New semester in a 'new' environment

11:08 AM

Oh, I am so procrastinating my posts now.... XD

Alright, for starters, I've already started my new semester AKA second semester of my 3rd Year in my course. (BTW, fast typing in process shows how long I missed typing without thinking of any layout... Why am I even telling this minor detail, beats me..Hahahaha).

Anyway, started living in the dorms. Yeah! No more tiring bus rides and not a moment too soon. I can't imagine going back after the Family Day in ANOTHER bus. Ah, getting ahead of myself. No worries though, I haven't got the pictures for the Family Day or this would be pretty heavy. (PS: at the moment, I am facing a water crisis at the dorms... =.=" )

First week of new semester was pretty normal. Then came the weekend!!! Estate Management's Family Day  at Pantai Balok, Pahang. Hmmm.... Dare I mention the place where we stayed? Because the place wasn't really facilities friendly but quite acceptable, just don't think of luxury types. Think of bare necessities instead. The good point: You can walk out to the beach!!

And that was just what we did mostly. Though I *ahem had to have the monthly 4,5 days of female personal 'problem'.... But I used it to skip the Saturday morning Telematch, NOT. Hahaha. Wanted to join but the pain was not pleasant so I helped the Gamemaster instead which was fun! LOTS of seashells! Okay, I'm bluffing, not lots like hundreds and hundreds, maybe ten, twenty.

Oh, who went: Me! XD Then Azie, Tini, Tiara, Thirah, Husna and Dila. SEVEN of us. And we were honoured by coming. Honoured meaning we got a gift each from our lecturer, Dr Sr Wan. A bracelet from Korea. Very pretty!! And touched at the same time by the honour of a gift. Thanks so much!

Okay, maybe I will try to get the pictures to put up later. Hahaha

Continuing, we have got our assignments already, two assignments now. One for Corporate Real Estate and another for Property Development. The latter will be exciting! And I get to go travelling again, this time is Kedah! (PS: Looks like this year is my travelling year. xD )

Am I enjoying myself? Lots!

Let's end here before I get too excited and type more craps. Hahaha


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