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Quotes are taken from here. (A facebook page)


"If you ignore me, I will ignore you. If you don't start the conversation, we wont talk. If you don't put in the effort, why should I?"

Well, the above is a way. We like to think that the other person needs to start the ball rolling. But if the other person thinks the same as us, then there won't be any balls rolling.

Point is, YOU must start it yourself. Who knows, he/she might become your best friend.

Don't worry about 'What if they just ignore me or don't put in their own effort to know me more?'.

At the very least, YOU have tried. YOU have proven to yourself that you have the confidence to start something.

And YOU are happier from that courage. :)

And it's their loss if they ignore you, not YOURS.


"If you admire the rainbow after the rain, then why not love again after the pain?"

-Sigh- Because most of the time, we would rather entertain the Pain as some great feeling to enjoy than accept it as the cold, hard stone it is.

We would rather wallow in self pity than thinking of happy times/memories.

We think, 'Why did THIS happen to me, why don't others go through the same as me?'.

Yeah, we think, 'Life's not fair.'


That is life. WE make the most of it. Nothing comes without a price.

If there's no price, how would you appreciate it?

For a Gain, there have to be a Loss.

And life is not technically unfair. We make it seem unfair. When in reality, we have lots to be thankful for. However, when we couldn't get what we WANT, we tend to neglect what we NEED.

-Sigh- I fail as a motivational writer. Heck, I myself wallow in self pity, unable to accept that cold, hard stone.

But, I don't want to miss out on other things that could make me happy.

So, let's be positive.

Even if life might seem unfair, YOU can change that.

ps: Yea, why am I suddenly so wise, heck, nothing to do with Age. Guess it's experience kicking in some senses. Haha


A post because I had to vent out :P

3:40 PM

Hi, not exactly in the mood to type anything informative whatever, so perhaps this post can become a rant or rambles...

Well, 1st week has passed...meeting friends again is nice and great though there are some not happy moments in the past week. Like a special meeting with, private and confidential, only those related should know what happen, so not telling here. Just that it was almost chocolate heaven minus the chocolates.... =.=

Anyway, settling down for a new semester with new things to learn about. Used RM100 of the RM200 Book Vouchers for some law Acts. Pictures will be posted later.

Nothing much right? Mm, well, truthfully, not feeling all good this week. Still feeling down about something personal and private. Though I'm trying my best to keep my spirits high, no moping around about what had been or what would have been.

So, yeah... I'm feeling sad but not showing. If laughter can be addictive, so are the bad feelings.

Keeping my chin up, swallowing the sadness, I step forward for the future to come. =)


Random stuff about feelings

9:42 PM

Mm....the following paragraphs are bordering on emotions. Haha. So, I decided to private it. You do not want to read some rants, mumble jumbo whatever. Sure bore you anyway. Haha

Keyword: doubles in nickname

University life

2nd Year, Sem 1 Result

10:35 PM

IT has finally been released! Haha, okay, was released on Monday 13 Feb, around 11am. I'm going to do the Traditional bashing-myself-up-for-result thing. Okay, kidding. Just a review and talking to myself mostly.

BVEV2111: Land Development Law
Honestly first seven weeks were kinda hard to digest. That's all. Then the next seven weeks were easier to digest. Also, she always recap whatever she taught in the previous lecture. So, I'm always ready by reading the points before entering her class. Makes me look less like a fool, more like a smartass student. Haha. Plus she insisted that if there's ANYTHING we don't understand, ASK HER. Haha. Not your friends, who might equally, don't understand as well. So yeah, her lectures are..... understandable. Haha.

There was a group work, the marks weren't given out. Don't know how much. Hmm. Tests also don't know.

So anyway, my grade for this is a B.
-Not really happy with it. Should have written more and more, even though some might end up as rubbish crap in the final exam. Haha.

BVEV2209: Methods Of Valuation
Ah, the Darling of this 1st Semester. This subject has proven itself a pain in the arse. Haha.

Okay, back to serious reviewing. Hm, the problem was the assignment. My group had to value a double storey terraced house. And well, okay, confession, from me, I was lazy. Really. Did the work 1st week, then conveniently didn't do any work for it until the 4th week. The days in between were wasted! Haha. Blame self. Haish! =.="

Anyway here's the mark for Continuous Assessment, including the Assignment + 2 Tests= B+
Overall grade is a B+. I'm satisfied.. At the very least, I didn't fail. *sigh....

BVEV2210: Property Maintenance
I hope to be a Property Manager and this subject has more to offer in that career path. Oh, yes, I'm serious. Haha.

