University life

Survival week ended

11:57 PM

I am forgetting this blog hobby, if it wasn't so in the first place. Last update was beginning of November..and now it is nearly the end of December. Congrats on one resolution not fulfilled. Haha... >.<"

I did not do the usual bashing result entry which I think only I myself noticed. Anyway, it was a declining result, maybe that's why I didn't do that entry. Or maybe because I just don't feel like doing the entry. Either way, not doing it now. So lazy for that and also I don't remember what the carry marks were. Though the CGPA is still above 3. So that's fine.

Another reason for abandoning blog is because I got the writer's wall. Yeah, a big wall. Hate it. When I feel like typing and end up not typing because I psyched myself that it will take time thinking through the sentences, the ideas, the what-to-type syndrome. Since when do I think so much before typing anyway...

And now I am getting way off my title...

Right, survival week had ended.. Oh, the dramas! I don't know about the guys though one or two did have their own moments, don't worry, I won't give out names. But especially for the ladies, it was stressful!!!! Hahahahahaha~~~

 17 to 20 December 2013...what a week!!

17 December was Moot Court day. Guess what, I took on the role of Legal Counsel... and I did terrible~ Yeah, looks like no future lawyer career for me. I lack preparation, thinking confidently that I could just breezed through. Well, knock knock into brain, preparation is for a reason. Especially in the every possibility that you might have the common stage fright kicking in when you end up standing, backing the audience... Yes, the audience were behind me and that honestly frighten me more. Let's just say that I think the audience were saying stuffs behind me. I don't mean nasty, cruel stuffs. It might just be the comments. And as carefree and relax and the I-don't-care-what-others-think attitude that I have, there is a degree of that that I could take. So I kinda freak out and my mind went blank. Ohhh.....super blank. As I recalled, the only one time that my mind went blank was when I was so upset that I purposely stopped thinking. That was intentional so I didn't bother much. This wasn't intentional, my mind just went blank.

And what hurts most? That I can't admit that I need help because I knew nobody would want to replace me. :( I hate being seen as clever because then I end up doing more work. Haha~

(Yes, smarter people will say they don't know and conveniently escape.. )

18 December was Valuation Presentation day. I was in charge of doing the video. Was super not satisfied with it actually, after seeing the other videos being way cooler than mine. I want the video I make to impress people. I wonder what program they use, their videos are really slick and cool. :) Presentation on the other hand was okay though I felt it was unfair. How do you expect us to know knowledge outside of the classroom when we don't know what knowledge is outside? Just dig up any hole and hope it is useful? Lectures are for a reason. I don't mean spoon-feeding, just tell us if there are more things for us to know. A helping hand would be better than suddenly dropping the bomb that there are stuffs we should know about. How stupid, useless and dumb do you want us to feel anyway... Even after the compliments, the words had already been said and they will stuck in my head. That as much as I needed lectures, I don't get 100% input in class. Outside inputs matter more. How would you feel then?

19 December was the most stressful and happening day for...I guess almost everyone in my course. It was Town Planning Presentation and nobody was happy or cheerful. Okay, granted, it was students' fault and the lecturers had every right to be frustrated with us. No excuses there. Hopefully no one would repeat this course. The marks will be up tomorrow, Sunday. On a side story, my group is horrible. No teamwork. Yes, even myself admit that. And honestly, I rejected being leader of this group because I had a gut feeling that it would be a stressful subject. What the lecturer said about being lazy is true. We did a last minute work and it wasn't technical problem, it was a human problem. I really need to change big time.... But I will not lose my child side either. I just need to find a balance in myself.

20 December was Co-curriculum courses day AKA Pesta KOK. I will be as honest as possible. The only good point from the event is that NO unfortunate incident happened, 100% free from accident which is very important in an event. Next, I would have to mince some words because some upper personnel if they cross my blog would go bonkers, sue me for defamation bla bla bla, even when it is the plain truth. Now, shall we start from the morning, at 8.15AM.

First off, I was supposed to be in Registration. Suddenly, I was assigned to Food. What the heck, last minute convenient change roles, is it? That is the most no-no in an event. Then I found out another person also had to change. What leader is this? Play changing roles is awesome for him, is it?? Then you should have asked who can come, who would be there, not just post up names then expect them to be there when they really can't! Bullshit!!

Then about the T-shirt. Was asked to give the size and names. Then the person in charge of ordering somehow didn't get the memo about the additional crews. Oh, wow! Great! Terrible communication on my part, is it?? And they strike it off as nothing because hey, no one is even bothering to say sorry to me or inform me of any good news about it. Another great amazing thing about this T-shirt incident? No list of names. Come, say what size, take your shirt, without bothering if it's really theirs.... What management is that, may I ask? So my friend ended up taking a shirt, not in the size ordered. Lucky thief had the wanted T-shirt.

Next horror was at the Registration table. Okay, tentative started at 8AM. So how in heaven's sake did the upper personnel took into their mind that registration should start at 9AM?? When it was also them who approved the tentative, pray do tell.. So, ended up doing twice the attendance. And also the confusion of having two sessions. Why can't the upper personnel make up their mind? First during briefing said only one session, then suddenly two sessions must sign attendance. What the heck!!! Then I had to do the explaining. Thank goodness for patient students. If not I would have took a knife to the attendance sheet and declare war on the spot. Hahahaha... Another puzzling thing was no list for the performances. And I heard the registration got the brunt for that error. No list, not knowing even though they were supposed to handle the event. Oh geez!!! Some people really think this event is a 5 star event. Well, heads up, your most respected people, the management is not a 5 star team even. I won't even dared say it's a 4 star, let's say below 2 star... All due to the delicate structure of the team. I know, I went for their meeting, TWICE.

Okay, just to be fair. Not only was the team poor, the participants were too. On the day, they suddenly wanted to change songs, wanted things they didn't inform earlier, etc. What bullshit. Oh, last thing to dish out, the change in Emcee due to the assigned person being a total freak out. Then why did they assigned him in the first place?? Ah, the event was horrible, on a scale of 1- 10, 1 being the most horrible and 10 being the most excellent, this event is not even worth 5. If I am heartless, might as well be below 1, for being accident free. And that is the only comfort it deserves.

Now they are giving certs for participation. Oh, excuse me. For hours of mind torture and only a piece of paper? Leave me out. I don't want any connection to such a poorly managed event. Thank you. :)

That ends the survival week.

PS: Honesty is the best policy, is it not? ;)

University life

Dates with the Assignment Family

4:33 PM

I just love to make names for simple things.... xD

Anyway, this time the assignments are really tiring, but quite...quite enjoyable. In a way.

Example, one of my assignment is super, duper lucky.

Can you imagine having to value the newest, just opened theme park??

It's definitely like trying to catch a star. In my view.. ;)

Oh, in case you don't know.

The newest theme park in Malaysia is LEGOLAND. Yea, and my group of 4 have to value it.

We went there last Saturday. Mostly to enjoy ourselves since....ahem! Strictly confidential information, cannot give for academic exercise. So, our modus operandi of the day was to observe and ask around. Quite a lot of visitors. Thank goodness for secondary data too. But arguably, the data may be inaccurate. Nah, just estimations anyway.

Valuation is all about estimation as long as you can justify why.

That's just one assignment.

Another is Town Planning project which is 'big'. One development area... One group is doing 80 hectare. My group might have to change the study area if we can't find the layout plan.

Then there's Property Finance assignment. A report on how to finance a house, either through conventional loan or house finance which is Islamic banking. And this have to pass up in this month... Yea~~~

Last but not least the Moot Trial. Somehow, I'm looking forward to this one. xD

=.=" So there you have. I've been away from my blog, only to have dates with the Assignment Family. Extremely lucky, aren't I?

Oh, I might have Co-curriculum work too... Been missing it quite a few lessons... hehe..

Done my diary like entry.



FBE Week: A short of-what-I-still-remember account

1:46 PM

I am seriously laid back about this blog.... Apologies offered.

Okay, let's do a run through.

PS: Will skip the holidays etc which translates to the whole of August. Oh, late mentions actually, Selamat Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Merdeka, Selamat Hari Malaysia... Did I miss anything? Oh, anyone in August and maybe the past days in September too. I can't remember non-family birthdays well and my current phone doesn't have the Reminder function. If you do get a birthday wish from me, thank your other friends for reminding me or perhaps Facebook for conveniently posting.. It's his/her birthday today, wish happy birthday!! =.=" Okay, ranting. My mistake, so used to it now.

Well, first week of new semester was great. No lectures for the whole week. Jealous? Probably not because there were still activities so I still have to come to my faculty. I do love the new building but sad that can't be used yet..... Quite disappointed. Sigh. Anyway, the new Auditorium is great. To my standards, it is quite grand but I dislike the chairs and the side table. And the spaces between a chair to its front neighbour is horrible. My knees hurt trying to pass through. Why can't it be wider? Sure those longer legs than mine find it uncomfortable. Lesson learnt, sit at the end row or very front rows. At least some feet space...

Ah, too forward, the above was on Thursday. Rewinding to Tuesday. Monday was nothing unusual.

