An early 21st thought

3:48 PM

Hi, it's exactly one week before my birthday of *ahem* 21 years old....

I'm going to be on super spoiled mood because I want PRESENTS... with no attached strings though.

Just kidding! :D

A birthday wish is okay but I don't think I'll get many. Some people have started to come up with AGENDAS behind the harmless little things in life that is just making me want to puke. Seriously, now everything in life has a favour or bad/evil motive behind it. =.= Life's a bummer. Excuse my pessimistic self emerging.

Whatever happened to taking life easy? Yeah, like life IS any easy like ABC. Life's tough and some people just love adding fuel to the heat. Exactly like what I'm doing now.

Let's take for example. A Mr. A is thinking he's super cool, super perfect, nothing is wrong with him. But guess what? The thoughts who made Mr. A cool and seemingly God-like? The followers who's worshiping him. Yeah, Mr. A's followers. And then, there's always going to be a Mr. B. Now, Mr. B also has his own followers. Typical right? Everyone has them.

So where am I getting at? I'll indulge. It's a sad story.

So Mr. A tells his followers, be kind, be gracious, be all the goody-goody like he wants his followers to be. And his followers naturally follow. Well, the same with Mr. B.


dadadadadadadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaatuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (imagine drums, I know, I failed the effect...)

.............some folks snapped!

I don't know or how to make them out. Let's say over fanatical, over worshiping maybe. They think Mr. A is the only one WORTH to follow. Not a Mr. B and never supposed to be in existence a Mr. B. Don't get me wrong, Mr. A NEVER ask or order them to think that. It's just the minds of those overly crazy maniacs who have their mind/brain evolving too fast forward. Or just over thinking what Mr. A had intended to say.

So then what happens when some of Mr. A's followers starts thinking that way?

Well...I'll say maybe two options.

ONE: Try and get Mr. B's followers to follow Mr. A instead. With of course, good means...

TWO: Try and get Mr. B's followers to follow Mr. A instead. With instead.... badass means....

The good means are commendable, just talking stuff, like trying to open the eyes of the followers of Mr. B. Percentage success: perhaps a 50%...

The badass means.... are well, badass..... Nothing short of badmouthing Mr. B.... even threats to LIFE. Percentage success: Almost a perfect 100%....
(Seriously, someone wants your life, who wouldn't just give up?)

So.....Mr. B's followers fought back too.... And get this...




Oh, crap, rant ends.

You might think this is useless ramble but it's true. I wonder whatever happened to just thinking simple thoughts... Maybe before the rat race, it's humanely possible, But now, it's just trash thoughts....

Once you start thinking, "Hey, I'm better than that trash other person."

You'll have a foot in the grave.

Doesn't life deserve an honest break once in a while?

ps: And some nut brains are going nuts on Facebook saying it's their playground. Take a hike, clear your mind and just think simple.

.................Unless you think I have a motive. Well, I do. 

MOTIVE: I wish that people would stop stabbing behind the hinds' of Mr. A or Mr. B. Hahaha
It sucks, big time.


Some wishful aint' sugar and roses in life, babe. 
Shakes head in surrender.
Now, going to cool off, thinking...

WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER when no one is stopping their healthy charade?

(A Happy Birthday to self before 1st February 2012. May mankind not die out their simplicity in life...)

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