How to say this... Hm, this subject had THREE lecturers teaching. No joke. Okay, 1st lecturer. I was thinking, "Wow, so easy, sure can score." 2nd lecturer, changed my mind. "Wow, so many facts!!" 3rd lecturer, a 'borrowed' lecturer from other department. Haha. My mind, "Wow, so many drawings and sketches!" Haha. That sums them all up, hopefully. Haha.

There was one assignment for this, got tests or not, can't remember. @.@
Well, whatever, Continuous Assessment mark (or is this the Assignment mark..) is A-
Overall, I have an A-. Satisfied.....yes 99.99%. Haha

BVEV2212: Urban Land Economics
Ugh.... Can I possibly rewind to PASUM's Economics or 1st year's Economics? Haha.

Hm, 1st seven weeks, can understand some points. Not 100% all understand. But still can think properly, wasn't all foggy, missing places.. Then next seven weeks, admittedly I slept! =.= A few times, so sorry but kinda sleepy seeing slides with all facts. Yea, this subject is all about FACTS.

Okay, Continuous Assessment= I don't know, but the tests marks are: Test 1= A- & Test 2= B+
Overall, I got a B+. Hm... okay, thank goodness. I thought I dumped a lot of crap in that paper. Haha

GXEX1414: Islamic and Asian Civilization
Here, nothing much. One presentation then just the paper.
Got B+

End score
GPA 3.32 CGPA 3.13
- An improvement!! xD Very happy with myself. Okay, not a 3.5 but you don't need to spoil my happiness. Sem 2 hopefully able to get 3.5. I want to increase that CGPA, make it higher and higher. Haha.

Okay, end of report. Thanks to anyone who read. :)

Ps: Actually, supposed to be released 2 weeks before start semester even. The lecturer said so. "Then it must because of a student. She had a problem (I don't know what) so HER result was held back, not released. But I didn't know that it affected all of your results." o.O One= All can't get??? Okay. As long as it's released, at last! xD


Few days left of semester break

8:48 PM

Hi, soon is going to reach a week of absence of posts, which is a bit against my resolution. haha

Anyway, I'm waiting for Semester 1 result. My juniors, 1st year got theirs already while mine is on a BOEING 787 from North Pole, has yet to arrive in Malaysia. (XD haha, courtesy to a Mr. HCH)

Well, good news in this week that I've known is that now BookXcess accepts the Book Vouchers! Super happy.... on second thought, what am I going to buy? Still very much undecided, no thanks to my course which has limited knowledge in print. Most of those knowledge are in people's minds. The closest I think to relate is perhaps Donald Trumps' books. So maybe I'll try and settle for one of his. Then again, I'm more into the 'manager' profession, not the 'agent' profession. Mm, I'll see how it turns out anyway.

Like I said, nothing much. Except for that KFC i-City issue which is turning into an uproar of racial sentiments..... yup, nothing much seriously.

ps: Not going to touch on the above issue much. SOME people just went and gave half story, like intended. Really flaming the fire. =.="

So long, hope next semester starts. I enjoy doing something with a purpose, rather than lazing around, with no goal in mind. It's boredom!

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Bebelan Jan'12

6:41 PM

Hai, ini entri pertama Cik Muda dalam 2012. Dan juga entri pertama dalam BM, nanti ada orang tak puas hati bila asyik guna BI saja memanjang. Eh, ada ke manusia dengki macam itu? Tak ada kerja lain lah itu nak dengki orang. Ahaks, yang terasa, pergi mampus. Okay, Cik Muda jahat. Maaf yang tak ikhlas ditujukan.

Tahun 2012 dah lalu sebulan. Sekarang bulan Februari, Cik Muda pun dah 21 tahun. Apa yang dah berubah, nak kata pemikiran, jujur kata masih ada yang Cik Muda kurang berilmu. Bukan tentang universiti, tapi tentang dunia. Haish. Orang tua suruh pergi universiti untuk belajar. Yalah, ingat senang, masuk universiti, hadap buku saja lah. Rupanya kena ambil tahu tentang dunia luar juga. Kena 'katak bawah tempurung' nanti, baru terhegeh-hegeh cari surat khabar atau internet.

Tadi Cik Muda tertaip terlalu EMO, nanti ada orang terasa lebih..... Jadi dah padam, ini tulis baru pula.

Nak belajar dari buku, Cik Muda sokong. Nak tahu tentang dunia luar, Cik Muda lagi suka.

