Minute hope

8:49 PM

A few more hours left. 

When the midnight comes.

Another step into the 20s.

Would it be different by a small, insignificant margin?

Would there even be a difference?

Either way.

Time wasn't meant to move backwards.

So does age.

I guess forward is the only way then.

Though I don't hope much.

Because there isn't much to hope for.

Ever since I knew what lies truly meant.


Effort = wastage

11:56 PM

I was expecting a little, "Good job, you put in effort."

But not a chance. Expectation! 

I should have just shut my mouth and wish for lower grades. Did it once, a great relish for the rebel!

Because, yeah.

I forgot.

If it isn't the highest, there won't be a congratulatory sign on the horizons. Highest= 3.5

Damned my grades. 

I don't care anymore how the GPA is.

Because obviously, I'm the only one happy with it. (In the FAMILY)

Yeah, just DAMN.

Average student  =.= 


An early 21st thought

3:48 PM

Hi, it's exactly one week before my birthday of *ahem* 21 years old....

I'm going to be on super spoiled mood because I want PRESENTS... with no attached strings though.

Just kidding! :D

A birthday wish is okay but I don't think I'll get many. Some people have started to come up with AGENDAS behind the harmless little things in life that is just making me want to puke. Seriously, now everything in life has a favour or bad/evil motive behind it. =.= Life's a bummer. Excuse my pessimistic self emerging.

Whatever happened to taking life easy? Yeah, like life IS any easy like ABC. Life's tough and some people just love adding fuel to the heat. Exactly like what I'm doing now.

Let's take for example. A Mr. A is thinking he's super cool, super perfect, nothing is wrong with him. But guess what? The thoughts who made Mr. A cool and seemingly God-like? The followers who's worshiping him. Yeah, Mr. A's followers. And then, there's always going to be a Mr. B. Now, Mr. B also has his own followers. Typical right? Everyone has them.

So where am I getting at? I'll indulge. It's a sad story.

So Mr. A tells his followers, be kind, be gracious, be all the goody-goody like he wants his followers to be. And his followers naturally follow. Well, the same with Mr. B.


dadadadadadadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaatuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (imagine drums, I know, I failed the effect...)

.............some folks snapped!

I don't know or how to make them out. Let's say over fanatical, over worshiping maybe. They think Mr. A is the only one WORTH to follow. Not a Mr. B and never supposed to be in existence a Mr. B. Don't get me wrong, Mr. A NEVER ask or order them to think that. It's just the minds of those overly crazy maniacs who have their mind/brain evolving too fast forward. Or just over thinking what Mr. A had intended to say.

So then what happens when some of Mr. A's followers starts thinking that way?

Well...I'll say maybe two options.

ONE: Try and get Mr. B's followers to follow Mr. A instead. With of course, good means...

TWO: Try and get Mr. B's followers to follow Mr. A instead. With instead.... badass means....

The good means are commendable, just talking stuff, like trying to open the eyes of the followers of Mr. B. Percentage success: perhaps a 50%...

The badass means.... are well, badass..... Nothing short of badmouthing Mr. B.... even threats to LIFE. Percentage success: Almost a perfect 100%....
(Seriously, someone wants your life, who wouldn't just give up?)

So.....Mr. B's followers fought back too.... And get this...




Oh, crap, rant ends.

You might think this is useless ramble but it's true. I wonder whatever happened to just thinking simple thoughts... Maybe before the rat race, it's humanely possible, But now, it's just trash thoughts....

Once you start thinking, "Hey, I'm better than that trash other person."

You'll have a foot in the grave.

Doesn't life deserve an honest break once in a while?

ps: And some nut brains are going nuts on Facebook saying it's their playground. Take a hike, clear your mind and just think simple.

.................Unless you think I have a motive. Well, I do. 

MOTIVE: I wish that people would stop stabbing behind the hinds' of Mr. A or Mr. B. Hahaha
It sucks, big time.


Some wishful aint' sugar and roses in life, babe. 
Shakes head in surrender.
Now, going to cool off, thinking...

WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER when no one is stopping their healthy charade?

(A Happy Birthday to self before 1st February 2012. May mankind not die out their simplicity in life...)

