2012 Resolutions

2:26 PM

Heard the fireworks last night? Yea, great ones, fireworks are always great at ending things with a bang. Oh, not to forget those party poppers too (saw some at Living Cabin @ Mid Valley).

Happily, I didn't join in any crowds during those celebrations. Love fireworks, dislike noisy bunch of crowds plus I'm scared of getting stomp on the foot. =.=

And I'll be too paranoid, of unknown people who might have come without deodorant. Haha, evil me. Another paranoism (heck, I jumble words), I'm afraid of pickpockets.

Noisy + lots of people= a pickpocket escape heaven.

So with those dreads and paranoia thoughts, I missed out any Happy New Year celebrations. Hope that I didn't miss out anything so special that friends would say, "Too bad, you missed THE celebration of the year!" No, thank you, I value my life and belongings above some yearly celebrations. UNLESS it's a/an artist/singer/actor I knew and love, then I'll be on regret terms right now. Fat chance, nothing so much like that would happen anyway unless money grew on trees.

Well, I've been considering internal bickering about doing Resolutions. Never one to stick to them, had done lots on pieces of paper, conveniently lost so that I didn't remind myself about them. Haha, sure way to not feel guilty that I didn't keep to the Resolutions.

However, this year, maybe due to me coming on to this age of maturity  damn 21 years old this February, so I'm going to list out my Resolutions.

Damn long sentence. ^

And now I present you, my desired, wishful thinking of 2012 Resolutions:

  1. Finance= Fixed savings RM1/month (Dec 2012= RM12 MUST)
  2. Budget (reading materials)= 3 Magazines + 1 Comic per month (Mag- fixed choice; Comic- ANY)
  3. Writing/Typing= at least 1 post/month on blog OR 1 short story/fortnight
  4. Knowledge= Read literature/topic/article at least 1/fortnight OR daily newspaper reading
  5. Food= More veg, less instant noodles
  6. Exercise= Walk up the stairs, cut down on lift rides (until 3 floors only, if more, lift!)
  7. Grade= GPA 3.00+ OR CGPA 3.50+ (Revision- 3,4 hours/day)
  8. University= NEVER sleep in class, no matter how tired/boredom (pinch self occasionally)
  9. Self project= 1 felt/crochet project in 2 months (1st month- planning; 2nd month- in process)
  10. Lifestyle= Mine to decide but based on the above limitations. ^.^

A mash up of Resolutions and kinda idealist, hopefully achievable though.

For self reflection, I do hope this 2012 is eventful with happy, sad moments somehow able to balance out.

So long and a Happy New Year!

ps: I'm going to write this type of post, meaning no more super short sentences, no more 'hanging' types either. Hope it doesn't bore some readers because it might be too long to read. Haha. And for SWEAR words, I'll be sticking to DAMN only, no more wtfak, WTF, WTH or the likes. Emoticons, STAY!

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