Bugging dilemma

10:06 PM

Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia Tenggara (TITAS)

I kinda blundered. Honest mistake, was so eager to start that I actually did Question 1, 2 and 3 earlier before the Head Examiner said to begin. Really, honestly, thought when he said, 'Good luck in answering.' Thought it was to begin. =.=

Well, anyway, not going to ponder on how many I got on the dot and not on the dot AKA right or wrong. 1.5 points each? Heck, some were easy and some confusing. Damn objective questions, but spelling out would be too much since there's so much to get wrong in spelling!

After finished, went home. Okay, here's the thing I wanna highlight. I'm not usually the type to look down, on the road, well, actually focus on the road.

Then I saw a little woolly caterpillar! *Sorry, no pictures. >.<

There it was, all woolly like, scurrying its way across the black tarred road.

And humongous feet came crashing down around it!

(I do hope you well and safe, Mr/Miss Caterpillar.) Not squishy and trodden. :(

What I had failed to notice when I first walked the road to the new examination building, I began to notice clearly on the way back, the same way.

There were tons, lots of trodden bug marks...oh, really, they were caterpillar-trodden-and-squishy marks. Minus squishy, most were dried up already.

Too bad. I wondered how they would look like if they had survived?

So long.

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