Tuesday was Ice Breaking Session with a lecturer, 3rd Year, 2nd Year and 1st Year. Proud to say I have at least two friends with me during that. So, we told them briefly what to expect in studies. Nothing much, I think. But I do like this one 1st Year student. She's nice and friendly and quite open minded. Her questions did made me cringe a bit because some were quite straight on.

For example, she asked how are the seniors to the juniors. I forgot how I actually responded... Maybe something along the lines of being friendly but no poking their noses kinda answer? Another question was how is our department, which I answered truthfully that it is low profile, mostly quiet. But a 2nd Year said No... said it's happening and fun. Yeah, right... Okay, fine. Among your group of friends, justified..the whole of department? Truth and reality are better than make believes and jumbled fantasies, dude... Last question I remembered being asked: do Matric and PASUM students usually divide? Ah.... YES. Not being discriminate or prejudice whatever. Humans on the most side, tend to bond to other humans with the same experience, same feather flock together kinda thing. But it's not really a thing to worry about. During 1st Year, the gap would be there. Trust me, it gets smaller or can disappear over the years.. thanks to assignment, tutorials, whereby we can get along with everyone...okay, mostly everyone in the batch. So, yeah, nothing to fret about. Be cool and just study and have some fun too.

Evening was netball. Can I just truthfully said it was a poor turn out without seeming to hurt others? No, I can't, that would be too evil and mean... By the way, I don't know what happen to news meant good news...or was it?

The netball team was great!!!!! I couldn't join in, though because I wasn't exactly interested in playing. At least, I came to show support. Sorry for just sitting on the grass and not cheering. I did clapped whenever the team scored or defended. :D

Want some juicy mean talk from me? The team was mostly 3rd Year with one 1st Year... Am I implying something? Yes, because I expected teamwork, not just from that netball team, at least from the whole students department... And also, we had only one team playing. I don't know anything about futsal, nobody update me about it and I didn't bother asking either.

The great, happy news? The netball team won second place!!! Next to the staff's team.

Wednesday? Skipped. Because my feet were killing me... Like some nerve stuck on the flat sole and wouldn't erase or spread itself out. And since I'm using a bus, the vision of me standing the whole journey was just too unbearable to bear. So I skipped. No visits to the doctor even. Yes, I consult my own medical knowledge, limited but still, my own body, my own biased diagnosis.. hahahaha.

Last day for the week, Thursday, which is Performance Day!!! It was fun watching... Mm.... Oh, nearly forgot an important event in my life!!!

I was FINALLY donating blood!!!!

Actually, I didn't have enough sleep so I wasn't hoping much. But lo and behold, I could donate one bag of A+ blood!!! And I almost freaked out... =.=

Hehehe, so, my first success being a blood donor. Yeah!!!

Nothing on Friday...

FBE week ended on a quite happy note... I think. :P


Two thoughts

11:59 AM

I think the people who reads this blog... are either family and friends or some total stranger... Anyway, your comments aren't needed for this particular post. Yes, no comments required, either typed or spoken. You have been warned.

Half a year has passed!! xDD

Okay, just going to type some weird deja vu feelings I've had this past days. I was thinking of some thoughts, deep thinking.. (yes, I have the mental capacity for that but I prefer pretending to look naive so no one would get me to do some dumb thing that they could do themselves instead for the fact that they will be too lazy to do that..I digress.)

So, the thoughts were mine, I didn't tell anyone because what's the damn use... Either they listen and don't know how to reply, thus putting each other in weird positions... Or they won't bother to listen and start saying what doomsdays they have had today.. Or I will just be talking to myself.. Conclusion, type here to let go of some of the weird feelings..

Let's start with the first thought I had. Isn't my first out of many others. It just happens that the thought materialize into an article in a daily newspaper, which was weird. I thought no one would have the same thought since those incidents happen quite frequently, people or society as a whole might had just taken them as daily occurrences, instead of some menace that should be stomped on.

Okay, first thought. There's two, by the way.

'Why would they harm others, don't they have families too?'

This was due to more reports about crimes in the news. Seriously, it's like those criminals live on their own island. I remembered one incident whereby a thief got caught. Can't believe the audacity in his words.. 'Don't tell my family, they will be ashamed..' Oh, wtf!! Serious shite! What's wrong with their brains? Don't tell their families that they are harming others? The same with a blogger that I respect. People left comments, saying she and her friends are prostitutes just because of some political differences. The blogger is right to defend herself. Those men deserve the Hall of Shame. How would they feel to have their females being called such names? They won't like either, especially when it is all lies.

Now, reported almost daily, crimes on individuals. You name them. There's burning up, slashing, kidnapping,  shooting etc etc. No more the usual snatch thief, heck, those thieves sound tame now. Or have they just gone to more advanced tactics since the police have their trails already? We can only guess and wonder at that.

Enough rants. Those insane people are a minority in society. However, they might bring a downfall on society. Whatever went wrong in their head, hopefully they have the brain capacity to realize. Or please donate your still-healthy organs to needy individuals. Might lessen the guilt they have. Especially when they realize how a young kid lost his father because of them.

I almost teared up realizing that fact. Wonder if those criminals have a heart.

Second thought.

'I Love You means almost nothing now'

Yes, because it was brought into an article, just this week. Mostly people say it, even though they mean nothing in it. And that just makes it turn gross. Haha...

So now, I have made it my own promise. No more of that cliche 3-word expression. The minute some one says that, except if they're family, I might as well think less of them.

For secret's sake, I won't tell what words would replace them. Let others guess them out. Haha..

End of the weird two thoughts.



The Aftermath

2:46 AM

-__- I can't throw away the Text Background Colour....

19th June marked the day of my last paper for the 2nd Semester 2nd Year. So, for this light banter on self, yeah, I pride on self annihilation missions, a review on what happened for the past weeks, including Study Week until now, a day and some hours past.

Study Week.... somehow equals to quality time with movies, animes, mangas... Okay, might just be me.. >.<" *after my respective elders read, I might go through some quality time with them too.

Can I rant? Of course, I can. I dislike commenting on what's in the news because feels like someone might jump on the comments and just hey, put me in some hot water... soup, oil, okay, whatever. So, hands off the news, especially Euro, seriously not interested. :P 

Ah, Study Week.. Last semester, I was in the groove... ahem, old slang, some readers might not know it... I was in the mood, a bit related to passion. So there were some times that my friends and I met and talked over the notes. Missing points, left-out examples, the usual group study stuff. Well, this semester, somehow I wasn't too keen in it. Sorry, gals. But really, I don't feel like it during that study week. Can I blame my motion sickness? xD When will the Greatest *ahem Invention AKA Teleport come? Or just give me Doraemon and let me use his Pintu Ke Mana Sahaja... Saves my time, plus no more queasy feeling in my stomach. Some drivers just love to make their passengers feel like vomiting too. Fast, break suddenly, fast again... I feel a roller-coaster ride of my breakfast. =.="

Anyway, those are excuses for not doing a study group for this Finals. Lame, I know.. but just in case, could be a lesson for next semester. So, keeping that in mind because 3rd Year subjects are no joke.

Okay, 1st week of Finals, having two papers, one on Monday, one on Friday... Can you imagine the gap? Haha... -___-" Monday- Ethnic Relationship.. Mostly facts, common sense and some supposedly basic knowledge about ethnic. Seriously, for the good of man... haha. Okay, end of that subject. I do not want to repeat it, ever. Though just for musing, if you want to really focus in it, sit right in the front line of the lecturer. Trust me, anywhere else, be prepared to sleep halfway, then be dazed when being called to answer a question. Lucky me had the luck to be picked out that one time. Lucky too that I was focusing, ended up referring to the book to answer. Then the answer had to be logical, as in relating to this modern age. Haha... Yeah, right, how can you when there are hair dye, hair perm, hair straightening, tanned skin, whitening products etc etc... I kid you not! If you can guess what my question was, you are psychic. Paper in Finals? In the book, enough said. Pfft.

Friday paper- Property Management.. I admit that it's supposed to be my Darling. But I'm in some kind of unrequited relationship with it. So about how well is it.... Let's see later when the results are out.

The following week was a bit of torture. Joking. If you had seen me, I was the example of relaxation. Not really a I-don't-care attitude. Please, I did worry. But why bother to worry so much like the whole world is going to reject you. If I had prepared early, no regrets equal to no torturing self. If not prepared, I'm ready to face the noise. Heck, still, I want no repeats. Tuesday- something Taxation. Haha.. forgot the course name, yeah~ >.< Not sure how it went but I remembered being not much in a daze after it finished.. An indication that it went well perhaps? One can only wonder... 

