The Aftermath

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-__- I can't throw away the Text Background Colour....

19th June marked the day of my last paper for the 2nd Semester 2nd Year. So, for this light banter on self, yeah, I pride on self annihilation missions, a review on what happened for the past weeks, including Study Week until now, a day and some hours past.

Study Week.... somehow equals to quality time with movies, animes, mangas... Okay, might just be me.. >.<" *after my respective elders read, I might go through some quality time with them too.

Can I rant? Of course, I can. I dislike commenting on what's in the news because feels like someone might jump on the comments and just hey, put me in some hot water... soup, oil, okay, whatever. So, hands off the news, especially Euro, seriously not interested. :P 

Ah, Study Week.. Last semester, I was in the groove... ahem, old slang, some readers might not know it... I was in the mood, a bit related to passion. So there were some times that my friends and I met and talked over the notes. Missing points, left-out examples, the usual group study stuff. Well, this semester, somehow I wasn't too keen in it. Sorry, gals. But really, I don't feel like it during that study week. Can I blame my motion sickness? xD When will the Greatest *ahem Invention AKA Teleport come? Or just give me Doraemon and let me use his Pintu Ke Mana Sahaja... Saves my time, plus no more queasy feeling in my stomach. Some drivers just love to make their passengers feel like vomiting too. Fast, break suddenly, fast again... I feel a roller-coaster ride of my breakfast. =.="

Anyway, those are excuses for not doing a study group for this Finals. Lame, I know.. but just in case, could be a lesson for next semester. So, keeping that in mind because 3rd Year subjects are no joke.

Okay, 1st week of Finals, having two papers, one on Monday, one on Friday... Can you imagine the gap? Haha... -___-" Monday- Ethnic Relationship.. Mostly facts, common sense and some supposedly basic knowledge about ethnic. Seriously, for the good of man... haha. Okay, end of that subject. I do not want to repeat it, ever. Though just for musing, if you want to really focus in it, sit right in the front line of the lecturer. Trust me, anywhere else, be prepared to sleep halfway, then be dazed when being called to answer a question. Lucky me had the luck to be picked out that one time. Lucky too that I was focusing, ended up referring to the book to answer. Then the answer had to be logical, as in relating to this modern age. Haha... Yeah, right, how can you when there are hair dye, hair perm, hair straightening, tanned skin, whitening products etc etc... I kid you not! If you can guess what my question was, you are psychic. Paper in Finals? In the book, enough said. Pfft.

Friday paper- Property Management.. I admit that it's supposed to be my Darling. But I'm in some kind of unrequited relationship with it. So about how well is it.... Let's see later when the results are out.

The following week was a bit of torture. Joking. If you had seen me, I was the example of relaxation. Not really a I-don't-care attitude. Please, I did worry. But why bother to worry so much like the whole world is going to reject you. If I had prepared early, no regrets equal to no torturing self. If not prepared, I'm ready to face the noise. Heck, still, I want no repeats. Tuesday- something Taxation. Haha.. forgot the course name, yeah~ >.< Not sure how it went but I remembered being not much in a daze after it finished.. An indication that it went well perhaps? One can only wonder... 

Thursday- Investment Valuation. This paper is...... SCARY. The effect it had on my fellow course mates!!! It was like watching a thriller-horror flick, minus popcorn, I might just fling it behind me anyway. My thriller was sitting next to somebody (I know who but not telling...), just a few minutes of starting, already TAP TAP TAP on the calculator!!!!!!! Just remembering it sends shivers. Me? Planned which to do first, checking my confidence on each question then begin... *Naive Haha.. xD Truly, it was scary. Compared to its relative (I assumed it is but may as well be) Methods of Valuation, it wins the Scariest Subject for 2nd Year. End note: Please, no repeat. Then I can eat dark chocolate. xP

Last paper!!!! Building Legislation. :) 
(Disclaimer: Smiley is not indicating that it is a good, easy subject. No subject involving law in my book is easy. )

By this time, everyone.... I think.. or might just be me and a few individuals, who are counting the minutes to freedom. Jokes aside, the paper was okay. Facts. But my answers were missing spaces. I love skipping between paragraphs in case I remember something in between then I can add in nicely. Haha.. Or I need to make arrows pointing to the next point. xP 

Papers all done! Yeah!!

End of 2nd Year! I wish to pass. I wish to pass. I wish to pass. I wish... Heck, I want to pass. Not putting high expectations, I don't want disappointments. Had enough of those, really. So, I want to pass! Really. Good. Pass. Please. 

