BBW Books at MIECC @ The Mines

9:46 PM


I am so happy and grateful that I got to go to this again. Last time went and bought 10 books. Now I have four books, two for my Mum and four for my 8 year old brother. 

One mini book and the one which looks like a squirrel I think is an extra from a friend's pile, Since there were two, I got it as a gift. >.<

Seriously, I didn't plan to buy Terry Pratchett's books. I just happened to pick one up, the biggest one in the above picture and it was love at first sight. Then found another one, and another and another until I got four of them and stopped myself. If not, I might not buy books for others. >:)

My Mum's books looked really interesting. I flipped through the Everyday Baking and the recipes all sounds so yummy.

My brother 'kidnap' this book and wouldn't let go at all. So those are his fingers.

His books again. Though he said the LEGO book is so thick. Truthfully, I was the one interested in it. I remembered we siblings had a Bionicle and it was so cool. Too bad we don't know where it is now.

These magnet I just had to grab! But I was sad they didn't have more versions of Doraemon. On a side note, I am planning to go to the Doraemon Expo. Next year perhaps after my finals are done. Must go one!!


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Butterfly Project's High Tea X Serverfreak

10:27 PM

Hi! Remember the event I went to last Saturday, 7th December? Well, now I am going to tell you all about it. (Warning, extra extra long post but rest assure, there's dainty yummy food to feast your eyes on.)

Yeah, I was!

The venue for the event was Show.Case at Plaza Kelana Jaya.

First of all, I have never been there. It was an adventure but thanks to road signage, yeah, found it. I was the earliest to arrive, thanks to Dad being a great driver. Oh when I arrived, they were still setting up so I waited outside and made new friends. My first event with the Butterfly Project Community! Really jakun this gal. >:D (oh great, I googled what the possible meanings for jakun... amusing much, new knowledge.)

The glorious table near the entrance, tempting with the L'occitane prizes for the Instagram winners and best dress got a Teddy Bear as big as my 8 year old brother!

The books are gifts! Love how the Butterfly Project encourages reading. <3

These are the DIY scrapbooks on sale for the Butterfly Project. 
Created with much love by Mama-san Tammy!

ETUDE gifts with the book

I just had to take a picture of this set up near the desserts table.

The set up was courtesy of Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party.
The theme was Sweet Roses Vintage High Tea. :)
You can view more by clicking the link.

The catering was by Teaffani High Tea.
I am loving some, making them my favourites for life! :P

This! So yummy that I regretted not taking five of them! >.<

The new bloggers/girlfriends I made at the table.
(Super shy to talk so I was too focus on my phone.. )
On my left: Siew Cheng & Fiona Chai
On my right: Lizzie & Xin Sheng Huo

On my left: Fiona Chan
On my right: Cp.Moon

On my right: Sabrina Loh
On my left: SuQuan

This is Mama-san!!! A must take picture. <3

What I got from the event. 
The cute pictures were from 123Cheese.my.

The props for the photo booth

The singer of the day: Edazz

Winners of the lucky draws. They got either a free Wordpress Easy Setup Package or a free domain name

Winners of the Instagram contest

Winner of best dress and got the big Teddy bear: 

Mama-san saying thanks to the emcee of the day and the singer.

The event was so much fun and yummy-licious too!

Okay, now there's a contest by Severfreak for the Butterfly Project community! A chance to win an Ipad Mini. So I will take my chance now!

Bloggers usually know this, the nitty gritty process of setting up a blog. So many widgets/layout/html/whatever-stuff-codes to choose, so little space, or horrors, they did not work at all. There goes your 4-6 hours of trying to make sense of the steps to include them in your blog. Yeah, we did a lot of trial and error work. All because in the hope that our blog would look easy-on-the-eyes/attractive for yours truly or impressive I-rock-the-blog. ;)

P.S: I admitted I was ruthless and deleted my previous blogs. Now I am keeping this one! The secret is at the end of this post.

Why not make it easier since not all humans can understand those computer/too advanced computer jargon anyway. I know I tried and settled on easy-to-understand widgets/html/layout/oh whatever.

So, how can Serverfreak help you?

First of all, it is a Web Hosting Solution.

Second, so much, I do not want to bore you. Please direct yourself here.

