Few days left of semester break

8:48 PM

Hi, soon is going to reach a week of absence of posts, which is a bit against my resolution. haha

Anyway, I'm waiting for Semester 1 result. My juniors, 1st year got theirs already while mine is on a BOEING 787 from North Pole, has yet to arrive in Malaysia. (XD haha, courtesy to a Mr. HCH)

Well, good news in this week that I've known is that now BookXcess accepts the Book Vouchers! Super happy.... on second thought, what am I going to buy? Still very much undecided, no thanks to my course which has limited knowledge in print. Most of those knowledge are in people's minds. The closest I think to relate is perhaps Donald Trumps' books. So maybe I'll try and settle for one of his. Then again, I'm more into the 'manager' profession, not the 'agent' profession. Mm, I'll see how it turns out anyway.

Like I said, nothing much. Except for that KFC i-City issue which is turning into an uproar of racial sentiments..... yup, nothing much seriously.

ps: Not going to touch on the above issue much. SOME people just went and gave half story, like intended. Really flaming the fire. =.="

So long, hope next semester starts. I enjoy doing something with a purpose, rather than lazing around, with no goal in mind. It's boredom!

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