Thursday- Investment Valuation. This paper is...... SCARY. The effect it had on my fellow course mates!!! It was like watching a thriller-horror flick, minus popcorn, I might just fling it behind me anyway. My thriller was sitting next to somebody (I know who but not telling...), just a few minutes of starting, already TAP TAP TAP on the calculator!!!!!!! Just remembering it sends shivers. Me? Planned which to do first, checking my confidence on each question then begin... *Naive Haha.. xD Truly, it was scary. Compared to its relative (I assumed it is but may as well be) Methods of Valuation, it wins the Scariest Subject for 2nd Year. End note: Please, no repeat. Then I can eat dark chocolate. xP

Last paper!!!! Building Legislation. :) 
(Disclaimer: Smiley is not indicating that it is a good, easy subject. No subject involving law in my book is easy. )

By this time, everyone.... I think.. or might just be me and a few individuals, who are counting the minutes to freedom. Jokes aside, the paper was okay. Facts. But my answers were missing spaces. I love skipping between paragraphs in case I remember something in between then I can add in nicely. Haha.. Or I need to make arrows pointing to the next point. xP 

Papers all done! Yeah!!

End of 2nd Year! I wish to pass. I wish to pass. I wish to pass. I wish... Heck, I want to pass. Not putting high expectations, I don't want disappointments. Had enough of those, really. So, I want to pass! Really. Good. Pass. Please. 

When the new semester begins, I can't wait. Hehe ;P 3rd Year and new batch incoming. A feast for my eyes but this time, better anchor my heart. Hahahaha xDD

SIDE STORY: Went to.. a place, planned to play basketball... ahem..too many boys/guys, so can't. =.=" just spent the time talking with a friend instead. Ended up, the other boys/guys thinking I'm with him. Why does it irritate much that people just assume that a guy and lady are together without asking or observing well?? Ah, anyway, cross them out possible 'hunt'. Hehehe. ^-^



6:03 PM

I have a friend...

who loves pink and is timid but sometimes can be scary... xD

who I can always share stories with but some stories can't be shared like before... >.<

who once gives me advice but now we avoid each other... :(

who replies my rambles with great, sound advice which makes me stronger to live... :D

who goes lolololol and agagagagaga which is funny and amusing... :P

who bets with me on our results and winner gets free lunch... :3

who doesn't feel bothered to accompany me... c:

who replies late but is a great friend... :]


They're all my friends.

Know that none of you are the best friend.

Because all of you are precious to me.


p.s. some applies to one person only and some applies to more than one person.. hahahahahahaha... xDD No prize for guessing though. :P

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Bebelan Mei '12

5:50 PM

Wah, dah separuh tahun berlalu!!! xDD

Ok, hyper yg tak seberapa sebenarnya. Cik Muda sekarang tgh dalam musim Finals yg agak tak seronok... Haih tapi pointer GPA tak boleh menurun. Harap2 Cik Muda boleh pickup dari markah eseimen dan ujian. Good luck to self~

Mei ialah bulan presentation. Memang mencabar bila kena jawab soalan yg rata2 nya dapat dari pensyarah. Yalah, pelajar masih was-was atau tak tumpu perhatian masa orang lain cakap depan. Nak tanya apa bila tak tumpu perhatian... Terasa Cik Muda sendiri.. ahahahahaha. xDD

Ok, fine. Semester depan, tanam azam lain pula. Dah pakat dengan Mr Perfection....macam lupa tambah belakang tapi malas nak korek entri lama, biar lah, asalkan Cik Muda ingat siapa gelaran ini diberikan. hahahaha, harap2 dia tak marah, dia kan jenis sporting saja... orang yg tanpa fail akan guna LOL... ahahahaha... =.="

Jadi, dah pakat dengan Mr Perfection, semester depan nak bagi soalan pada 2nd year pula. Masa mereka presentation, kita akan tumpu dan tanya soalan..muahahahahahaha, bersiap sedia lah kamu. Oh, harap tak fikir buruk, lebih baik kami yg tanya dari pensyarah sebenarnya. Sebab ada yg kami tanya, kalau mereka tak tahu jawab, pensyarah baik hati, mereka akan tolong jawabkan. Ilmu untuk dikongsi juga. Tambahan, tak nak dipelajari ilmu tak betul atau kurang tepat. Berbalik kepada siapa pengajar nanti, siapa susah kan.. huhuhu.... Lepas Finals, masih kena buka buku. 3rd year belum mula, dah rasa beban nya....akibat TERbaca  buku program....

=.=" Yes, bertaburan lagi BM Cik Muda~ Jangan risau, tiada unsur pilih kasih, BI pun sama bertaburan.... Sakit mata baca, sila EXIT. :P

Mm, omelan Mei dah lari ke tempat lain...

Permulaan Mei dah lupa, hanya ingat masa hantar eseimen. Ada kisah panik masa hantar. Macam2 pula masa nak hantar eseimen. Yg tahu apa jadi....haahahahaha....Jadi muhasabah diri, siap awal, semak betul2 teliti, boleh hantar awal... Daddy baca, memang Cik Muda..... ehem... Hal famili weiyh, diamlah.... >.< Cipowt..... (Perosak bahasa lah Cik Muda ni...)

Bulan Mei juga hantar adik lelaki ke Matrikulasi~ Tak nak promosi nama dia, dah lah jadi Admin page. Cik Muda nak juga.... hek eleh, minta je lebih, nanti tak buat kerja, nama sendiri jatuh..... =.=" Minat Cik Muda yg on-off sangat bahaya.... Tapi adik Cik Muda tetiba nak main tenis... Ok, sibling rivalry up, Cik Muda nak main juga.. Tapi, tapi..... BASKETBALL dan BOLA LISUT tetap kekal juara sukan dalam hati Cik Muda... muahahahahahaha... Nothing beats basketball and baseball....

Perhatian, minat main saja...tak minat atau sokong mana2 pasukan basketball atau bola lisut...ekekekeke...peminat apa jenis ni... >.<

Ah, Cik Muda membebel sembarano lagi, ejaan sana sini. Geleng kepala, harap2 pembaca yg kawan Cik Muda senyum ketawa baca. Tulus ikhlas, Cik Muda tulis entri ini sekadar hiburan kawan2. :)

Ok, end before I spew out more rubbish in this entry~ Tata~~~~

;P Smile always and good luck, friends!!!


the Gap I didn't want

2:43 PM

At the moment, I'm enjoying the art of using Adobe Photoshop to make drawings... My FB profile pictures are going to be full of those creations... Heck, this post isn't about that... But it does make quite a reverse interested beginning... As usual, rambles galore.. Because my mind is in a jumble.. so much that the mind inflicts pain on the heart... Ah... Just swallow yourself in Finals preparation, okay...

Anyway, I'm puzzled with myself. I dislike but still care and that. Is. Damn. Annoying. =.="

I think I'm not as good in observation. I don't observe well, I can't be witty, I do blurt out things but those are rare occasions. Whenever I do anything spontaneous... It makes the heart beat wildly... So much that I can't think what the effects would be.. And those effects might not be good... For might just make the distance grow wider.... which makes me sadder...

Ah... There's a time when I just wish some things weren't like this, like that... Then there's time that that's the way they should be.. I can't control the effects... But deep down, I had hoped for a happy effect... Looks like I'm disappointed anyway for hoping... Not only is there no happy effect, the gap... just grew wider...

When will the gap disappear and we could smile and laugh like before it all started?

I wish.


Being happy ain't easy as it seems

10:37 AM

Hi, should I say it's a week since my latest entry. And here I am now, in my Faculty, actually supposed to be doing my part of the group assignment but kinda getting sidetracked with the WiFi being great. XD

Ahaaaa... =.="

Well anyway, this week, so far is among the best, exciting week. Why? Well, I analyzed the reasons why too and found some facts that make me smile.

Weird me keep finding things in everyday life that is supposed to be usual but hey, don't take those things for granted okay.

Example is today.

While walking, I spotted TWO woodpeckers. Lucky or not, you don't usually spot any in a city, KL that is. Here mostly spot CROWS. =.=

PS: Spotted while walking in my Uni, so technically you can only spot it in not so crow-ded (intentionally to have double meaning) areas...

So......... during that time, was listening to a radio station too. Heard a joke and just smiled to myself. Sure the cars and motorcycles passing by wondering why this lady smiling to herself. :P

The easy going happiness ENDS there.

Shite shouldn't bring laptop, being online can make me upset. Shite shite.

Argh..... Okay, drama should end but when I'm bored, not much work, lazy to start revision also, my mind wanders off. Should have an anchor for my mind.. =.="

Hopefully, this Saturday can take my mind off this VIRUS. Yea, labeling IT as a virus helps in not thinking about it... I wish. -.-"

Shite, I hate your profile picture showing off. END

ps: Revenge + Scheming mode: ON


Sports and I

11:26 AM

They say, if you're stressed out, play some sports.

Well, that's what guys say. xD

For us, ladies, it's mostly shopping. Don't judge though; not all are into retail therapy. Plus, not all have shitloads of money from the sky.

And rarely, will guys find or accidentally find a lady who plays sports just to release stress. Yea....
But if you do know some, great for you. Got yourself a team member, right? ;)

I am doing a ramble here, again. In case, you haven't notice it yet... Oh, and ramble means no main points, just several points, all messed, mixed up with neither head nor tail. Read but don't linger in your head.

Anyway, just a short story from myself to myself. :)

Last Monday, went to my favourite place in my University. My friends and coursemates know where. Every Monday evening, I would be there.

But last Monday was different. :D And GREAT!