Products review

Play It Sexy- Playboy

6:18 PM

Warning: Pictures are rightfully mine with my FB name (in blue) on it. No FB name, I have the links on them. And some words spelled on my own judgement for FUN only. Don't like, go Exit. Good day and hopefully enjoy reading. >.<

Hi there! Latest product review from Yuberactive for January, also it's the first product review for 2012. And the lucky product is..... oh, yea, it's there in the title. Haha.

Excerpt from Playboy Fragrances site:

A sultry, oriental scent that opens with an invigorating rush of sensuality and sophistication. Its heart is rich and exotic, before settling in to a dark, seductive base. Wear it for a sexy, intoxicating experience.

Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin & Jasmine Tea Accords

Here's the product's pictures!

It's Playboy's Body Mist in Play It Sexy, 200ml. 

And that's me, trying to push down the nozzle while left hand trying to snap pictures. =.=

You know why it's blurry....

Blurry but epic! (Well, for me. >.< )

Was looking for THE look, not sure is this IT?

- A blue-white flower I got from my friend's sister's wedding.

Result with Body Mist?

ps: Okay, subjective success. 

Some entertainment before I bring you to my opinion about it...

Now, for a SEXY Body Mist, what goes well with it? You don't actually wear the perfume with your casuals, unless your casuals manage to scream sexy out loud. But sexy is subjective to each person.

I'm not a person comfortable with dressing sexy, the one time I wore a tube top.... =.= Was super uncomfortable, don't ask when, I forgot when even. intentional amnesia

Anyway, if I am to wear sexy to fit the perfume...yea, fit the perfume, not the perfume fits the attire.

I would go for either a RED dress or a BLACK dress.

This red dress is just perfect and screams sexy at the Body Mist!
ps: Actually, I love the skirt part more......

Thissssss black dress..... SEXY with a sizzle!

Too bad the only black dress I have is fitting... Yes, I do have one but I am not going to show any pictures of me wearing it....yet. 

Haha.. =.= Blame the spare tire, you ladies know where.

Enough with the dresses, don't forget the heels!

Ummm.... One word, DIE. Haha..

Joking! But if I'm to wear that inches, I'll sprain my poor feet down to Neverland. Suffice to say, you will never see me wear THOSE. Sorry. Haha...

Flats? Well, they tend to hurt my ankle. Or somewhere near those areas.

Oh, I'm suppose to REVIEW the product and instead I'm rambling. *Facepalm

Now for the opinion part:

Should I put smell or odour? Anyway, it has a nice smell. Damn, I'm under-exaggerating! It smells WONDERFUL! Wait, that's over-exaggerating. Okay, okay. It smells..... GREAT.

Honestly, it smells like what a man would like. You do know how man's perfume smell like? A bit on the smokey smell. Not some of those super tangerine, super flowery smell that some lady's perfume always have. This Body Mist smells a bit flowery, REPEAT, a bit flowery, but not overly. Which, on my list, makes it just perfect! Also even though the information on the product says it has Mandarin, it doesn't really smell anything close. Okay, kidding, there's a sour bit smell.

And Jasmine Tea.... mmm...... let me rub my nose first.

Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin and Jasmine Tea Accords.

Wait, I'm not a dog to have a sensitive nose! Eh, I'm female so Bitch-dog. Haha.... <Okay, that was lame...

Well, let's just say, the Body Mist smells great. I'll even put it as marvelous but that's subjective to my opinion of smell. Uh, nose. Whatever.

Tesco price is RM18.90. Watson & Guardian? Check up yourself though I think the price won't run up to RM20.

Final verdict:
Great Body Mist. It lingers on the target (where I sprayed it on) from morning til evening, before shower time. My friends said it smells okay too. Not hard on the nose. Even My Dad who doesn't like super strong flowery, sourly smell, likes it. Oh, my Mum likes it too. The only downside is it's big bottle. At 200ml, better buy a smaller one because perhaps you would want to respray while outdoors once the smell fades. The packaging is so-so only.

Would I repurchase? A definitely YES.

Reasons: Smells great, lingers long, plastic bottle and is affordable at RM18.90 from Tesco. The only downside is would be taking up space in small handbags.

ps: Wondering how much it costs at Watson or Guardian.

