Birthday cakes (7 & 21)

5:56 PM

Okay, this is way overdue. Plus I'm keeping my tongue/fingers in check in case I go all too EMO. Damn. >.<

First up is my little brother's birthday.

His 7th birthday! Which was on 9 Jan. Yes, long due, sorry. :x

The hard thing was showing him how to cut the cake properly. =.= With him being the enthusiastic one and I'm on the other end..... panic edge.  

The cake was vanilla sponge, toppings of melted chocolate and sides are chocolate rice. Cherry was so sweet. >.< 

You do not want to see the side's view. Totally near to the gruesome because of the close-up at the chocolate rice. Seriously, looked like small little black worms...... hahaha. Hope I don't spoil the love for chocolate rice. 

Next up!

1st Feb.
Also my brother's birthday, he's 23. 

My 21st birthday cake. I insisted on a cheese one and you can barely see the plastic wrap on the sides just to keep the cheese in shape. haha...

It's vanilla I guess sponge cake with layers of cheese, topped with blueberry syrup and some grapes and halved strawberries. 

Pretty awesome taste but if too much, may make me a cheese hater. NOT! 

Now thinking of Secret Recipe, hope I can savour one of their cheese cake soon..... once 2nd semester starts.

So long!

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