Because at last, finally, I asked for a basketball!!!
Yea, yea, no big point for you.

I haven't play, or even touch a basketball since when, I can't remember...

So, the feeling was great, awesome, amazing!!

I just played scoring only though. The other player was a guy, so, ahem, boundaries issue and also because we're technically strangers. Hahaha. Oh, the basketball actually belong to his friend, who came later.

2 friendly guys and a basketball... Great Monday! xD

And yesterday, well, unfortunately, can't give much details. But it's fun. :) Meeting new friends...mostly guys, which I kinda cuci mata.. Hey, I'm honest, okay. xP

Last note: I dislike guys who love to generalize about how a lady should be.

Mind your own business lah. -___-"

ps- directed to a 'friend' who posts updates like that. Really, you're no Mr Perfect yourself.

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Bebelan April '12

10:54 AM

Aloha! (Sekarang menggedik versi Hawai.....sekejap saja di permulaan, nanti readers bengang kalau gedik lebih... :P )

April dah labuh tirai, sekarang bulan Mei!!!! xD Gembira tak, sebab dah nak tengah tahun??

Ok, mungkin Cik Muda saja yang gembira, tak apa. Cuma, Cik Muda gembira pun tak ada laa sebab tinggal beberapa bulan lagi habis tahun.

Ah, berbelit ayat atas. Cik Muda gembira sebab nak habis semester 2 belajar ni. Tak lama lagi, akhir bulan Mei, habis kuliah. Bulan Jun ialah bulan FINALS. Haaaa, Cik Muda gembira bulan Mei saja lah, bulan Jun dah naik balik tekanan. @.@

Berbalik kepada bulan April, apakah kejadian-kejadian dalam bulan tersebut??

Mm, selain daripada yang censor, yang lain biasa lah. Hal eseimen yang bertimbun. Dah nak dekat tarikh hantar pun Cik Muda tak pening sangat. Ada pening tapi bukan tahap makan tak kenyang, tidur tak, salah contoh...iye ke??

............ Baru beberapa hari Mei, Cik Muda dah lupa apa jadi dalam bulan April.... =.="

Tak ingat....huhuhuhuhu...

Argh, biar lah. Mungkin sebab jumpa 2,3 kawan baru dalam seminggu ini buat Cik Muda hilang ingatan apa yang lepas... :D

Anyway, since I don't remember any good incidents, there must have been no bad incidents either.

That seems great, doesn't it?

(Meaning I don't feel the same sadness as previously... which is good for my mental health... )


Neither flower nor moon

10:17 PM

First, Cipp, kau diam je taw!! Takde kena mengena ngn gaduh kita yg selalu. Hahahahahahahahahaha xDD

Now would be about two months plus since that terrible incident in my life. Yeah, selfish me in process, thinking of my own self. *Sigh

Anyway... disliking, really disliking myself for the past months, days. I'm a self crash self own self.... @.@ yikes, confusing! Simply put, I managed to make myself miserable by my own means. No help from anyone even! What a record, got award for self destruct or not??

Ah, main point is, I'm tired at destructing myself. It's really tiring. Don't believe, you can try yourself. xP

Truth is... I deleted, I blocked, I ignored..... but I still kept. Lame, right?

I wanted to be the cool lady but honestly, I failed. So badly at pretending. Noticed the way I turned around quickly, noticed the way I shut my mouth, noticed the way I walked with heads down? Yeah, you wouldn't know. Anyway, just pretend you don't notice. Makes little difference anyway. I'm just a stone on the ground, not the flower/moon you want or need. Ouch, that does sting.

‎'tak kira sekuntum bunga itu harum atau tak, tumbuhnya tetap di tanah. begitu juga bulan, tak kira apa bentuknya, tempatnya tetap di langit, dan begitu juga perhubungan kita tak kira jauh atau dekat, jumpa atau tak, tempatnya tetap di dalam hati..sesungguhnya nilai perhubungan itu lebih bermakna dari segalanya..'

Currently, I do hope for the best _________________......

No matter what.. __________

If there's a future.... a gathering.

Hope happiness is on your face. Smile always, ok? :)

Nothing secret actually so this is just straightforward to tease you all. :P
Keyword: Idiot



In My Own Way

12:16 PM

Without words
Without actions
Without gifts
Without anything

I will show in my own way that...

..... I Love You.

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Bebelan Mac '12

12:10 PM

Satu dulu Cik Muda nak kata di permulaan ni...

Amat, amatttttttttttt..... KETINGGALAN.

Bayangkan dah 23 April, baru nak taip untuk Mac. Sila pukul SIKIT kepala Cik Muda ni. Sikit saja tau, nanti otak henti berfungsi, siapa susah? Haa~

Ok, mula merepek. So dalam bulan Mac, apa dah jadi sampai Cik Muda malas tahap gaban untuk menaip? Well, mostly problem with Cik Muda's heart. Eh, serius bisnes tau. Bukan hati yang pump darah, ni heart= feelings. Tiada kekeliruan, dah faham? Bagus~ Senang Cik Muda nak membebel nanti.

Haish, nak dipendekkan cerita, Cik Muda down saja sepanjang Mac. Cik Muda akui, banyak hal lain, belajar, buat ulangkaji, kemas rumah, memasak... Hek, mula merapu konon ingat Cik Muda pandai memasak. Instant noodles tahap A+ ada laa. Tahap ikan kari, ayam kari, daging kicap ke, Cik Muda kibar bendera putih. Nasi goreng? Boleh cuba lagi...dalam masa terdekat kalau Cik Muda rajin. Yela tu, bila kau rajin di dapur haa??? Ambil snek saja tau. Kekekekekeke.

Anyway, adik perempuan Cik Muda sekarang jadi teman sebilik. Disebabkan dah lama, agak lama laa tak sebilik, hampir jadi perang sebenarnya. Bukan apa, gosip yang berpanjangan buat Cik Muda letih. Sekarang dah mula buat hal sendiri, tegur pun tegur ala kadar. Sedih!! Ini semua pasal belajar U yang perlukan kita berjauhan. Belum lagi masuk berkerja, mesti lagi touching. Paiseh laa~

Huu~ cerita bulan Mac ni dah ingat-ingat lupa, kalau bulan April, lagi banyak untuk diceritakan. Ada lawak tapi kena censor nanti jadi tak boleh. Hak budak bawah umur kena jaga. Atau Cik Muda buat entri rahsia sebab sayang juga kalau tak ingat. Tapi...tapiiiiiiiiii...........urgh, segan nya bila ingat balik!!! =.= Yela, budak memang budak, tak tau malu~ Haish, malang tak bertempat masa tu.

Mm, selain itu, dalam Mac ni, Cik Muda gemar cuci mata. Yela, nak sedapkan hati konon. Nahas lepas Daddy baca nanti.... Ah biar laa, bukan nya Cik Muda ni girlfriend somebody, SINGLE saja sekarang. Jadi berhak Cik Muda cuci mata. Tapi kann... heart tak berdegup kencang walau sekacak, secomel, se-dashing mana pun perawan tersebut. Haish, ni dah buang tabiat, kecuali tabiat cuci mata. Hahahahahaha~ Dx

Anyway, to end this short whining episode...

Only He knows who is in my heart. Please grant that one person, all that the person hopes and wishes and asks for. <3

Products review

Lip Smacker Cotton Candy

9:54 AM

Warning: Pictures are rightfully mine with my FB name (in blue) on it. No FB name, I have the links on them. And some words spelled on my own judgement for FUN only. Don't like, go Exit. Good day and hopefully enjoy reading. >.<

Hi! April product from Yuberactive here!

Excerpt from Yuberactive,

'Lip Smacker products blend fun and fashion with natural protection for lips. It uses only natural oils such as castor oil, wheat germ oil, sesame seed oil, beewax, and candelilla wax. High in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial properties, they are natural moisturisers and lubricants that keep your lips super-smooth, supple and gorgeously healthy.

The original fun-flavoured lip gloss that softens and smoothes lips with great-tasting flavour, superior moisture and shine. Available in Vanilla, Watermelon, Strawberry and Cotton Candy.

Available at Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson, Sa Sa, Watson's Personal Care Store.

RRP= RM 9.90- RM 26.90'


When I received the product, the first thing in my mind was, 'Mm, what is this sweet smell??'

Not even out from it's simple package (not the brown wrapping Yuberactive sent it in okay, product in my hands already), the sweet smell 'hit' my nose.

Voila! Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy!

Notice the simple packaging has cotton candy illustrated. Cute, simple graphic! xD

A real pink Cotton Candy...... remember to wipe off your mouth.

The product and I.

ps: Blurry because I stubbornly held the camera in my left hand. =.= Also, my nose looks huge...... haha xD Nah, truth is, personally thinking that I look cute in this picture. Others were not worthy of being shown here. >.<

It's Roll version.. Tube version.. AND pink!!

ps: Ilah comel, I know you will love this. hahaha xD

Okay, okay, enough 'chatting'. Let's review seriously. :|

Above picture shows my lips before and after applying.

Of course, I exfoliate my lips by using a soft bristle brush. Hence, my lips look 'stung'. :3 Don't jelly. Hehe.