So long until next product review from Yuberactive. I'll be rubbing my wishing lamp for it! Or hoping for a fallen star.

Special Activities

RM200 Book Vouchers

9:41 PM

This post will be updated with NEW information. Stay tuned. :)

Hi all!

If you're a student in IPTA or IPTS or Matriculation or Form 6, you know what the Book Vouchers are right?

Yeah, those RM200 and general rules on use conditions can be found here.

Well, I took the time because am really skeptical about this thing. So, waited for all the major bookstores to watch what *ahem* marketing strategies they had taken. Business is still business, you know.

This is what I've seen and got information on. Be warned that the information could have changed and I can't update in mere seconds. If you know of a change in their operations, I would be glad of the information. Thanks!

BORDERS (Facebook)

Use RM100, get FREE Card Membership (2 years) and Starbucks beverage (I heard limited only).

For more info on Borders, click here.

MPH (Facebook)
Spend RM100, get RM5 Book Voucher. Latest offer from MPH.

For more info on MPH, click here.

Use RM150, FREE Popular Bookstore Card.

Mostly depends on place, some place you can buy electronic stuffs and novels, some cannot.

Also some customers had stated the rude treatment from cashiers because of *ahem* tiny dirty marks on the voucher, thus don't accept. BE CAREFUL.

Update: Doesn't accept Vouchers after office hours.

Limited information so far. Tell me if you know more. (Also I haven't been to the shop :P)

LOWYAT forum (Sorry, don't know his shop name because online)
FREE HP thumbdrive for RM100 used on retail priced books.

For more info, click here.

Can buy all merchandise except magazines.

For more info, click here.

Well, those are the few ones I found out. If there's more, do tell. It's still a long way from 31 March and my RM200 are still smooth as being flattened by iron. :P Yeah, I'm still thinking where to use my voucher. I do have a book list right now, a measly one book only because that one book costs RM106++. =.=

Oh, the minus thing about this voucher thing is the ministry doesn't provide a list of the participating bookstores. So for those bookstores that are not as major as MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya and Popular, don't know if they're involve in this voucher thingy. In my opinion, it's a big loss. Both for those small time bookstores and us, because who knows a little bookstore might have a gem on their shelves. *Wink

Little warning here: Don't be an ass arse trying to sell those vouchers for CASH. There's serial number on it, dummies, might take years for them to catch you but in the end when they do, say goodbye to your life and be 15-minutes of shame fame.

Done with being informative, even a little warning up there.

So long and DO make wise choices because most of you are 18++ years old right? :D


Mr Poser-A-Lot #1

4:19 PM

Secret post because I'm very evil in it and to spare readers from knowing my evil side. Also to protect whoever I mentioned in it. Call it indirect bully, whatever. I don't care because you won't know who's the target. :P

Okay, for the record, my course mates would know who I truly despise. >.<

By the way, the person's nickname will be Mr Poser-A-Lot. For it describes him PERFECTLY. Believe me, it does.

University life

A glimpse of next semester

11:39 AM

Hi there! At long last, my Exams are over and now I'm thinking of what to do for 3 weeks of semester break. Mr Perfectionista's idea is to understand all subjects in the previous semesters. A great, noble idea since by account from the exams, the subjects are getting tougher. Understanding the basics is simple measure to get a hang of the harder, more complex ones that are coming right?

As if the subjects get easier, it's not a surprising fact that it's getting tougher. Just like Primary and Secondary times. I'll never forget how puzzled I was when suddenly there's a Positive and Negative side to numbers. Damn hard for my brain to understand since for me, it wasn't logical. Heck, just sunk in based on purely thinking that, 'Oh, that's just the way it was in the past, can't argue much now, right?' Then, how we struggle the sudden jump from Form 3 Maths into Form 4 Additional Maths....And the split of Science into Chemistry, Physics and Biology...

Why you three go and split up one??? (9Gag attempt FAIL)
ps: Only relates to students who took the subjects.

Oh, and please don't start that the splitting up is because to *ahem Specialize those science subjects.I can't be bothered by that excuse. Why didn't they split in Form 1 instead of the sudden split in Form 4.... Just a thought.

