List of things to do-Reminder to self

11:14 PM

First of all, a Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

Then, I'm gonna continue rambling as usual. haha =.="

I'm thinking of doing New Year's Resolution, who knows, I might NEED something to get back onto after all. So right now I'm listing out those Resolution, making it simple though, not some saving the world kind of thing. Done that back when I was 10, I think. And nothing's changed much.

Next on to do list is a post-view of how 2011 has been for me. Got some a tad bit distressing and personal so gonna have to leave the personal things out, as much as I can. Well, since it's study week, I have lots of time, split between hitting the books/notes, drama series, Facebook, or blogging. Or felt projects or crochet.....

Before I speed off into 2012, gotta do Exams first. It's in Jan though, why in Jan of all months. I'm still not used to this new schedule. =.=

After Exams done and over with, will be living quietly, well, hopefully at home. When Feb comes, gonna have my wishes up. No spams on my FB because I block friends post on my wall. Okay, can still tag but needs my approval. Anyway, I think I hide my birth date so not many will wish. hehe Am reclusive bit there. >.<

Ah, maybe I'll put a picture of a present I really want, like really, really, really so much want so badly! xD But for now, it's a secret. Shhhhh

Lecture week begins on 13 Feb. Gonna be having Family Day with course mates of same department. Hoping everything goes well and happy for that coming event.

Anything else? reading that book and getting dizzy with so much description. @.@

So long, wanna finish reading so I can start studying for real. haha

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