Then after applying, honestly didn't like it much. It's 'intense'. Well, other reviews said it was too waxy. Yes, it really is. The 'after' picture is before I took a tissue and do what we only do when applying too much lipstick. It's that 'intense'. >.<

However, after doing the above, my lips do feel smooth and moisturized. As a student, I'm faced with an ironic environment. Hot and dry on the way to lectures (if it's sunny and warm...) then cold and DRY in the room due to air conditioner. Yes, DRY is everywhere. So moisturising is my number one concern. :P


My verdict:
  1. Pros- As claimed, it smoothes and moisturizes the lips well. It's in the normal, common tube version, which is always handy. It's diameter is bigger than my other lip balm. It's affordable at RM9.90 (I checked at a shop, secret... ). It's PINK.
  2. Cons- The Roll at the bottom is small. Either for more space for the balm, not sure. Since I'm used to bigger finger space for the roll, I was surprised.. okay, sounds like a noob. Haha. =.= It's 'intense', might need tissues to wipe some off.
Final verdict: 8/10, due to wastage of tissue.... okay, just joking. It's due to the 'intensity'. xD


Can you 'read'

6:49 PM

It's my arrogant stubborn personality that won't let you go.

And I hate you so much for it.

Quote from: Wisdom Quotes

Keeping baggage from the past will leave no room for happiness in the future.

-Wayne L Misner quotes

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Bebelan Feb '12

10:40 AM

Desakan dari kawan-kawan Cik Muda ini, entah apa Cik Muda nak bebel untuk bulan Feb. Dah masuk bulan Mac, 8 hari ni..... Hahaha, apa-apa saja lah kan? Entri ini memang untuk Cik Muda tulis yang pelik-pelik, asalkan hati Cik Muda tak pening dan juga tak memberi kesan atau akibat buruk terhadap masa hadapan Cik Muda... <<< Kan dah merepek entah apa itu. xP

Bulan Feb yang lepas, secara jujurnya, penuh dengan saspen dan drama yang agak mendukacitakan hati Cik Muda. (Ciskek, mula nak ber-EMO ini.)

Mula-mula ialah Hari Jadi Cik Muda yang ke 21~ Yang juga bersamaan dengan Hari Jadi abang Cik Muda yang dah 23. Tapi kek hari jadi tertulis nama Cik Muda sahaja. Hahahaha. :P Entri kek hari jadi bagi yang terlepas: Birthday cakes. Ok, 21 ada banyak juga cabaran kan? Pilihanraya undi satu...yang kedua, pergi fikir sendiri, Cik Muda tahu, tapi kamu pula tahu ke tak. Hahaha :P

ps: Ada seseorang yang buat Hari Jadi ke21 Cik Muda sangat istimewa. Dia telah menyanyikan lagu Selamat Hari Jadi untuk Cik Muda. Walaupun dalam fon saja tapi Cik Muda terharu dan itu kali pertama daripada seseorang yang istimewa. Ruginya tak merakam. Agak-agak, hari jadi ke22, dia nyanyi tak? Hahaha, kalau tak ada, Cik Muda minta saja lah dia nyanyi...... Kenangan yang disimpan rapi.. Yelah, dalam blog pun boleh simpan. hahaha

Seterusnya, hari-hari yang penuh saspen...hal peribadi Cik Muda, biarlah rahsia ok. xP

Entri keputusan keluar: 2nd Year, Sem 1 Result (Entri dalam BI)

Cik Muda suka buat entri menghentam diri sendiri. Hahaha, gurauan! Tak ada, cuma Cik Muda tak nak orang kritik, Cik Muda sendiri dah tahu kesilapan sendiri. Kalau Cik Muda memang tak sedar, sila lah beritahu. Cik Muda dah puas kritik sendiri, senyap saja lah. Nak tambah perasa, nanti terlebih masin pula.

Selepas entri keputusan, Cik Muda menyambung dengan hal peribadi. (Tak puas ke nak ber-EMO sendiri, wahai Cik Muda??) Ha'ah, tak puas, Cik Muda nak ber-EMO sekurang-kurangnya SATU bulan. Iya, ini manusia pelik bernama Cik Muda. Hahahaha xDD

Entri yang dirahsiakan...entri yang agak menyedihkan Cik Muda. Tapi bila Cik Muda lupa kata kunci, memang padan muka lah, tak boleh baca lagi entri itu... Bagus juga, tak perlu sakitkan hati sendiri lagi. Logik tak bertempat pula kan. Hahahaha. >.<"

Oh, Cik Muda dah guna Baucer Buku RM200. Yelah, belikan yang patut, nanti ada manusia tak puas hati. Susah betul, kenapa mesti puaskan hati lain padahal hati sendiri rasa tak puas hati. Itulah kehidupan bermasyarakat, society namanya. Tambahan lagi, hidup pun tak semestinya gembira semua, ada juga kesedihan... (Ewahh, kembali beremosi!)

Entri terakhir bulan Feb: Muses & making sense

Entri yang agak merepek, betul. Cik Muda tengah ber-EMO entah apa-apa saja masa tulis.. Boleh dikatakan tengah pujuk hati sendiri. Rasa macam orang dah tak siuman pun ada.

Cik Muda benci diri sendiri yang tak tentu arah. Tak mahu, banyak yang akan Cik Muda terlepas, Cik Muda tahu sangat-sangat. Tapi Cik Muda ada kedegilan yang seakan-akan sengaja nak menyedihkan diri sendiri. Ha'ah, memang Cik Muda ialah orang gila dalam bulan Feb.. Paling terasa, itu adalah bulan hari jadi. TERBAIK.

Kali ini entri Cik Muda yang agak beremosi. Maaf jika ada yang terasa. Tapi ini adalah cara Cik Muda untuk kembli ceria. Ada orang menari, menyanyi untuk lepaskan kesedihan, ini cara Cik Muda.

Rasa nak tulis novel pula tentang Cik Muda. Memang tak tahu malu manusia ini kan. Hahahaha xP


Muses & making sense

12:53 PM

Quotes are taken from here. (A facebook page)


"If you ignore me, I will ignore you. If you don't start the conversation, we wont talk. If you don't put in the effort, why should I?"

Well, the above is a way. We like to think that the other person needs to start the ball rolling. But if the other person thinks the same as us, then there won't be any balls rolling.

Point is, YOU must start it yourself. Who knows, he/she might become your best friend.

Don't worry about 'What if they just ignore me or don't put in their own effort to know me more?'.

At the very least, YOU have tried. YOU have proven to yourself that you have the confidence to start something.

And YOU are happier from that courage. :)

And it's their loss if they ignore you, not YOURS.


"If you admire the rainbow after the rain, then why not love again after the pain?"

-Sigh- Because most of the time, we would rather entertain the Pain as some great feeling to enjoy than accept it as the cold, hard stone it is.

We would rather wallow in self pity than thinking of happy times/memories.

We think, 'Why did THIS happen to me, why don't others go through the same as me?'.

Yeah, we think, 'Life's not fair.'


That is life. WE make the most of it. Nothing comes without a price.

If there's no price, how would you appreciate it?

For a Gain, there have to be a Loss.

And life is not technically unfair. We make it seem unfair. When in reality, we have lots to be thankful for. However, when we couldn't get what we WANT, we tend to neglect what we NEED.

-Sigh- I fail as a motivational writer. Heck, I myself wallow in self pity, unable to accept that cold, hard stone.

But, I don't want to miss out on other things that could make me happy.

So, let's be positive.

Even if life might seem unfair, YOU can change that.

ps: Yea, why am I suddenly so wise, heck, nothing to do with Age. Guess it's experience kicking in some senses. Haha


A post because I had to vent out :P

3:40 PM

Hi, not exactly in the mood to type anything informative whatever, so perhaps this post can become a rant or rambles...

Well, 1st week has passed...meeting friends again is nice and great though there are some not happy moments in the past week. Like a special meeting with, private and confidential, only those related should know what happen, so not telling here. Just that it was almost chocolate heaven minus the chocolates.... =.=

Anyway, settling down for a new semester with new things to learn about. Used RM100 of the RM200 Book Vouchers for some law Acts. Pictures will be posted later.

Nothing much right? Mm, well, truthfully, not feeling all good this week. Still feeling down about something personal and private. Though I'm trying my best to keep my spirits high, no moping around about what had been or what would have been.

So, yeah... I'm feeling sad but not showing. If laughter can be addictive, so are the bad feelings.

Keeping my chin up, swallowing the sadness, I step forward for the future to come. =)


Random stuff about feelings

9:42 PM

Mm....the following paragraphs are bordering on emotions. Haha. So, I decided to private it. You do not want to read some rants, mumble jumbo whatever. Sure bore you anyway. Haha

Keyword: doubles in nickname

University life

2nd Year, Sem 1 Result

10:35 PM

IT has finally been released! Haha, okay, was released on Monday 13 Feb, around 11am. I'm going to do the Traditional bashing-myself-up-for-result thing. Okay, kidding. Just a review and talking to myself mostly.