When the new semester begins, I can't wait. Hehe ;P 3rd Year and new batch incoming. A feast for my eyes but this time, better anchor my heart. Hahahaha xDD

SIDE STORY: Went to.. a place, planned to play basketball... ahem..too many boys/guys, so can't. =.=" just spent the time talking with a friend instead. Ended up, the other boys/guys thinking I'm with him. Why does it irritate much that people just assume that a guy and lady are together without asking or observing well?? Ah, anyway, cross them out possible 'hunt'. Hehehe. ^-^



6:03 PM

I have a friend...

who loves pink and is timid but sometimes can be scary... xD

who I can always share stories with but some stories can't be shared like before... >.<

who once gives me advice but now we avoid each other... :(

who replies my rambles with great, sound advice which makes me stronger to live... :D

who goes lolololol and agagagagaga which is funny and amusing... :P

who bets with me on our results and winner gets free lunch... :3

who doesn't feel bothered to accompany me... c:

who replies late but is a great friend... :]


They're all my friends.

Know that none of you are the best friend.

Because all of you are precious to me.


p.s. some applies to one person only and some applies to more than one person.. hahahahahahaha... xDD No prize for guessing though. :P

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Bebelan Mei '12

5:50 PM

Wah, dah separuh tahun berlalu!!! xDD

Ok, hyper yg tak seberapa sebenarnya. Cik Muda sekarang tgh dalam musim Finals yg agak tak seronok... Haih tapi pointer GPA tak boleh menurun. Harap2 Cik Muda boleh pickup dari markah eseimen dan ujian. Good luck to self~

Mei ialah bulan presentation. Memang mencabar bila kena jawab soalan yg rata2 nya dapat dari pensyarah. Yalah, pelajar masih was-was atau tak tumpu perhatian masa orang lain cakap depan. Nak tanya apa bila tak tumpu perhatian... Terasa Cik Muda sendiri.. ahahahahaha. xDD

Ok, fine. Semester depan, tanam azam lain pula. Dah pakat dengan Mr Perfection....macam lupa tambah belakang tapi malas nak korek entri lama, biar lah, asalkan Cik Muda ingat siapa gelaran ini diberikan. hahahaha, harap2 dia tak marah, dia kan jenis sporting saja... orang yg tanpa fail akan guna LOL... ahahahaha... =.="

Jadi, dah pakat dengan Mr Perfection, semester depan nak bagi soalan pada 2nd year pula. Masa mereka presentation, kita akan tumpu dan tanya soalan..muahahahahahaha, bersiap sedia lah kamu. Oh, harap tak fikir buruk, lebih baik kami yg tanya dari pensyarah sebenarnya. Sebab ada yg kami tanya, kalau mereka tak tahu jawab, pensyarah baik hati, mereka akan tolong jawabkan. Ilmu untuk dikongsi juga. Tambahan, tak nak dipelajari ilmu tak betul atau kurang tepat. Berbalik kepada siapa pengajar nanti, siapa susah kan.. huhuhu.... Lepas Finals, masih kena buka buku. 3rd year belum mula, dah rasa beban nya....akibat TERbaca  buku program....

=.=" Yes, bertaburan lagi BM Cik Muda~ Jangan risau, tiada unsur pilih kasih, BI pun sama bertaburan.... Sakit mata baca, sila EXIT. :P

Mm, omelan Mei dah lari ke tempat lain...

Permulaan Mei dah lupa, hanya ingat masa hantar eseimen. Ada kisah panik masa hantar. Macam2 pula masa nak hantar eseimen. Yg tahu apa jadi....haahahahaha....Jadi muhasabah diri, siap awal, semak betul2 teliti, boleh hantar awal... Daddy baca, memang Cik Muda..... ehem... Hal famili weiyh, diamlah.... >.< Cipowt..... (Perosak bahasa lah Cik Muda ni...)

Bulan Mei juga hantar adik lelaki ke Matrikulasi~ Tak nak promosi nama dia, dah lah jadi Admin page. Cik Muda nak juga.... hek eleh, minta je lebih, nanti tak buat kerja, nama sendiri jatuh..... =.=" Minat Cik Muda yg on-off sangat bahaya.... Tapi adik Cik Muda tetiba nak main tenis... Ok, sibling rivalry up, Cik Muda nak main juga.. Tapi, tapi..... BASKETBALL dan BOLA LISUT tetap kekal juara sukan dalam hati Cik Muda... muahahahahahaha... Nothing beats basketball and baseball....

Perhatian, minat main saja...tak minat atau sokong mana2 pasukan basketball atau bola lisut...ekekekeke...peminat apa jenis ni... >.<

Ah, Cik Muda membebel sembarano lagi, ejaan sana sini. Geleng kepala, harap2 pembaca yg kawan Cik Muda senyum ketawa baca. Tulus ikhlas, Cik Muda tulis entri ini sekadar hiburan kawan2. :)

Ok, end before I spew out more rubbish in this entry~ Tata~~~~

;P Smile always and good luck, friends!!!

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