6:03 PM

I have a friend...

who loves pink and is timid but sometimes can be scary... xD

who I can always share stories with but some stories can't be shared like before... >.<

who once gives me advice but now we avoid each other... :(

who replies my rambles with great, sound advice which makes me stronger to live... :D

who goes lolololol and agagagagaga which is funny and amusing... :P

who bets with me on our results and winner gets free lunch... :3

who doesn't feel bothered to accompany me... c:

who replies late but is a great friend... :]


They're all my friends.

Know that none of you are the best friend.

Because all of you are precious to me.


p.s. some applies to one person only and some applies to more than one person.. hahahahahahaha... xDD No prize for guessing though. :P

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