2nd Year, Sem 1 Result

10:35 PM

IT has finally been released! Haha, okay, was released on Monday 13 Feb, around 11am. I'm going to do the Traditional bashing-myself-up-for-result thing. Okay, kidding. Just a review and talking to myself mostly.

BVEV2111: Land Development Law
Honestly first seven weeks were kinda hard to digest. That's all. Then the next seven weeks were easier to digest. Also, she always recap whatever she taught in the previous lecture. So, I'm always ready by reading the points before entering her class. Makes me look less like a fool, more like a smartass student. Haha. Plus she insisted that if there's ANYTHING we don't understand, ASK HER. Haha. Not your friends, who might equally, don't understand as well. So yeah, her lectures are..... understandable. Haha.

There was a group work, the marks weren't given out. Don't know how much. Hmm. Tests also don't know.

So anyway, my grade for this is a B.
-Not really happy with it. Should have written more and more, even though some might end up as rubbish crap in the final exam. Haha.

BVEV2209: Methods Of Valuation
Ah, the Darling of this 1st Semester. This subject has proven itself a pain in the arse. Haha.

Okay, back to serious reviewing. Hm, the problem was the assignment. My group had to value a double storey terraced house. And well, okay, confession, from me, I was lazy. Really. Did the work 1st week, then conveniently didn't do any work for it until the 4th week. The days in between were wasted! Haha. Blame self. Haish! =.="

Anyway here's the mark for Continuous Assessment, including the Assignment + 2 Tests= B+
Overall grade is a B+. I'm satisfied.. At the very least, I didn't fail. *sigh....

BVEV2210: Property Maintenance
I hope to be a Property Manager and this subject has more to offer in that career path. Oh, yes, I'm serious. Haha.

How to say this... Hm, this subject had THREE lecturers teaching. No joke. Okay, 1st lecturer. I was thinking, "Wow, so easy, sure can score." 2nd lecturer, changed my mind. "Wow, so many facts!!" 3rd lecturer, a 'borrowed' lecturer from other department. Haha. My mind, "Wow, so many drawings and sketches!" Haha. That sums them all up, hopefully. Haha.

There was one assignment for this and...eh, got tests or not, can't remember. @.@
Well, whatever, Continuous Assessment mark (or is this the Assignment mark..) is A-
Overall, I have an A-. Satisfied.....yes 99.99%. Haha

BVEV2212: Urban Land Economics
Ugh.... Can I possibly rewind to PASUM's Economics or 1st year's Economics? Haha.

Hm, 1st seven weeks, can understand some points. Not 100% all understand. But still can think properly, wasn't all foggy, missing places.. Then next seven weeks, admittedly I slept! =.= A few times, so sorry but kinda sleepy seeing slides with all facts. Yea, this subject is all about FACTS.

Okay, Continuous Assessment= I don't know, but the tests marks are: Test 1= A- & Test 2= B+
Overall, I got a B+. Hm... okay, thank goodness. I thought I dumped a lot of crap in that paper. Haha

GXEX1414: Islamic and Asian Civilization
Here, nothing much. One presentation then just the paper.
Got B+

End score
GPA 3.32 CGPA 3.13
- An improvement!! xD Very happy with myself. Okay, not a 3.5 but you don't need to spoil my happiness. Sem 2 hopefully able to get 3.5. I want to increase that CGPA, make it higher and higher. Haha.

Okay, end of report. Thanks to anyone who read. :)

Ps: Actually, supposed to be released 2 weeks before start semester even. The lecturer said so. "Then it must because of a student. She had a problem (I don't know what) so HER result was held back, not released. But I didn't know that it affected all of your results." o.O One= All can't get??? Okay. As long as it's released, at last! xD

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