A post because I had to vent out :P

3:40 PM

Hi, not exactly in the mood to type anything informative whatever, so perhaps this post can become a rant or rambles...

Well, 1st week has passed...meeting friends again is nice and great though there are some not happy moments in the past week. Like a special meeting with lecturers.....mm...okay, private and confidential, only those related should know what happen, so not telling here. Just that it was almost chocolate heaven minus the chocolates.... =.=

Anyway, settling down for a new semester with new things to learn about. Used RM100 of the RM200 Book Vouchers for some law Acts. Pictures will be posted later.

Nothing much right? Mm, well, truthfully, not feeling all good this week. Still feeling down about something personal and private. Though I'm trying my best to keep my spirits high, no moping around about what had been or what would have been.

So, yeah... I'm feeling sad but not showing. If laughter can be addictive, so are the bad feelings.

Keeping my chin up, swallowing the sadness, I step forward for the future to come. =)

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