Mr Perfectionista!

10:51 PM

Hey ho! Quite a long hiatus I've had! haha... Look up on what 'hiatus' means. And Cipp... buzz off! hahaha, this is a warning to that insolent Cipp! hahahahaha (just joking, we're 'friendly' foes. He couldn't agree more to that reference...) xD

Well, been a week, a hell of a busy week. Not that I'm gonna complain much because it had its ups and downs. Better still, lessons are learnt, either through direct or indirect!

Of course, No. 1 on My List of lessons for this week is to be a tad stricter critic on oneself. Except if you've been that way, then it's wise to loosen up a LITTLE.

You know when you've done something and then reread it like a hundred times. Your mind slows down after the 1st, 2nd readings because we intended it to. Well, TRY YOUR UTMOST BEST to stop that. Minimize the errors that you would had noticed if you had been vigilant enough!

I made that horrible mistake!!! I was already BORED reading through, my eyes jammed up, okay, honestly, I was being soft on myself. Should critic myself more. :'(

Haish! So I fooled my eyes. Blinded them enough to not notice mistakes. That's dangerous. Like when you take something for granted, you just don't seem like to want to care for it much anymore. Oh, geez, now I'm sentimental! >.<

Was like this, talked to one of my friends. And well, he was upset because he didn't check 'something' by himself. He's very, very perfectionist! hahahaha intended vagueness so no one can pinpoint who! Don't worry, not you or you or whoever. Maybe myself even... eh, ok, maybe! >.<

So yeah, he's upset. Who wouldn't be but... mmmm...... Still, tomorrow comes right? He could still rectify the mistake. Even I could correct my mistake. So...yea... chill and think of how to get over it. We still have tomorrow....

ps: unless your end is tomorrow, then...I don't know....write a will now? hahaha

=.=' Was upset with myself too before I heard his story. Well, same old boat perhaps. All the best, Comrade! Or should I call you, Perfectionista? hahaha

ps: I know, LAMEness.............

>.< So long until who knows!

Also, I don't know what word that is. A bit like Fashionista perhaps. hehe xD

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