BVEV2111: Land Development Law
Honestly first seven weeks were kinda hard to digest. That's all. Then the next seven weeks were easier to digest. Also, she always recap whatever she taught in the previous lecture. So, I'm always ready by reading the points before entering her class. Makes me look less like a fool, more like a smartass student. Haha. Plus she insisted that if there's ANYTHING we don't understand, ASK HER. Haha. Not your friends, who might equally, don't understand as well. So yeah, her lectures are..... understandable. Haha.

There was a group work, the marks weren't given out. Don't know how much. Hmm. Tests also don't know.

So anyway, my grade for this is a B.
-Not really happy with it. Should have written more and more, even though some might end up as rubbish crap in the final exam. Haha.

BVEV2209: Methods Of Valuation
Ah, the Darling of this 1st Semester. This subject has proven itself a pain in the arse. Haha.

Okay, back to serious reviewing. Hm, the problem was the assignment. My group had to value a double storey terraced house. And well, okay, confession, from me, I was lazy. Really. Did the work 1st week, then conveniently didn't do any work for it until the 4th week. The days in between were wasted! Haha. Blame self. Haish! =.="

Anyway here's the mark for Continuous Assessment, including the Assignment + 2 Tests= B+
Overall grade is a B+. I'm satisfied.. At the very least, I didn't fail. *sigh....

BVEV2210: Property Maintenance
I hope to be a Property Manager and this subject has more to offer in that career path. Oh, yes, I'm serious. Haha.

How to say this... Hm, this subject had THREE lecturers teaching. No joke. Okay, 1st lecturer. I was thinking, "Wow, so easy, sure can score." 2nd lecturer, changed my mind. "Wow, so many facts!!" 3rd lecturer, a 'borrowed' lecturer from other department. Haha. My mind, "Wow, so many drawings and sketches!" Haha. That sums them all up, hopefully. Haha.

There was one assignment for this, got tests or not, can't remember. @.@
Well, whatever, Continuous Assessment mark (or is this the Assignment mark..) is A-
Overall, I have an A-. Satisfied.....yes 99.99%. Haha

BVEV2212: Urban Land Economics
Ugh.... Can I possibly rewind to PASUM's Economics or 1st year's Economics? Haha.

Hm, 1st seven weeks, can understand some points. Not 100% all understand. But still can think properly, wasn't all foggy, missing places.. Then next seven weeks, admittedly I slept! =.= A few times, so sorry but kinda sleepy seeing slides with all facts. Yea, this subject is all about FACTS.

Okay, Continuous Assessment= I don't know, but the tests marks are: Test 1= A- & Test 2= B+
Overall, I got a B+. Hm... okay, thank goodness. I thought I dumped a lot of crap in that paper. Haha

GXEX1414: Islamic and Asian Civilization
Here, nothing much. One presentation then just the paper.
Got B+

End score
GPA 3.32 CGPA 3.13
- An improvement!! xD Very happy with myself. Okay, not a 3.5 but you don't need to spoil my happiness. Sem 2 hopefully able to get 3.5. I want to increase that CGPA, make it higher and higher. Haha.

Okay, end of report. Thanks to anyone who read. :)

Ps: Actually, supposed to be released 2 weeks before start semester even. The lecturer said so. "Then it must because of a student. She had a problem (I don't know what) so HER result was held back, not released. But I didn't know that it affected all of your results." o.O One= All can't get??? Okay. As long as it's released, at last! xD


Few days left of semester break

8:48 PM

Hi, soon is going to reach a week of absence of posts, which is a bit against my resolution. haha

Anyway, I'm waiting for Semester 1 result. My juniors, 1st year got theirs already while mine is on a BOEING 787 from North Pole, has yet to arrive in Malaysia. (XD haha, courtesy to a Mr. HCH)

Well, good news in this week that I've known is that now BookXcess accepts the Book Vouchers! Super happy.... on second thought, what am I going to buy? Still very much undecided, no thanks to my course which has limited knowledge in print. Most of those knowledge are in people's minds. The closest I think to relate is perhaps Donald Trumps' books. So maybe I'll try and settle for one of his. Then again, I'm more into the 'manager' profession, not the 'agent' profession. Mm, I'll see how it turns out anyway.

Like I said, nothing much. Except for that KFC i-City issue which is turning into an uproar of racial sentiments..... yup, nothing much seriously.

ps: Not going to touch on the above issue much. SOME people just went and gave half story, like intended. Really flaming the fire. =.="

So long, hope next semester starts. I enjoy doing something with a purpose, rather than lazing around, with no goal in mind. It's boredom!

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Bebelan Jan'12

6:41 PM

Hai, ini entri pertama Cik Muda dalam 2012. Dan juga entri pertama dalam BM, nanti ada orang tak puas hati bila asyik guna BI saja memanjang. Eh, ada ke manusia dengki macam itu? Tak ada kerja lain lah itu nak dengki orang. Ahaks, yang terasa, pergi mampus. Okay, Cik Muda jahat. Maaf yang tak ikhlas ditujukan.

Tahun 2012 dah lalu sebulan. Sekarang bulan Februari, Cik Muda pun dah 21 tahun. Apa yang dah berubah, nak kata pemikiran, jujur kata masih ada yang Cik Muda kurang berilmu. Bukan tentang universiti, tapi tentang dunia. Haish. Orang tua suruh pergi universiti untuk belajar. Yalah, ingat senang, masuk universiti, hadap buku saja lah. Rupanya kena ambil tahu tentang dunia luar juga. Kena 'katak bawah tempurung' nanti, baru terhegeh-hegeh cari surat khabar atau internet.

Tadi Cik Muda tertaip terlalu EMO, nanti ada orang terasa lebih..... Jadi dah padam, ini tulis baru pula.

Nak belajar dari buku, Cik Muda sokong. Nak tahu tentang dunia luar, Cik Muda lagi suka.

Terutama subjek yang Cik Muda ambil ini: Pengurusan Harta Tanah. Tak ada cara lain, siap pensyarah suruh tengok surat khabar, baca informasi tentang rumah-rumah, ekonomi, cukai perumahan, cukai untuk syarikat sekali etc etc. Nak tak nak, pergi juga selongkar pelusuk media yang ada. Yalah, nanti kena cop 'katak' oleh pensyarah. Atau lagi perit 'pemalas'. Anime, komik, senang baca, ini berkait dengan pembelajaran, Cik Muda malas level 999. Lagi satu, Cik Muda serba salah juga bila pensyarah tanya soalan, "ada baca surat khabar tak?" Lepas itu, dia geleng kepala. -__-'

Sebab itu,, AZAM 2012 untuk baca surat khabar atau artikel mana-mana yang berkaitan dengan subjek Cik Muda.... Senang tulis/kata, tak senang buat. hahaha Setakat ini, Cik Muda hanya tahu secubit saja. Mesti tak ada rasa nasi goreng nanti, rasa nasi yang dah goreng saja. >.<

Huhu...Cik Muda rindu geng course mate UM: miss e, cik nana, cik sk, cik zaza?? Hahaha, tak tahu boleh tak buat outing dengan mereka nanti. Yang pasti dah ada janji dengan buddy untuk serbu KLCC gara-gara baucer buku. Hakikatnya, tak tahu nak beli apa. Subjek hanya ambil sedikit, 5,6 mukasurat dari buku. =.="

Keputusan sem 1 mungkin akan keluar dalam jangka masa terdekat ini. Cik Muda nak kata bangga, ada orang kata rendahnya (oh, jangan risau, ini dalam famili). Yalah, nak 3.5 baru tinggi kan. Tak nak ucap tahniah pun, buat orang sedih saja walaupun dah usaha naikkan pointer. Ciskek laa tuiii. Tunggu orang sakit batuk darah untuk dapat 4.00 baru tahniah. (Jangan risau, Cik Muda tak akan usaha sampai mati-matian untuk SEKEPING kertas.)

Haaaa.... kan dah EMO Cik Muda. >.< Haish, biarlah, tak baik juga pendam-pendam ini, nanti meletup lagi dahsyat.

Cik Muda masih runsing nak beli telefon mudah alih AKA handphone/cellphone baru ke tak. Yang sekarang guna, keypad tunggu masa untuk tak berfungsi 100%. Dan dah pandai otomatik start. :X Kalau beli baru, nak HTC! Tapi yalah, masih dalam perancangan.

Cik Muda pun nak buat wardrobe makeover. Nak beli palazzo atau flare pants. Tak tahu ejaan betul atau tak, main hentam. Flare pants ni macam seluar bell bottom, entahlah apa bezanya, Cik Muda tengok sama. Nanti pergi kedai, minta bell bottom saja lah. Harap-harap ada. Yang palazzo pants lagi cantik! Cik Muda suka sangat tengok, nak beli kalau jumpa. Sebab kain palazzo pants nampak halus, angin tiup, ringan je. Paling suka, tak nampak 'camel toe' gadis... (Tak tahu camel toe??? Pergi siasat sekarang. Ladies must know!)

