Get your own life before judging

11:02 PM

Hi, nearly the end of this week and I'm trying to break off that hiatus habit of mine.

So far, this week's great. Honestly not totally great. Still, it's a lot better than last week which got FIRED like hell on Friday. haha =.="

This week's issues are quite a trolling like event. Noted, perhaps I'm not using 'troll' correctly, who minds. >.<

WARNING ahead!!! 
hahaha, might have included some swear words. Not used to it, then EXIT. Not shake your ignorant head. hahaha

No 1 issue for UM students however is the WiFi issue. Like seriously a shitty issue actually. =.=" I know you're upset because you paid the fees for it but a DEMO this FRIDAY??? *facepalm

ps: Better go study. Already got all notes right?

Okay, I won't say no more on that issue. I'm currently not living in a hostel in UM and do not have any intention of being blackmailed by anybody. Peace out on that!

Then I went blog walking on my Fav blogs, which some had just been updated. The few of those that I read recently: Xiaxue, Cheeserland, cikepal.....

What a relief from study life! haha

Amusing post by Xiaxue as usual, loves when she 'speaks' her mind and knows how to fire back at those who attack her. Granted, some of her posts are not nice but I can always stop reading. Ignorant people only who just judge her from one post or her appearance. Gotta say lots of thanks to Deeya for giving the 1st link that brought me to Xiaxue!

ps: Warning, link of 1st post is super heavy because lots of pictures. I warned you! But it's super sweet so go find out what the link is about...... xD

Actually, what I don't understand is why some people just have to condemn others. If you're not in their shoes or brain whatever, why bother trying to tell them how to live their life? Beats the point, you know.

Especially hate when people condemn others for using not-so-perfect spelling. Ignorant lot. Just because they used not-so-perfect sentences, you go dizzy? Aren't you the clever lot? Then use your brain and make sense of what they type. Unless you can't see or process words properly. Yes, it bothers you or you're just plain lazy. Then stop reading and do something else. Nobody is holding a gun to your head telling you to read to the end. haha

Well, whatever. If you want to know what's heating up in her blog, go over. Trust me, read the post and hit the comments section. Had me laughing, love her supporters, and hate her ignorant haters. What's wrong with hair colouring, plastic surgery, not being able to keep a pet (a dog)?

ps: Her pet bunny now is super adorable WTF. hahaha

It's her life. Get it, HER LIFE. Damn, they're acting like GOD. =.="

End note: Get a life.

Wait, rephrase.



So long, gents and ma'ams.

ps: Gents= gentleman, ma'ams= madams.... for the literally short sighted. Dang, I'm evil!haha

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