Resah Hati Tsubaki by YASUKO

11:45 PM

First of, this is technically a COMIC review. Or a graphic book review, whichever way you put it. haha. >.<

Bought it on a whim, not recommended by anyone, just happened to saw it on the shelves of a humble bookstore.

Front cover: Appealing, simple, minimal usage of colours, a bit abstract, shows the two main characters, some bubbles of dialogue which gave a little indication of the plot.

Back cover: Short introduction of the plot.

Plot: Divided into two views, the girl's (Tsubaki) and the boy's (Yutaka). Tells of their relationship as a couple. Interesting progress and really thought out well as the dialogues are almost like real life.

Graphic: Not bad, simple layout, not overcrowded in one panel, generously distributed accordingly. Use of bubble dialogues and also thought bubbles are great! xD

Overall opinion: A great read. Usually relationship comics are heavily one-sided. This is indeed a fresh air as both sides are explored. Simple plot with no overly dramatic events. Which really makes the comic easy to digest. And well, the plot's cute. >.<

Rating: 5/5

ps: I do love it so much!! <3

Next book review: The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones :)

Missing my books~ okay, not those study type books. haha

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