Being happy ain't easy as it seems

10:37 AM

Hi, should I say it's a week since my latest entry. And here I am now, in my Faculty, actually supposed to be doing my part of the group assignment but kinda getting sidetracked with the WiFi being great. XD

Ahaaaa... =.="

Well anyway, this week, so far is among the best, exciting week. Why? Well, I analyzed the reasons why too and found some facts that make me smile.

Weird me keep finding things in everyday life that is supposed to be usual but hey, don't take those things for granted okay.

Example is today.

While walking, I spotted TWO woodpeckers. Lucky or not, you don't usually spot any in a city, KL that is. Here mostly spot CROWS. =.=

PS: Spotted while walking in my Uni, so technically you can only spot it in not so crow-ded (intentionally to have double meaning) areas...

So......... during that time, was listening to a radio station too. Heard a joke and just smiled to myself. Sure the cars and motorcycles passing by wondering why this lady smiling to herself. :P

The easy going happiness ENDS there.

Shite shouldn't bring laptop, being online can make me upset. Shite shite.

Argh..... Okay, drama should end but when I'm bored, not much work, lazy to start revision also, my mind wanders off. Should have an anchor for my mind.. =.="

Hopefully, this Saturday can take my mind off this VIRUS. Yea, labeling IT as a virus helps in not thinking about it... I wish. -.-"

Shite, I hate your profile picture showing off. END

ps: Revenge + Scheming mode: ON

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