. Love the packaging and colours! 

Price: RM245

.... Yeah, quite pricey but lovely. *sigh dreamily

Aubrey Organics 100% Organic Jojoba Oil

Not sure why I wish for it when I can't stand putting coconut oil on my hair. Hahaha.. 

Price: RM69

This is a 50/50 wish of want.

Snail Street Cream 

I want to add to my growing collection of creams. xD Seriously. xDD

Price: RM99.90

How can I not fall in love with its simple pink tub.....

End of wishlist.

Ps: I wanted to add more but then I will run out of wishes. :)



9:14 PM

My blog has fallen into its darkest hole... (I was thinking of putting pit but some of you will think of another pit.) Since Jan, my post count is so dismal, it's disappointing really. Heck, it's amusing that from Jan til March, I had only managed to write only ONE post. With nothing much to tell about too. Hahaha.. This 2013 might just become my most minimal number of posts award! xD

Anyway, I found a way to get myself into the posting gig again. With help from a friend's blog: Deeya.

So, taking cue from her and seeing how she has managed a week of 7 posts, I can try it too.

Here goes my list of Seven Days Post:

Sun wishlist
Mon fav (favourite)
Tues beauty/health
Wed tots (thoughts... )
Thurs tag
Fri sum (summary)
Sat story

+ Cik Muda's rants, whenever she pleases. :P

Hopefully I can stick to those arrangements.

And now I wish myself Good Luck!!

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