Off Stage me

12:28 AM

After last Friday's presentation, here's what truly happen, OFF STAGE.

Thank goodness I'm walking alone. So had lots of time to think all the way to the bus stop before getting a taxi.

Was really sniffy and sobs. haha


Initially was so upset and felt like doom days. Yeah, I exaggerate.

After that, was feeling much better thanks to my 1st year buddy. hehe

Went home like nothing happen.

Okay, that's a downright lie.

Still feeling upset but what the hell.

I'm still living this life.

Enough with the end of the world tendencies.

I have a goal which no one is gonna take away from me and which only a few people around me know what it is.

New Year resolutions? Never one to stick to it, so good riddance!

What I'm promising myself, be positive to yourself.

Heck, life's a lot easier when you're dramatic after all.

=.= What am I blabbering about!!!!!

So long!

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  1. lolanna chill. keep moving forward.storm the front. :)
    dey macha.. senior la. aphal junior pulak :P


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