FBE Week: A short of-what-I-still-remember account

1:46 PM

I am seriously laid back about this blog.... Apologies offered.

Okay, let's do a run through.

PS: Will skip the holidays etc which translates to the whole of August. Oh, late mentions actually, Selamat Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Merdeka, Selamat Hari Malaysia... Did I miss anything? Oh, birthdays...to anyone in August and maybe the past days in September too. I can't remember non-family birthdays well and my current phone doesn't have the Reminder function. If you do get a birthday wish from me, thank your other friends for reminding me or perhaps Facebook for conveniently posting.. It's his/her birthday today, wish happy birthday!! =.=" Okay, ranting. My mistake, so used to it now.

Well, first week of new semester was great. No lectures for the whole week. Jealous? Probably not because there were still activities so I still have to come to my faculty. I do love the new building but sad that can't be used yet..... Quite disappointed. Sigh. Anyway, the new Auditorium is great. To my standards, it is quite grand but I dislike the chairs and the side table. And the spaces between a chair to its front neighbour is horrible. My knees hurt trying to pass through. Why can't it be wider? Sure those longer legs than mine find it uncomfortable. Lesson learnt, sit at the end row or very front rows. At least some feet space...

Ah, too forward, the above was on Thursday. Rewinding to Tuesday. Monday was nothing unusual.

Tuesday was Ice Breaking Session with a lecturer, 3rd Year, 2nd Year and 1st Year. Proud to say I have at least two friends with me during that. So, we told them briefly what to expect in studies. Nothing much, I think. But I do like this one 1st Year student. She's nice and friendly and quite open minded. Her questions did made me cringe a bit because some were quite straight on.

For example, she asked how are the seniors to the juniors. I forgot how I actually responded... Maybe something along the lines of being friendly but no poking their noses kinda answer? Another question was how is our department, which I answered truthfully that it is low profile, mostly quiet. But a 2nd Year said No... said it's happening and fun. Yeah, right... Okay, fine. Among your group of friends, justified..the whole of department? Truth and reality are better than make believes and jumbled fantasies, dude... Last question I remembered being asked: do Matric and PASUM students usually divide? Ah.... YES. Not being discriminate or prejudice whatever. Humans on the most side, tend to bond to other humans with the same experience, same feather flock together kinda thing. But it's not really a thing to worry about. During 1st Year, the gap would be there. Trust me, it gets smaller or can disappear over the years.. thanks to assignment, tutorials, whereby we can get along with everyone...okay, mostly everyone in the batch. So, yeah, nothing to fret about. Be cool and just study and have some fun too.

Evening was netball. Can I just truthfully said it was a poor turn out without seeming to hurt others? No, I can't, that would be too evil and mean... By the way, I don't know what happen to futsal...no news meant good news...or was it?

The netball team was great!!!!! I couldn't join in, though because I wasn't exactly interested in playing. At least, I came to show support. Sorry for just sitting on the grass and not cheering. I did clapped whenever the team scored or defended. :D

Want some juicy mean talk from me? The team was mostly 3rd Year with one 1st Year... Am I implying something? Yes, because I expected teamwork, not just from that netball team, at least from the whole students department... And also, we had only one team playing. I don't know anything about futsal, nobody update me about it and I didn't bother asking either.

The great, happy news? The netball team won second place!!! Next to the staff's team.

Wednesday? Skipped. Because my feet were killing me... Like some nerve stuck on the flat sole and wouldn't erase or spread itself out. And since I'm using a bus, the vision of me standing the whole journey was just too unbearable to bear. So I skipped. No visits to the doctor even. Yes, I consult my own medical knowledge, limited but still, my own body, my own biased diagnosis.. hahahaha.

Last day for the week, Thursday, which is Performance Day!!! It was fun watching... Mm.... Oh, nearly forgot an important event in my life!!!

I was FINALLY donating blood!!!!

Actually, I didn't have enough sleep so I wasn't hoping much. But lo and behold, I could donate one bag of A+ blood!!! And I almost freaked out... =.=

Hehehe, so, my first success being a blood donor. Yeah!!!

Nothing on Friday...

FBE week ended on a quite happy note... I think. :P

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