Need I type more? No, let's stop at that. ;)

So, I did glance through next semester's subjects and cringe. How not to? 3 out of 4 faculty subjects have 60% continuous assessments which probably means 1 assignment each with at least two tests. If only one assignment, bet it will be a hard one, not impossible, HARD aka difficult. Okay, maybe hard because of poor time management, as in the case of that one PARTICULAR assignment. Whereby I actually got a little lectured by yours truly Daddy. Well, my fault for playing Miss Procrastination.

For University's subject, only one again next semester, Hubungan Etnik. <Not going to translate that one..... Wonder what ethnic the group would decide on though.

Next semester's subjects are:

  • Investment Valuation
A more detailed course into Investment methods.
  • Property Management
I think might have bits from Property Maintenance subject.
  • Building Legislation
All relevant legislation that have bits on property/construction/conservation. Think Uniform Building By-Law,  Local Government Act, and Housing Development Act.
  • Property Taxation
All taxation related to property, bits from legislation too. Think Stamp Duty, Real Property Gains Tax, and Income Tax.

Yea, most likely an assignment in report for the 60% continuous assessment. Oh well, better get ready for life after graduating anyway. Bet outside isn't easier than inside.

So long!

ps: For the meantime, I'm on a Ladies' only-leave (only ladies earn it), so now I'm just relaxing and enjoying a week then start thinking seriously of clearing things off the extra bed in my room. It's becoming a table instead of a bed, my natural habit since Primary days. *wink

Special Activities

What's your SIM card name?

7:18 PM


Okay, besides it being the last of the week days, it's the day that reminds me to look at my posts count and cringe......

Only 3 posts in 2 weeks? You have got to be a lazy lady for doing this, Anna. Hehe. Unintentionally, I'm using the 'Having Exam, can't blog' excuse. Oh, screw. That's lame for my own standard and upbringing. The downside is I STILL had time for manga reading, movie watching and FB stalking, yet I can't blog? Doesn't hold much water there, right?

But seriously, blogging, typing out a post is not like I can type just anything to fill in my daily supposed quota of blog posts. In the end, I might type out some random, rambling posts, bemoaning life or studies or just life. Bloggers need time to think and type. Like they say, think before you act. Terlajak perahu, boleh undur. Terlajak mulut, badan binasa. Eh, are those right by the way? Haha...

So, after a deliberate attempt at 'scolding' myself, here I am, typing. Why? Because I just received my latest product to review! Yeah, an excuse to blog! =.=

Hopefully the review is finish before 23 Jan, LATEST. Dateline is on 27 Jan though, I still have plenty of time, honestly.

ps: What's the product? You wait, I'll reveal in due time. Hehe.


Anyway, here's a little amusement if you haven't found it yet. Hope I'm the first you heard from.
Have Facebook? Go log in and choose any previous status update to spam. Prefer your own or people might not like non-stop notifications...
Next, have a cell phone? Okay, simcard actually. That's your phone number. Mine is 01*****626. Get those last three digits.
Remember the status update you want to test out on? Now copy this: @*[626:0]
Oh, delete the * mark before pressing enter.
Wait for it........
That's your simcard's name!

Mine was Dan Tsai..... =.= Is that a man's name by the way?

Then I tried my Buddy's number, he got: Alex Binkley?! 

Okay, drop the Binkley, keep the Alex. Haha..... Eh, wait, Alex can be a female too right? Oh, okay, I couldn't care less. Lalalalalalala~

So long!


Notes to self

3:00 PM

When the next paper is days away, boredom and laziness creeps in. But no amount of pushing oneself will get that yours truly to sit down and study. At most, last by an hour. By then replaced with a healthy amount of manga reading, movie watching, and FB stalking even. Note to self: Remember that you're rewarding yourself with a smartphone, if you do get 3.5 above. If not, save those for some serious clothes shopping ala wholesale. Haha

So anyway, I'm typing this out due to boredom, even movie watching, manga reading and FB stalking is getting boring. =.=

Based on 2012 Resolutions, I have a short story, a DIY felt/ crochet and some reading to be accomplished. RM1? Done. Food? So-so. Exercise? Ah, okay, perhaps. Haha. xD

Well, since I was FB stalking, let me share this piece of 'wisdom'.



