the Gap I didn't want

2:43 PM

At the moment, I'm enjoying the art of using Adobe Photoshop to make drawings... My FB profile pictures are going to be full of those creations... Heck, this post isn't about that... But it does make quite a reverse interested beginning... As usual, rambles galore.. Because my mind is in a jumble.. so much that the mind inflicts pain on the heart... Ah... Just swallow yourself in Finals preparation, okay...

Anyway, I'm puzzled with myself. I dislike but still care and that. Is. Damn. Annoying. =.="

I think I'm not as good in observation. I don't observe well, I can't be witty, I do blurt out things but those are rare occasions. Whenever I do anything spontaneous... It makes the heart beat wildly... So much that I can't think what the effects would be.. And those effects might not be good... For might just make the distance grow wider.... which makes me sadder...

Ah... There's a time when I just wish some things weren't like this, like that... Then there's time that that's the way they should be.. I can't control the effects... But deep down, I had hoped for a happy effect... Looks like I'm disappointed anyway for hoping... Not only is there no happy effect, the gap... just grew wider...

When will the gap disappear and we could smile and laugh like before it all started?

I wish.

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