Terutama subjek yang Cik Muda ambil ini: Pengurusan Harta Tanah. Tak ada cara lain, siap pensyarah suruh tengok surat khabar, baca informasi tentang rumah-rumah, ekonomi, cukai perumahan, cukai untuk syarikat sekali etc etc. Nak tak nak, pergi juga selongkar pelusuk media yang ada. Yalah, nanti kena cop 'katak' oleh pensyarah. Atau lagi perit 'pemalas'. Anime, komik, senang baca, ini berkait dengan pembelajaran, Cik Muda malas level 999. Lagi satu, Cik Muda serba salah juga bila pensyarah tanya soalan, "ada baca surat khabar tak?" Lepas itu, dia geleng kepala. -__-'

Sebab itu,, AZAM 2012 untuk baca surat khabar atau artikel mana-mana yang berkaitan dengan subjek Cik Muda.... Senang tulis/kata, tak senang buat. hahaha Setakat ini, Cik Muda hanya tahu secubit saja. Mesti tak ada rasa nasi goreng nanti, rasa nasi yang dah goreng saja. >.<

Huhu...Cik Muda rindu geng course mate UM: miss e, cik nana, cik sk, cik zaza?? Hahaha, tak tahu boleh tak buat outing dengan mereka nanti. Yang pasti dah ada janji dengan buddy untuk serbu KLCC gara-gara baucer buku. Hakikatnya, tak tahu nak beli apa. Subjek hanya ambil sedikit, 5,6 mukasurat dari buku. =.="

Keputusan sem 1 mungkin akan keluar dalam jangka masa terdekat ini. Cik Muda nak kata bangga, ada orang kata rendahnya (oh, jangan risau, ini dalam famili). Yalah, nak 3.5 baru tinggi kan. Tak nak ucap tahniah pun, buat orang sedih saja walaupun dah usaha naikkan pointer. Ciskek laa tuiii. Tunggu orang sakit batuk darah untuk dapat 4.00 baru tahniah. (Jangan risau, Cik Muda tak akan usaha sampai mati-matian untuk SEKEPING kertas.)

Haaaa.... kan dah EMO Cik Muda. >.< Haish, biarlah, tak baik juga pendam-pendam ini, nanti meletup lagi dahsyat.

Cik Muda masih runsing nak beli telefon mudah alih AKA handphone/cellphone baru ke tak. Yang sekarang guna, keypad tunggu masa untuk tak berfungsi 100%. Dan dah pandai otomatik start. :X Kalau beli baru, nak HTC! Tapi yalah, masih dalam perancangan.

Cik Muda pun nak buat wardrobe makeover. Nak beli palazzo atau flare pants. Tak tahu ejaan betul atau tak, main hentam. Flare pants ni macam seluar bell bottom, entahlah apa bezanya, Cik Muda tengok sama. Nanti pergi kedai, minta bell bottom saja lah. Harap-harap ada. Yang palazzo pants lagi cantik! Cik Muda suka sangat tengok, nak beli kalau jumpa. Sebab kain palazzo pants nampak halus, angin tiup, ringan je. Paling suka, tak nampak 'camel toe' gadis... (Tak tahu camel toe??? Pergi siasat sekarang. Ladies must know!)

Dalam koleksi pakaian Cik Muda pun ada yang dah tak pakai langsung. Macam dinner dress dulu yang hitam fit, blouse hitam yang renda-renda..... Rasa nak jual tapi bab perniagaan amat tak suka, tambahan lagi postage... Akan difikirkan. Bila ingat lagi~

Okay, cukuplah bebelan Cik Muda untuk bulan Januari 2012. Have a great day, babes!


Birthday cakes (7 & 21)

5:56 PM

Okay, this is way overdue. Plus I'm keeping my tongue/fingers in check in case I go all too EMO. Damn. >.<

First up is my little brother's birthday.

His 7th birthday! Which was on 9 Jan. Yes, long due, sorry. :x

The hard thing was showing him how to cut the cake properly. =.= With him being the enthusiastic one and I'm on the other end..... panic edge.  

The cake was vanilla sponge, toppings of melted chocolate and sides are chocolate rice. Cherry was so sweet. >.< 

You do not want to see the side's view. Totally near to the gruesome because of the close-up at the chocolate rice. Seriously, looked like small little black worms...... hahaha. Hope I don't spoil the love for chocolate rice. 

Next up!

1st Feb.
Also my brother's birthday, he's 23. 

My 21st birthday cake. I insisted on a cheese one and you can barely see the plastic wrap on the sides just to keep the cheese in shape. haha...

It's vanilla I guess sponge cake with layers of cheese, topped with blueberry syrup and some grapes and halved strawberries. 

Pretty awesome taste but if too much, may make me a cheese hater. NOT! 

Now thinking of Secret Recipe, hope I can savour one of their cheese cake soon..... once 2nd semester starts.

So long!

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