Resolutions Review

3:59 PM

Oh, yeah... it's 23rd Jan already. So what, it's just a date.

Anyway, last paper was on 16 Jan, exactly one week past.

Ah, my crude way of typing irritates myself. Haha.. Let's just get on with the review. Then later, another post about the past semester, shall we?

2012 Resolutions Review:

Finance= Fixed savings RM1/month (Dec 2012= RM12 MUST)

  • Was diligently following it, though wonders at how good my memory was. Then, crazy shops kept requiring small change AKA RM1 which I was trying to save. No thanks to my resolution so I had to improvise. Now it's saving every RM5 I get. Worked much better, having RM30 in the purse now. Haha, so RM5 will be the new bar. :D
Budget (reading materials)= 3 Magazines + 1 Comic per month (Mag- fixed choice; Comic- ANY)
  • Oh, la la la. 3 mags I could stick too, but drop to just two which I must have. The comic part is....not so well. Hahahahaha... I got myself some books too, my favourite Rick Riordan series!! Kane Chronicles finished, just left the Hero Chronicles which the lastest book is The Mark of Athena... By the way, I prefer books as gifts.. Hehe
Writing/Typing= at least 1 post/month on blog OR 1 short story/fortnight
  • Fail...... Hahahahahahahaha. Couldn't stick to the min even. 
Knowledge= Read literature/topic/article at least 1/fortnight OR daily newspaper reading
  • A satisfied pass, I think. 
Food= More veg, less instant noodles

  • Well, less instant noodles passed. Though not sure about the more veg part. Perhaps pass??? xD
Exercise= Walk up the stairs, cut down on lift rides (until 3 floors only, if more, lift!)

  • Okay, I cheated sometimes this one. Hahahaha. It doesn't help when the stairs are near the lifts. But with the new building for the faculty, perhaps this resolution is bye-bye.
Grade= GPA 3.00+ OR CGPA 3.50+ (Revision- 3,4 hours/day)

  • Hahahahahahahaha.... this was for the other semester, the one when I was still 2nd Year. Anyway, it was a 2.++ GPA which meant I failed that resolution while the CGPA was below 3.50. Whatever. Go breath down someone's neck.
University= NEVER sleep in class, no matter how tired/boredom (pinch self occasionally)

  • I think this passed.... Except the one time, I was not feeling well due to the usual bus ride. Ughhhh....
Self project= 1 felt/crochet project in 2 months (1st month- planning; 2nd month- in process)

  • FAIL. Hahahahahahahaha.... Haven't touch the felt/crochet since beginning the previous semester.
Lifestyle= Mine to decide but based on the above limitations.
  • And thus my lifestyle is laid-back and carefree.... I'll better get ready for the usual prep talk anyway.... -____-"

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