Neither flower nor moon

10:17 PM

First, Cipp, kau diam je taw!! Takde kena mengena ngn gaduh kita yg selalu. Hahahahahahahahahaha xDD

Now would be about two months plus since that terrible incident in my life. Yeah, selfish me in process, thinking of my own self. *Sigh

Anyway... disliking, really disliking myself for the past months, days. I'm a self crash self own self.... @.@ yikes, confusing! Simply put, I managed to make myself miserable by my own means. No help from anyone even! What a record, got award for self destruct or not??

Ah, main point is, I'm tired at destructing myself. It's really tiring. Don't believe, you can try yourself. xP

Truth is... I deleted, I blocked, I ignored..... but I still kept. Lame, right?

I wanted to be the cool lady but honestly, I failed. So badly at pretending. Noticed the way I turned around quickly, noticed the way I shut my mouth, noticed the way I walked with heads down? Yeah, you wouldn't know. Anyway, just pretend you don't notice. Makes little difference anyway. I'm just a stone on the ground, not the flower/moon you want or need. Ouch, that does sting.

‎'tak kira sekuntum bunga itu harum atau tak, tumbuhnya tetap di tanah. begitu juga bulan, tak kira apa bentuknya, tempatnya tetap di langit, dan begitu juga perhubungan kita tak kira jauh atau dekat, jumpa atau tak, tempatnya tetap di dalam hati..sesungguhnya nilai perhubungan itu lebih bermakna dari segalanya..'

Currently, I do hope for the best _________________......

No matter what.. __________

If there's a future.... a gathering.

Hope happiness is on your face. Smile always, ok? :)

Nothing secret actually so this is just straightforward to tease you all. :P
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