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11:59 AM

I think the people who reads this blog... are either family and friends or some total stranger... Anyway, your comments aren't needed for this particular post. Yes, no comments required, either typed or spoken. You have been warned.

Half a year has passed!! xDD

Okay, just going to type some weird deja vu feelings I've had this past days. I was thinking of some thoughts, deep thinking.. (yes, I have the mental capacity for that but I prefer pretending to look naive so no one would get me to do some dumb thing that they could do themselves instead for the fact that they will be too lazy to do that..I digress.)

So, the thoughts were mine, I didn't tell anyone because what's the damn use... Either they listen and don't know how to reply, thus putting each other in weird positions... Or they won't bother to listen and start saying what doomsdays they have had today.. Or I will just be talking to myself.. Conclusion, type here to let go of some of the weird feelings..

Let's start with the first thought I had. Isn't my first out of many others. It just happens that the thought materialize into an article in a daily newspaper, which was weird. I thought no one would have the same thought since those incidents happen quite frequently, people or society as a whole might had just taken them as daily occurrences, instead of some menace that should be stomped on.

Okay, first thought. There's two, by the way.

'Why would they harm others, don't they have families too?'

This was due to more reports about crimes in the news. Seriously, it's like those criminals live on their own island. I remembered one incident whereby a thief got caught. Can't believe the audacity in his words.. 'Don't tell my family, they will be ashamed..' Oh, wtf!! Serious shite! What's wrong with their brains? Don't tell their families that they are harming others? The same with a blogger that I respect. People left comments, saying she and her friends are prostitutes just because of some political differences. The blogger is right to defend herself. Those men deserve the Hall of Shame. How would they feel to have their females being called such names? They won't like either, especially when it is all lies.

Now, reported almost daily, crimes on individuals. You name them. There's burning up, slashing, kidnapping,  shooting etc etc. No more the usual snatch thief, heck, those thieves sound tame now. Or have they just gone to more advanced tactics since the police have their trails already? We can only guess and wonder at that.

Enough rants. Those insane people are a minority in society. However, they might bring a downfall on society. Whatever went wrong in their head, hopefully they have the brain capacity to realize. Or please donate your still-healthy organs to needy individuals. Might lessen the guilt they have. Especially when they realize how a young kid lost his father because of them.

I almost teared up realizing that fact. Wonder if those criminals have a heart.

Second thought.

'I Love You means almost nothing now'

Yes, because it was brought into an article, just this week. Mostly people say it, even though they mean nothing in it. And that just makes it turn gross. Haha...

So now, I have made it my own promise. No more of that cliche 3-word expression. The minute some one says that, except if they're family, I might as well think less of them.

For secret's sake, I won't tell what words would replace them. Let others guess them out. Haha..

End of the weird two thoughts.


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