Survival week ended

11:57 PM

I am forgetting this blog hobby, if it wasn't so in the first place. Last update was beginning of November..and now it is nearly the end of December. Congrats on one resolution not fulfilled. Haha... >.<"

I did not do the usual bashing result entry which I think only I myself noticed. Anyway, it was a declining result, maybe that's why I didn't do that entry. Or maybe because I just don't feel like doing the entry. Either way, not doing it now. So lazy for that and also I don't remember what the carry marks were. Though the CGPA is still above 3. So that's fine.

Another reason for abandoning blog is because I got the writer's wall. Yeah, a big wall. Hate it. When I feel like typing and end up not typing because I psyched myself that it will take time thinking through the sentences, the ideas, the what-to-type syndrome. Since when do I think so much before typing anyway...

And now I am getting way off my title...

Right, survival week had ended.. Oh, the dramas! I don't know about the guys though one or two did have their own moments, don't worry, I won't give out names. But especially for the ladies, it was stressful!!!! Hahahahahaha~~~

 17 to 20 December 2013...what a week!!

17 December was Moot Court day. Guess what, I took on the role of Legal Counsel... and I did terrible~ Yeah, looks like no future lawyer career for me. I lack preparation, thinking confidently that I could just breezed through. Well, knock knock into brain, preparation is for a reason. Especially in the every possibility that you might have the common stage fright kicking in when you end up standing, backing the audience... Yes, the audience were behind me and that honestly frighten me more. Let's just say that I think the audience were saying stuffs behind me. I don't mean nasty, cruel stuffs. It might just be the comments. And as carefree and relax and the I-don't-care-what-others-think attitude that I have, there is a degree of that that I could take. So I kinda freak out and my mind went blank. Ohhh.....super blank. As I recalled, the only one time that my mind went blank was when I was so upset that I purposely stopped thinking. That was intentional so I didn't bother much. This wasn't intentional, my mind just went blank.

And what hurts most? That I can't admit that I need help because I knew nobody would want to replace me. :( I hate being seen as clever because then I end up doing more work. Haha~

(Yes, smarter people will say they don't know and conveniently escape.. )

18 December was Valuation Presentation day. I was in charge of doing the video. Was super not satisfied with it actually, after seeing the other videos being way cooler than mine. I want the video I make to impress people. I wonder what program they use, their videos are really slick and cool. :) Presentation on the other hand was okay though I felt it was unfair. How do you expect us to know knowledge outside of the classroom when we don't know what knowledge is outside? Just dig up any hole and hope it is useful? Lectures are for a reason. I don't mean spoon-feeding, just tell us if there are more things for us to know. A helping hand would be better than suddenly dropping the bomb that there are stuffs we should know about. How stupid, useless and dumb do you want us to feel anyway... Even after the compliments, the words had already been said and they will stuck in my head. That as much as I needed lectures, I don't get 100% input in class. Outside inputs matter more. How would you feel then?

19 December was the most stressful and happening day for...I guess almost everyone in my course. It was Town Planning Presentation and nobody was happy or cheerful. Okay, granted, it was students' fault and the lecturers had every right to be frustrated with us. No excuses there. Hopefully no one would repeat this course. The marks will be up tomorrow, Sunday. On a side story, my group is horrible. No teamwork. Yes, even myself admit that. And honestly, I rejected being leader of this group because I had a gut feeling that it would be a stressful subject. What the lecturer said about being lazy is true. We did a last minute work and it wasn't technical problem, it was a human problem. I really need to change big time.... But I will not lose my child side either. I just need to find a balance in myself.

20 December was Co-curriculum courses day AKA Pesta KOK. I will be as honest as possible. The only good point from the event is that NO unfortunate incident happened, 100% free from accident which is very important in an event. Next, I would have to mince some words because some upper personnel if they cross my blog would go bonkers, sue me for defamation bla bla bla, even when it is the plain truth. Now, shall we start from the morning, at 8.15AM.

First off, I was supposed to be in Registration. Suddenly, I was assigned to Food. What the heck, last minute convenient change roles, is it? That is the most no-no in an event. Then I found out another person also had to change. What leader is this? Play changing roles is awesome for him, is it?? Then you should have asked who can come, who would be there, not just post up names then expect them to be there when they really can't! Bullshit!!

Then about the T-shirt. Was asked to give the size and names. Then the person in charge of ordering somehow didn't get the memo about the additional crews. Oh, wow! Great! Terrible communication on my part, is it?? And they strike it off as nothing because hey, no one is even bothering to say sorry to me or inform me of any good news about it. Another great amazing thing about this T-shirt incident? No list of names. Come, say what size, take your shirt, without bothering if it's really theirs.... What management is that, may I ask? So my friend ended up taking a shirt, not in the size ordered. Lucky thief had the wanted T-shirt.

Next horror was at the Registration table. Okay, tentative started at 8AM. So how in heaven's sake did the upper personnel took into their mind that registration should start at 9AM?? When it was also them who approved the tentative, pray do tell.. So, ended up doing twice the attendance. And also the confusion of having two sessions. Why can't the upper personnel make up their mind? First during briefing said only one session, then suddenly two sessions must sign attendance. What the heck!!! Then I had to do the explaining. Thank goodness for patient students. If not I would have took a knife to the attendance sheet and declare war on the spot. Hahahaha... Another puzzling thing was no list for the performances. And I heard the registration got the brunt for that error. No list, not knowing even though they were supposed to handle the event. Oh geez!!! Some people really think this event is a 5 star event. Well, heads up, your most respected people, the management is not a 5 star team even. I won't even dared say it's a 4 star, let's say below 2 star... All due to the delicate structure of the team. I know, I went for their meeting, TWICE.

Okay, just to be fair. Not only was the team poor, the participants were too. On the day, they suddenly wanted to change songs, wanted things they didn't inform earlier, etc. What bullshit. Oh, last thing to dish out, the change in Emcee due to the assigned person being a total freak out. Then why did they assigned him in the first place?? Ah, the event was horrible, on a scale of 1- 10, 1 being the most horrible and 10 being the most excellent, this event is not even worth 5. If I am heartless, might as well be below 1, for being accident free. And that is the only comfort it deserves.

Now they are giving certs for participation. Oh, excuse me. For hours of mind torture and only a piece of paper? Leave me out. I don't want any connection to such a poorly managed event. Thank you. :)

That ends the survival week.

PS: Honesty is the best policy, is it not? ;)

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