Dalam koleksi pakaian Cik Muda pun ada yang dah tak pakai langsung. Macam dinner dress dulu yang hitam fit, blouse hitam yang renda-renda..... Rasa nak jual tapi bab perniagaan amat tak suka, tambahan lagi postage... Akan difikirkan. Bila ingat lagi~

Okay, cukuplah bebelan Cik Muda untuk bulan Januari 2012. Have a great day, babes!


Birthday cakes (7 & 21)

5:56 PM

Okay, this is way overdue. Plus I'm keeping my tongue/fingers in check in case I go all too EMO. Damn. >.<

First up is my little brother's birthday.

His 7th birthday! Which was on 9 Jan. Yes, long due, sorry. :x

The hard thing was showing him how to cut the cake properly. =.= With him being the enthusiastic one and I'm on the other end..... panic edge.  

The cake was vanilla sponge, toppings of melted chocolate and sides are chocolate rice. Cherry was so sweet. >.< 

You do not want to see the side's view. Totally near to the gruesome because of the close-up at the chocolate rice. Seriously, looked like small little black worms...... hahaha. Hope I don't spoil the love for chocolate rice. 

Next up!

1st Feb.
Also my brother's birthday, he's 23. 

My 21st birthday cake. I insisted on a cheese one and you can barely see the plastic wrap on the sides just to keep the cheese in shape. haha...

It's vanilla I guess sponge cake with layers of cheese, topped with blueberry syrup and some grapes and halved strawberries. 

Pretty awesome taste but if too much, may make me a cheese hater. NOT! 

Now thinking of Secret Recipe, hope I can savour one of their cheese cake soon..... once 2nd semester starts.

So long!


Minute hope

8:49 PM

A few more hours left. 

When the midnight comes.

Another step into the 20s.

Would it be different by a small, insignificant margin?

Would there even be a difference?

Either way.

Time wasn't meant to move backwards.

So does age.

I guess forward is the only way then.

Though I don't hope much.

Because there isn't much to hope for.

Ever since I knew what lies truly meant.


Effort = wastage

11:56 PM

I was expecting a little, "Good job, you put in effort."

But not a chance. Expectation! 

I should have just shut my mouth and wish for lower grades. Did it once, a great relish for the rebel!

Because, yeah.

I forgot.

If it isn't the highest, there won't be a congratulatory sign on the horizons. Highest= 3.5

Damned my grades. 

I don't care anymore how the GPA is.

Because obviously, I'm the only one happy with it. (In the FAMILY)

Yeah, just DAMN.

Average student  =.= 


An early 21st thought

3:48 PM

Hi, it's exactly one week before my birthday of *ahem* 21 years old....

I'm going to be on super spoiled mood because I want PRESENTS... with no attached strings though.

Just kidding! :D

A birthday wish is okay but I don't think I'll get many. Some people have started to come up with AGENDAS behind the harmless little things in life that is just making me want to puke. Seriously, now everything in life has a favour or bad/evil motive behind it. =.= Life's a bummer. Excuse my pessimistic self emerging.

Whatever happened to taking life easy? Yeah, like life IS any easy like ABC. Life's tough and some people just love adding fuel to the heat. Exactly like what I'm doing now.

Let's take for example. A Mr. A is thinking he's super cool, super perfect, nothing is wrong with him. But guess what? The thoughts who made Mr. A cool and seemingly God-like? The followers who's worshiping him. Yeah, Mr. A's followers. And then, there's always going to be a Mr. B. Now, Mr. B also has his own followers. Typical right? Everyone has them.

So where am I getting at? I'll indulge. It's a sad story.

So Mr. A tells his followers, be kind, be gracious, be all the goody-goody like he wants his followers to be. And his followers naturally follow. Well, the same with Mr. B.


dadadadadadadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaatuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (imagine drums, I know, I failed the effect...)

.............some folks snapped!

I don't know or how to make them out. Let's say over fanatical, over worshiping maybe. They think Mr. A is the only one WORTH to follow. Not a Mr. B and never supposed to be in existence a Mr. B. Don't get me wrong, Mr. A NEVER ask or order them to think that. It's just the minds of those overly crazy maniacs who have their mind/brain evolving too fast forward. Or just over thinking what Mr. A had intended to say.

So then what happens when some of Mr. A's followers starts thinking that way?

Well...I'll say maybe two options.

ONE: Try and get Mr. B's followers to follow Mr. A instead. With of course, good means...

TWO: Try and get Mr. B's followers to follow Mr. A instead. With instead.... badass means....

The good means are commendable, just talking stuff, like trying to open the eyes of the followers of Mr. B. Percentage success: perhaps a 50%...

The badass means.... are well, badass..... Nothing short of badmouthing Mr. B.... even threats to LIFE. Percentage success: Almost a perfect 100%....
(Seriously, someone wants your life, who wouldn't just give up?)

So.....Mr. B's followers fought back too.... And get this...




Oh, crap, rant ends.

You might think this is useless ramble but it's true. I wonder whatever happened to just thinking simple thoughts... Maybe before the rat race, it's humanely possible, But now, it's just trash thoughts....

Once you start thinking, "Hey, I'm better than that trash other person."

You'll have a foot in the grave.

Doesn't life deserve an honest break once in a while?

ps: And some nut brains are going nuts on Facebook saying it's their playground. Take a hike, clear your mind and just think simple.

.................Unless you think I have a motive. Well, I do. 

MOTIVE: I wish that people would stop stabbing behind the hinds' of Mr. A or Mr. B. Hahaha
It sucks, big time.


Some wishful aint' sugar and roses in life, babe. 
Shakes head in surrender.
Now, going to cool off, thinking...

WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER when no one is stopping their healthy charade?

(A Happy Birthday to self before 1st February 2012. May mankind not die out their simplicity in life...)

Products review

Play It Sexy- Playboy

6:18 PM

Warning: Pictures are rightfully mine with my FB name (in blue) on it. No FB name, I have the links on them. And some words spelled on my own judgement for FUN only. Don't like, go Exit. Good day and hopefully enjoy reading. >.<

Hi there! Latest product review from Yuberactive for January, also it's the first product review for 2012. And the lucky product is..... oh, yea, it's there in the title. Haha.

Excerpt from Playboy Fragrances site:

A sultry, oriental scent that opens with an invigorating rush of sensuality and sophistication. Its heart is rich and exotic, before settling in to a dark, seductive base. Wear it for a sexy, intoxicating experience.

Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin & Jasmine Tea Accords

Here's the product's pictures!

It's Playboy's Body Mist in Play It Sexy, 200ml. 

And that's me, trying to push down the nozzle while left hand trying to snap pictures. =.=

You know why it's blurry....

Blurry but epic! (Well, for me. >.< )

Was looking for THE look, not sure is this IT?

- A blue-white flower I got from my friend's sister's wedding.

Result with Body Mist?

ps: Okay, subjective success. 

Some entertainment before I bring you to my opinion about it...

Now, for a SEXY Body Mist, what goes well with it? You don't actually wear the perfume with your casuals, unless your casuals manage to scream sexy out loud. But sexy is subjective to each person.

I'm not a person comfortable with dressing sexy, the one time I wore a tube top.... =.= Was super uncomfortable, don't ask when, I forgot when even. intentional amnesia

Anyway, if I am to wear sexy to fit the perfume...yea, fit the perfume, not the perfume fits the attire.

I would go for either a RED dress or a BLACK dress.

This red dress is just perfect and screams sexy at the Body Mist!
ps: Actually, I love the skirt part more......

Thissssss black dress..... SEXY with a sizzle!

Too bad the only black dress I have is fitting... Yes, I do have one but I am not going to show any pictures of me wearing it....yet. 

Haha.. =.= Blame the spare tire, you ladies know where.

Enough with the dresses, don't forget the heels!

Ummm.... One word, DIE. Haha..

Joking! But if I'm to wear that inches, I'll sprain my poor feet down to Neverland. Suffice to say, you will never see me wear THOSE. Sorry. Haha...

Flats? Well, they tend to hurt my ankle. Or somewhere near those areas.

Oh, I'm suppose to REVIEW the product and instead I'm rambling. *Facepalm

Now for the opinion part:

Should I put smell or odour? Anyway, it has a nice smell. Damn, I'm under-exaggerating! It smells WONDERFUL! Wait, that's over-exaggerating. Okay, okay. It smells..... GREAT.

Honestly, it smells like what a man would like. You do know how man's perfume smell like? A bit on the smokey smell. Not some of those super tangerine, super flowery smell that some lady's perfume always have. This Body Mist smells a bit flowery, REPEAT, a bit flowery, but not overly. Which, on my list, makes it just perfect! Also even though the information on the product says it has Mandarin, it doesn't really smell anything close. Okay, kidding, there's a sour bit smell.

And Jasmine Tea.... mmm...... let me rub my nose first.

Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin and Jasmine Tea Accords.

Wait, I'm not a dog to have a sensitive nose! Eh, I'm female so Bitch-dog. Haha.... <Okay, that was lame...

Well, let's just say, the Body Mist smells great. I'll even put it as marvelous but that's subjective to my opinion of smell. Uh, nose. Whatever.

Tesco price is RM18.90. Watson & Guardian? Check up yourself though I think the price won't run up to RM20.