So long then, I'm going to hit the books in my pad (home).

ps: Why not we have a little fun with the words of the 70's, 80's and 90's? Some of them are so cool and groovy. Hahahaha. xDD


Bugging dilemma

10:06 PM

Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia Tenggara (TITAS)

I kinda blundered. Honest mistake, was so eager to start that I actually did Question 1, 2 and 3 earlier before the Head Examiner said to begin. Really, honestly, thought when he said, 'Good luck in answering.' Thought it was to begin. =.=

Well, anyway, not going to ponder on how many I got on the dot and not on the dot AKA right or wrong. 1.5 points each? Heck, some were easy and some confusing. Damn objective questions, but spelling out would be too much since there's so much to get wrong in spelling!

After finished, went home. Okay, here's the thing I wanna highlight. I'm not usually the type to look down, on the road, well, actually focus on the road.

Then I saw a little woolly caterpillar! *Sorry, no pictures. >.<

There it was, all woolly like, scurrying its way across the black tarred road.

And humongous feet came crashing down around it!

(I do hope you well and safe, Mr/Miss Caterpillar.) Not squishy and trodden. :(

What I had failed to notice when I first walked the road to the new examination building, I began to notice clearly on the way back, the same way.

There were tons, lots of trodden bug marks...oh, really, they were caterpillar-trodden-and-squishy marks. Minus squishy, most were dried up already.

Too bad. I wondered how they would look like if they had survived?

So long.


2012 Resolutions

2:26 PM

Heard the fireworks last night? Yea, great ones, fireworks are always great at ending things with a bang. Oh, not to forget those party poppers too (saw some at Living Cabin @ Mid Valley).

Happily, I didn't join in any crowds during those celebrations. Love fireworks, dislike noisy bunch of crowds plus I'm scared of getting stomp on the foot. =.=

And I'll be too paranoid, of unknown people who might have come without deodorant. Haha, evil me. Another paranoism (heck, I jumble words), I'm afraid of pickpockets.

Noisy + lots of people= a pickpocket escape heaven.

So with those dreads and paranoia thoughts, I missed out any Happy New Year celebrations. Hope that I didn't miss out anything so special that friends would say, "Too bad, you missed THE celebration of the year!" No, thank you, I value my life and belongings above some yearly celebrations. UNLESS it's a/an artist/singer/actor I knew and love, then I'll be on regret terms right now. Fat chance, nothing so much like that would happen anyway unless money grew on trees.

Well, I've been considering internal bickering about doing Resolutions. Never one to stick to them, had done lots on pieces of paper, conveniently lost so that I didn't remind myself about them. Haha, sure way to not feel guilty that I didn't keep to the Resolutions.

However, this year, maybe due to me coming on to this age of maturity  damn 21 years old this February, so I'm going to list out my Resolutions.

Damn long sentence. ^

And now I present you, my desired, wishful thinking of 2012 Resolutions:

  1. Finance= Fixed savings RM1/month (Dec 2012= RM12 MUST)
  2. Budget (reading materials)= 3 Magazines + 1 Comic per month (Mag- fixed choice; Comic- ANY)
  3. Writing/Typing= at least 1 post/month on blog OR 1 short story/fortnight
  4. Knowledge= Read literature/topic/article at least 1/fortnight OR daily newspaper reading
  5. Food= More veg, less instant noodles
  6. Exercise= Walk up the stairs, cut down on lift rides (until 3 floors only, if more, lift!)
  7. Grade= GPA 3.00+ OR CGPA 3.50+ (Revision- 3,4 hours/day)
  8. University= NEVER sleep in class, no matter how tired/boredom (pinch self occasionally)
  9. Self project= 1 felt/crochet project in 2 months (1st month- planning; 2nd month- in process)
  10. Lifestyle= Mine to decide but based on the above limitations. ^.^

A mash up of Resolutions and kinda idealist, hopefully achievable though.

For self reflection, I do hope this 2012 is eventful with happy, sad moments somehow able to balance out.

So long and a Happy New Year!

ps: I'm going to write this type of post, meaning no more super short sentences, no more 'hanging' types either. Hope it doesn't bore some readers because it might be too long to read. Haha. And for SWEAR words, I'll be sticking to DAMN only, no more wtfak, WTF, WTH or the likes. Emoticons, STAY!

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