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Warning: Pictures are rightfully mine with my FB name (in blue) on it. No FB name, I have the links on them. And some words spelled on my own judgement for FUN only. Don't like, go Exit. Good day and hopefully enjoy reading. >.<

Hi! April product from Yuberactive here!

Excerpt from Yuberactive,

'Lip Smacker products blend fun and fashion with natural protection for lips. It uses only natural oils such as castor oil, wheat germ oil, sesame seed oil, beewax, and candelilla wax. High in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial properties, they are natural moisturisers and lubricants that keep your lips super-smooth, supple and gorgeously healthy.

The original fun-flavoured lip gloss that softens and smoothes lips with great-tasting flavour, superior moisture and shine. Available in Vanilla, Watermelon, Strawberry and Cotton Candy.

Available at Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson, Sa Sa, Watson's Personal Care Store.

RRP= RM 9.90- RM 26.90'


When I received the product, the first thing in my mind was, 'Mm, what is this sweet smell??'

Not even out from it's simple package (not the brown wrapping Yuberactive sent it in okay, product in my hands already), the sweet smell 'hit' my nose.

Voila! Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy!

Notice the simple packaging has cotton candy illustrated. Cute, simple graphic! xD

A real pink Cotton Candy...... remember to wipe off your mouth.

The product and I.

ps: Blurry because I stubbornly held the camera in my left hand. =.= Also, my nose looks huge...... haha xD Nah, truth is, personally thinking that I look cute in this picture. Others were not worthy of being shown here. >.<

It's Roll version.. Tube version.. AND pink!!

ps: Ilah comel, I know you will love this. hahaha xD

Okay, okay, enough 'chatting'. Let's review seriously. :|

Above picture shows my lips before and after applying.

Of course, I exfoliate my lips by using a soft bristle brush. Hence, my lips look 'stung'. :3 Don't jelly. Hehe.

Then after applying, honestly didn't like it much. It's 'intense'. Well, other reviews said it was too waxy. Yes, it really is. The 'after' picture is before I took a tissue and do what we only do when applying too much lipstick. It's that 'intense'. >.<

However, after doing the above, my lips do feel smooth and moisturized. As a student, I'm faced with an ironic environment. Hot and dry on the way to lectures (if it's sunny and warm...) then cold and DRY in the room due to air conditioner. Yes, DRY is everywhere. So moisturising is my number one concern. :P


My verdict:
  1. Pros- As claimed, it smoothes and moisturizes the lips well. It's in the normal, common tube version, which is always handy. It's diameter is bigger than my other lip balm. It's affordable at RM9.90 (I checked at a shop, secret... ). It's PINK.
  2. Cons- The Roll at the bottom is small. Either for more space for the balm, not sure. Since I'm used to bigger finger space for the roll, I was surprised.. okay, sounds like a noob. Haha. =.= It's 'intense', might need tissues to wipe some off.
Final verdict: 8/10, due to wastage of tissue.... okay, just joking. It's due to the 'intensity'. xD

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