What's your SIM card name?

7:18 PM


Okay, besides it being the last of the week days, it's the day that reminds me to look at my posts count and cringe......

Only 3 posts in 2 weeks? You have got to be a lazy lady for doing this, Anna. Hehe. Unintentionally, I'm using the 'Having Exam, can't blog' excuse. Oh, screw. That's lame for my own standard and upbringing. The downside is I STILL had time for manga reading, movie watching and FB stalking, yet I can't blog? Doesn't hold much water there, right?

But seriously, blogging, typing out a post is not like I can type just anything to fill in my daily supposed quota of blog posts. In the end, I might type out some random, rambling posts, bemoaning life or studies or just life. Bloggers need time to think and type. Like they say, think before you act. Terlajak perahu, boleh undur. Terlajak mulut, badan binasa. Eh, are those right by the way? Haha...

So, after a deliberate attempt at 'scolding' myself, here I am, typing. Why? Because I just received my latest product to review! Yeah, an excuse to blog! =.=

Hopefully the review is finish before 23 Jan, LATEST. Dateline is on 27 Jan though, I still have plenty of time, honestly.

ps: What's the product? You wait, I'll reveal in due time. Hehe.


Anyway, here's a little amusement if you haven't found it yet. Hope I'm the first you heard from.
Have Facebook? Go log in and choose any previous status update to spam. Prefer your own or people might not like non-stop notifications...
Next, have a cell phone? Okay, simcard actually. That's your phone number. Mine is 01*****626. Get those last three digits.
Remember the status update you want to test out on? Now copy this: @*[626:0]
Oh, delete the * mark before pressing enter.
Wait for it........
That's your simcard's name!

Mine was Dan Tsai..... =.= Is that a man's name by the way?

Then I tried my Buddy's number, he got: Alex Binkley?! 

Okay, drop the Binkley, keep the Alex. Haha..... Eh, wait, Alex can be a female too right? Oh, okay, I couldn't care less. Lalalalalalala~

So long!

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