Final verdict:
Great Body Mist. It lingers on the target (where I sprayed it on) from morning til evening, before shower time. My friends said it smells okay too. Not hard on the nose. Even My Dad who doesn't like super strong flowery, sourly smell, likes it. Oh, my Mum likes it too. The only downside is it's big bottle. At 200ml, better buy a smaller one because perhaps you would want to respray while outdoors once the smell fades. The packaging is so-so only.

Would I repurchase? A definitely YES.

Reasons: Smells great, lingers long, plastic bottle and is affordable at RM18.90 from Tesco. The only downside is would be taking up space in small handbags.

ps: Wondering how much it costs at Watson or Guardian.

So long until next product review from Yuberactive. I'll be rubbing my wishing lamp for it! Or hoping for a fallen star.

Special Activities

RM200 Book Vouchers

9:41 PM

This post will be updated with NEW information. Stay tuned. :)

Hi all!

If you're a student in IPTA or IPTS or Matriculation or Form 6, you know what the Book Vouchers are right?

Yeah, those RM200 and general rules on use conditions can be found here.

Well, I took the time because am really skeptical about this thing. So, waited for all the major bookstores to watch what *ahem* marketing strategies they had taken. Business is still business, you know.

This is what I've seen and got information on. Be warned that the information could have changed and I can't update in mere seconds. If you know of a change in their operations, I would be glad of the information. Thanks!

BORDERS (Facebook)

Use RM100, get FREE Card Membership (2 years) and Starbucks beverage (I heard limited only).

For more info on Borders, click here.

MPH (Facebook)
Spend RM100, get RM5 Book Voucher. Latest offer from MPH.

For more info on MPH, click here.

Use RM150, FREE Popular Bookstore Card.

Mostly depends on place, some place you can buy electronic stuffs and novels, some cannot.

Also some customers had stated the rude treatment from cashiers because of *ahem* tiny dirty marks on the voucher, thus don't accept. BE CAREFUL.

Update: Doesn't accept Vouchers after office hours.

Limited information so far. Tell me if you know more. (Also I haven't been to the shop :P)

LOWYAT forum (Sorry, don't know his shop name because online)
FREE HP thumbdrive for RM100 used on retail priced books.

For more info, click here.

Can buy all merchandise except magazines.

For more info, click here.

Well, those are the few ones I found out. If there's more, do tell. It's still a long way from 31 March and my RM200 are still smooth as being flattened by iron. :P Yeah, I'm still thinking where to use my voucher. I do have a book list right now, a measly one book only because that one book costs RM106++. =.=

Oh, the minus thing about this voucher thing is the ministry doesn't provide a list of the participating bookstores. So for those bookstores that are not as major as MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya and Popular, don't know if they're involve in this voucher thingy. In my opinion, it's a big loss. Both for those small time bookstores and us, because who knows a little bookstore might have a gem on their shelves. *Wink

Little warning here: Don't be an ass arse trying to sell those vouchers for CASH. There's serial number on it, dummies, might take years for them to catch you but in the end when they do, say goodbye to your life and be 15-minutes of shame fame.

Done with being informative, even a little warning up there.

So long and DO make wise choices because most of you are 18++ years old right? :D


Mr Poser-A-Lot #1

4:19 PM

Secret post because I'm very evil in it and to spare readers from knowing my evil side. Also to protect whoever I mentioned in it. Call it indirect bully, whatever. I don't care because you won't know who's the target. :P

Okay, for the record, my course mates would know who I truly despise. >.<

By the way, the person's nickname will be Mr Poser-A-Lot. For it describes him PERFECTLY. Believe me, it does.

University life

A glimpse of next semester

11:39 AM

Hi there! At long last, my Exams are over and now I'm thinking of what to do for 3 weeks of semester break. Mr Perfectionista's idea is to understand all subjects in the previous semesters. A great, noble idea since by account from the exams, the subjects are getting tougher. Understanding the basics is simple measure to get a hang of the harder, more complex ones that are coming right?

As if the subjects get easier, it's not a surprising fact that it's getting tougher. Just like Primary and Secondary times. I'll never forget how puzzled I was when suddenly there's a Positive and Negative side to numbers. Damn hard for my brain to understand since for me, it wasn't logical. Heck, just sunk in based on purely thinking that, 'Oh, that's just the way it was in the past, can't argue much now, right?' Then, how we struggle the sudden jump from Form 3 Maths into Form 4 Additional Maths....And the split of Science into Chemistry, Physics and Biology...

Why you three go and split up one??? (9Gag attempt FAIL)
ps: Only relates to students who took the subjects.

Oh, and please don't start that the splitting up is because to *ahem Specialize those science subjects.I can't be bothered by that excuse. Why didn't they split in Form 1 instead of the sudden split in Form 4.... Just a thought.

Need I type more? No, let's stop at that. ;)

So, I did glance through next semester's subjects and cringe. How not to? 3 out of 4 faculty subjects have 60% continuous assessments which probably means 1 assignment each with at least two tests. If only one assignment, bet it will be a hard one, not impossible, HARD aka difficult. Okay, maybe hard because of poor time management, as in the case of that one PARTICULAR assignment. Whereby I actually got a little lectured by yours truly Daddy. Well, my fault for playing Miss Procrastination.

For University's subject, only one again next semester, Hubungan Etnik. <Not going to translate that one..... Wonder what ethnic the group would decide on though.

Next semester's subjects are:

  • Investment Valuation
A more detailed course into Investment methods.
  • Property Management
I think might have bits from Property Maintenance subject.
  • Building Legislation
All relevant legislation that have bits on property/construction/conservation. Think Uniform Building By-Law,  Local Government Act, and Housing Development Act.
  • Property Taxation
All taxation related to property, bits from legislation too. Think Stamp Duty, Real Property Gains Tax, and Income Tax.

Yea, most likely an assignment in report for the 60% continuous assessment. Oh well, better get ready for life after graduating anyway. Bet outside isn't easier than inside.

So long!

ps: For the meantime, I'm on a Ladies' only-leave (only ladies earn it), so now I'm just relaxing and enjoying a week then start thinking seriously of clearing things off the extra bed in my room. It's becoming a table instead of a bed, my natural habit since Primary days. *wink

Special Activities

What's your SIM card name?

7:18 PM


Okay, besides it being the last of the week days, it's the day that reminds me to look at my posts count and cringe......

Only 3 posts in 2 weeks? You have got to be a lazy lady for doing this, Anna. Hehe. Unintentionally, I'm using the 'Having Exam, can't blog' excuse. Oh, screw. That's lame for my own standard and upbringing. The downside is I STILL had time for manga reading, movie watching and FB stalking, yet I can't blog? Doesn't hold much water there, right?

But seriously, blogging, typing out a post is not like I can type just anything to fill in my daily supposed quota of blog posts. In the end, I might type out some random, rambling posts, bemoaning life or studies or just life. Bloggers need time to think and type. Like they say, think before you act. Terlajak perahu, boleh undur. Terlajak mulut, badan binasa. Eh, are those right by the way? Haha...

So, after a deliberate attempt at 'scolding' myself, here I am, typing. Why? Because I just received my latest product to review! Yeah, an excuse to blog! =.=

Hopefully the review is finish before 23 Jan, LATEST. Dateline is on 27 Jan though, I still have plenty of time, honestly.

ps: What's the product? You wait, I'll reveal in due time. Hehe.


Anyway, here's a little amusement if you haven't found it yet. Hope I'm the first you heard from.
Have Facebook? Go log in and choose any previous status update to spam. Prefer your own or people might not like non-stop notifications...
Next, have a cell phone? Okay, simcard actually. That's your phone number. Mine is 01*****626. Get those last three digits.
Remember the status update you want to test out on? Now copy this: @*[626:0]
Oh, delete the * mark before pressing enter.
Wait for it........
That's your simcard's name!

Mine was Dan Tsai..... =.= Is that a man's name by the way?

Then I tried my Buddy's number, he got: Alex Binkley?! 

Okay, drop the Binkley, keep the Alex. Haha..... Eh, wait, Alex can be a female too right? Oh, okay, I couldn't care less. Lalalalalalala~

So long!


Notes to self

3:00 PM

When the next paper is days away, boredom and laziness creeps in. But no amount of pushing oneself will get that yours truly to sit down and study. At most, last by an hour. By then replaced with a healthy amount of manga reading, movie watching, and FB stalking even. Note to self: Remember that you're rewarding yourself with a smartphone, if you do get 3.5 above. If not, save those for some serious clothes shopping ala wholesale. Haha

So anyway, I'm typing this out due to boredom, even movie watching, manga reading and FB stalking is getting boring. =.=

Based on 2012 Resolutions, I have a short story, a DIY felt/ crochet and some reading to be accomplished. RM1? Done. Food? So-so. Exercise? Ah, okay, perhaps. Haha. xD

Well, since I was FB stalking, let me share this piece of 'wisdom'.



So long then, I'm going to hit the books in my pad (home).

ps: Why not we have a little fun with the words of the 70's, 80's and 90's? Some of them are so cool and groovy. Hahahaha. xDD

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