Wordpress Easy Setup Package

 Why you need this:

  1. If you dislike the process of setting up a Wordpress, here is your rescuer! Oh, if you are currently using Blogspot, do not worry. They can help to transfer your posts to Wordpress so you do not start on a clean slate. Now isn't that great?
  2. You get a FREE domain when you purchase this package! Better hurry though, in case your preferred domain gets taken. 
  3. FREE ONE professional Wordpress template! They provide a flexible template that you can design your own blog header and upload it. If you don't know how to design, there are a lot of header designers or you can always get your arty friend to help. That's an individualistic touch!
  4. 24 hours Technical support. They promise this and they really do deliver! You can read the Testimonials.
  5. The template comes with all basic widgets needed by bloggers such as social media icons link, visitor stats, search bar, recent popular post listing and many more!
  6. Advertising space ready! They can insert your affiliate advert or sell advertisement space on your blog. This is tempting much.
Have I convinced you? You can call their line for further inquiries: 
+603 33712564

In addition, they offer a 3-in-1 E-Commerce Solution for online business. Any e-store technical issues, they will solve it and you get to focus on selling your products.

Okay, why am I no longer going to go on a ruthless deleting-my-blogs...

Because it's another part of me!! 

No really, it is now. Before this, I can't decide on my blog name. So many names I came up with that I bored myself and deleted them just to forget what crazy names I put on my blog. Well, not anymore.

I love this name: le awkward lady. 

Because it symbolizes me. I get awkward (who doesn't) when around people. Not that I claim to be an introvert but a little bit of that. 

Another great reason not to delete which will forever put my heart (and fingers) on freeze if ever I had an intention to delete this blog...

Yes, that is my new domain name, registered on 8 December 2013.

Another milestone in this blogging life! <3

P.S: I love the name Rika so much that suddenly one of my lecturers call it out due to Facebook. :D

This won't happen without :

This event

The sponsor of the event: Serverfreak 

The great Butterfly Project, Long Live Butterfly! :D

Thanks for reading. Bye!
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12:01 AM


I am almost free from this semester's assignments. :P

Yea, I still have my thesis and presentations next week but let's say I am ready to face them all. 

Plus, this Sunday I am going to Big Bad Wolf Sale. I went last year and bought 10 books. The surprising thing was I didn't target anything in particular. It was an adventure browsing the place to find books that interest me. This time I will limit to 8 fantasy books and 2 optional genres which could either be hobbies type or reference material. 

That's how I am. It's a great adventure to just go with nothing in mind, picking up a random book and falling in love with the story line. Heck, I love my books from last year. :D (Hey, I might just do a review on those books!)

On a side note, I still have To-do No 3. Hopefully I can do the post this weekend.

P.S: This is a diary entry. :)
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My To-do List

7:47 PM


Not going to write a long post..yet. I plan to edit some pictures I took today from a 'special' event. Make them look more beautiful/pretty/awesome/amazing. What is the event? Stay tune lah.

Well, if you look to the left side of this blog, there's my Instagram link and a slideshow of some pictures I took. Most of them are in my camera, waiting to be uploaded and edited a bit. 

So yeah, that's To-do No 3

To-do No 1 is my group assignment report for Marketing. 

To-do No 2 is my group assignment report(s) for Integrated Project, which made us went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 

Both assignments dateline is Friday.... I love that. *Okay, I may sound sarcastic here. :P

On a side note, I got a text saying my L license is FINALLY OUT!!!

On a downside, I don't know how my schedule is for this few weeks so I can't start driving. Boo hoo..

Hopefully, I can start my driving lessons and pass AND get my P license by January. Too bad it was later than 31st Dec (maybe lah not enough time for it to be in Dec).

Anything else I am loving this week?

Oh, I pampered myself with an early gift for myself. A portable eye massage gadget: uGem from OSIM. I love it. <3

That is all. Bye!
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Thoughts at 1AM

1:12 AM

Hi. I am going to sleep but first, some thoughts of wisdom before I ponder over them and end up not sleeping.

1. Never ever forget you put 'minyak kapak' on your neck then rubs it. Ouch, my eyes sting like hell.

2. Remember to stretch out your back. Those aches really ache.

3. Back acne should not exist.

4. On that note, DUST shouldn't exist either.

5. Oh, incoming Whatsapp messages. *cue the vibrations

6. Just remembered why I wanted to blog. 

7. LOL= Laugh Out Loud/ Lots Of Love. 

8. Jokes aside, the above is still very, very mean.

9. From a 22 years old, 'manner-less' youngster doesn't apply here.

10. Be a 'bigger' person and apologize.

11. Because hurting feelings is never okay.

12. Hope the world becomes a better place.

13. But reality wise, it might just as well become worse.

Somehow I ended up sounding demotivated about Life. *Gives self a slap on cheek

Right, I feel better now and so, time to sleep! Goodnight!
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