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4:33 PM

I just love to make names for simple things.... xD

Anyway, this time the assignments are really tiring, but quite...quite enjoyable. In a way.

Example, one of my assignment is super, duper lucky.

Can you imagine having to value the newest, just opened theme park??

It's definitely like trying to catch a star. In my view.. ;)

Oh, in case you don't know.

The newest theme park in Malaysia is LEGOLAND. Yea, and my group of 4 have to value it.

We went there last Saturday. Mostly to enjoy ourselves since....ahem! Strictly confidential information, cannot give for academic exercise. So, our modus operandi of the day was to observe and ask around. Quite a lot of visitors. Thank goodness for secondary data too. But arguably, the data may be inaccurate. Nah, just estimations anyway.

Valuation is all about estimation as long as you can justify why.

That's just one assignment.

Another is Town Planning project which is 'big'. One development area... One group is doing 80 hectare. My group might have to change the study area if we can't find the layout plan.

Then there's Property Finance assignment. A report on how to finance a house, either through conventional loan or house finance which is Islamic banking. And this have to pass up in this month... Yea~~~

Last but not least the Moot Trial. Somehow, I'm looking forward to this one. xD

=.=" So there you have. I've been away from my blog, only to have dates with the Assignment Family. Extremely lucky, aren't I?

Oh, I might have Co-curriculum work too... Been missing it quite a few lessons... hehe..

Done my diary like entry.


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