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Hi there! At long last, my Exams are over and now I'm thinking of what to do for 3 weeks of semester break. Mr Perfectionista's idea is to understand all subjects in the previous semesters. A great, noble idea since by account from the exams, the subjects are getting tougher. Understanding the basics is simple measure to get a hang of the harder, more complex ones that are coming right?

As if the subjects get easier, it's not a surprising fact that it's getting tougher. Just like Primary and Secondary times. I'll never forget how puzzled I was when suddenly there's a Positive and Negative side to numbers. Damn hard for my brain to understand since for me, it wasn't logical. Heck, just sunk in based on purely thinking that, 'Oh, that's just the way it was in the past, can't argue much now, right?' Then, how we struggle the sudden jump from Form 3 Maths into Form 4 Additional Maths....And the split of Science into Chemistry, Physics and Biology...

Why you three go and split up one??? (9Gag attempt FAIL)
ps: Only relates to students who took the subjects.

Oh, and please don't start that the splitting up is because to *ahem Specialize those science subjects.I can't be bothered by that excuse. Why didn't they split in Form 1 instead of the sudden split in Form 4.... Just a thought.

Need I type more? No, let's stop at that. ;)

So, I did glance through next semester's subjects and cringe. How not to? 3 out of 4 faculty subjects have 60% continuous assessments which probably means 1 assignment each with at least two tests. If only one assignment, bet it will be a hard one, not impossible, HARD aka difficult. Okay, maybe hard because of poor time management, as in the case of that one PARTICULAR assignment. Whereby I actually got a little lectured by yours truly Daddy. Well, my fault for playing Miss Procrastination.

For University's subject, only one again next semester, Hubungan Etnik. <Not going to translate that one..... Wonder what ethnic the group would decide on though.

Next semester's subjects are:

  • Investment Valuation
A more detailed course into Investment methods.
  • Property Management
I think might have bits from Property Maintenance subject.
  • Building Legislation
All relevant legislation that have bits on property/construction/conservation. Think Uniform Building By-Law,  Local Government Act, and Housing Development Act.
  • Property Taxation
All taxation related to property, bits from legislation too. Think Stamp Duty, Real Property Gains Tax, and Income Tax.

Yea, most likely an assignment in report for the 60% continuous assessment. Oh well, better get ready for life after graduating anyway. Bet outside isn't easier than inside.

So long!

ps: For the meantime, I'm on a Ladies' only-leave (only ladies earn it), so now I'm just relaxing and enjoying a week then start thinking seriously of clearing things off the extra bed in my room. It's becoming a table instead of a bed, my natural habit since Primary days. *wink

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