Things to do..perhaps

11:25 AM

Mummy, Bryan and Niqck came last Friday and the house is not as quiet as it once was with only me and Daddy. But Umi and Aba are not around. Especially, Umi, my gossip partner. :'(

Well, emo aside, last week was great, not too great because was not feeling well on Saturday's seminar. Was feeling sniffly and uncomfortable.

About the seminar, can I be honest here? Haha, as if. What if 'they' read this and do not like. I might end up with 'F' for whatever reasons they like. boohoo. haha.

>.< Haven't done my take home test YET. Planning to do it tonight, last minute writing is always great to do. More creative juices flowing out. Although I might end up going out of topic. =.='

Assignments progress? Only one last one to pass in, which is still in editing stage. Then presentation to do. Wondering here. Is it really necessarry to wear 'theme' clothes? Formal yes, but to be 'theme', it's bothersome. Point in check, 'theme' does make it look more organized. Then will you sponsor us those 'theme' clothes? We are not truckloads of money. shit.

Another wandering thought.... Should I work for the short mid sem break? Nothing much. Or maybe learn to cook with Mummy?

Checklist I need to do during study week, since it's during last week of December too.

1. study, of course, revision!
2. tidy room, more condusive to study. haha
3. blog about 2011 resolutions and 2012 ressolutions, wait, is it really going to be 2012
4. save money, spend less. hahah >.<
5. go jog, need exercise!

Okay, done.

So long!

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