Sports and I

11:26 AM

They say, if you're stressed out, play some sports.

Well, that's what guys say. xD

For us, ladies, it's mostly shopping. Don't judge though; not all are into retail therapy. Plus, not all have shitloads of money from the sky.

And rarely, will guys find or accidentally find a lady who plays sports just to release stress. Yea....
But if you do know some, great for you. Got yourself a team member, right? ;)

I am doing a ramble here, again. In case, you haven't notice it yet... Oh, and ramble means no main points, just several points, all messed, mixed up with neither head nor tail. Read but don't linger in your head.

Anyway, just a short story from myself to myself. :)

Last Monday, went to my favourite place in my University. My friends and coursemates know where. Every Monday evening, I would be there.

But last Monday was different. :D And GREAT!

Because at last, finally, I asked for a basketball!!!
Yea, yea, no big point for you.

I haven't play, or even touch a basketball since when, I can't remember...

So, the feeling was great, awesome, amazing!!

I just played scoring only though. The other player was a guy, so, ahem, boundaries issue and also because we're technically strangers. Hahaha. Oh, the basketball actually belong to his friend, who came later.

2 friendly guys and a basketball... Great Monday! xD

And yesterday, well, unfortunately, can't give much details. But it's fun. :) Meeting new friends...mostly guys, which I kinda cuci mata.. Hey, I'm honest, okay. xP

Last note: I dislike guys who love to generalize about how a lady should be.

Mind your own business lah. -___-"

ps- directed to a 'friend' who posts updates like that. Really, you're no Mr Perfect yourself.

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