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This post will be updated with NEW information. Stay tuned. :)

Hi all!

If you're a student in IPTA or IPTS or Matriculation or Form 6, you know what the Book Vouchers are right?

Yeah, those RM200 and general rules on use conditions can be found here.

Well, I took the time because am really skeptical about this thing. So, waited for all the major bookstores to watch what *ahem* marketing strategies they had taken. Business is still business, you know.

This is what I've seen and got information on. Be warned that the information could have changed and I can't update in mere seconds. If you know of a change in their operations, I would be glad of the information. Thanks!

BORDERS (Facebook)

Use RM100, get FREE Card Membership (2 years) and Starbucks beverage (I heard limited only).

For more info on Borders, click here.

MPH (Facebook)
Spend RM100, get RM5 Book Voucher. Latest offer from MPH.

For more info on MPH, click here.

Use RM150, FREE Popular Bookstore Card.

Mostly depends on place, some place you can buy electronic stuffs and novels, some cannot.

Also some customers had stated the rude treatment from cashiers because of *ahem* tiny dirty marks on the voucher, thus don't accept. BE CAREFUL.

Update: Doesn't accept Vouchers after office hours.

Limited information so far. Tell me if you know more. (Also I haven't been to the shop :P)

LOWYAT forum (Sorry, don't know his shop name because online)
FREE HP thumbdrive for RM100 used on retail priced books.

For more info, click here.

Can buy all merchandise except magazines.

For more info, click here.

Well, those are the few ones I found out. If there's more, do tell. It's still a long way from 31 March and my RM200 are still smooth as being flattened by iron. :P Yeah, I'm still thinking where to use my voucher. I do have a book list right now, a measly one book only because that one book costs RM106++. =.=

Oh, the minus thing about this voucher thing is the ministry doesn't provide a list of the participating bookstores. So for those bookstores that are not as major as MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya and Popular, don't know if they're involve in this voucher thingy. In my opinion, it's a big loss. Both for those small time bookstores and us, because who knows a little bookstore might have a gem on their shelves. *Wink

Little warning here: Don't be an ass arse trying to sell those vouchers for CASH. There's serial number on it, dummies, might take years for them to catch you but in the end when they do, say goodbye to your life and be 15-minutes of shame fame.

Done with being informative, even a little warning up there.

So long and DO make wise choices because most of you are 18++ years old right? :D

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  1. kinokuniya tak terima baucer selepas waktu pejabat

  2. maksudnya lepas pukul 5pm ke?
    okay, thanks for the information. :)

  3. Thank you for this post, google's first results wasn't helping until I found your blog with this useful information.


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