Family day pictures

10:36 PM

Quite....okay, very quite overdue. XD Anyway, not as many pictures.

The resort which I claimed provide the so-so facilities. Seriously, the place needs a makeover, some major renovation to make it more lively. It's quite near the beach and is supposed to be a popular spot. But... the place was quiet. During the walk to a nearby area for simple recreation activity, spotted a rundown resort, kinda like a chalet. Disappointing really. 

Pantai Balok, Pahang. The beach was great.......... without some details which I will conveniently not post here.

A sandcastle competition. Hahahahaha.. Remembered my team did ours in a rush because the tide was coming in. Didn't expect to be coming in fast. Then it started drizzling. What luck. xD

Students and lecturers who came~

The night of performances. My team did a medley of fairytales. I was to be the Big Bad Wolf. xD I am not showing what I did to my hair here. Hahahaha..

These are the bracelets from our lecturer. So sweet.. Mine is the brown one with the alphabet A. 

So that ends the pictures of the 1st family day for my department. Hope there's a next one!

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