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Heck, yea, 2011 has nearly reached its end and soon will be welcoming 2012!

Was contemplating whether to do my usual style or Cik Muda's style but guess since I wanna avoid being overly emotional, usual style is best. xD

Sooooo...... how has 2011 been for me??

1st of, wasn't sure how should I categorize, monthly, happenings eg. sad, happy, excited, or just some messed up paragraphs with bits here and there sticking out?

Well, usually, it'll be the latter, always my type of 'writing' anyway.

However, I'm going to try AS MUCH AS possible to avoid that mixed, messed, put together whatever crap into ONE post... which means I 'say' everything in one post. haha =.=

1st year, not mistaken still in 2nd semester. Next, holiday for 4 months!!! Can I say that I don't remember much, like yea, I don't since I've conveniently forgotten to use a Diary, the hard style. >.<

Nothing much since its the usual stuff of University life.... Were there any special happenings? My birthday? Well, was a holiday that day, I think nothing much happened and my family were still in Sarawak that time. Yeaaa..... Dislike celebrating birthdays far from family AKA no birthday candles to blow! T.T

ps: Now I have my Dad, Mum, Bryan, Niqck with me, so I'm going to expect a cake with ___ candles. haha =.=" No matter how old, I'll demand for birthday candles to blow, I just love blowing away the fire on candles.

Worked part time. 1st TIME WORK EXPERIENCE. Really thankful. I learnt that I may not be in agreement with some people but at least I can tolerate. Can't believe how I managed not getting angry, yelling or crying! Managed to just barely suck all the emotions in and just act like everything's okay in the place. It's not all bad, most were pretty good. Kinda missing working there but I know if I ever go back there, it won't be the same. Heck, I might not like a second time working there. Not as much as I like the 1st time anyway. Also, I learnt how hard it was getting up early and going back late. >.< Even though I know a friend who still has time for some night life. Jeeez, I wonder how she coped. But yea, she wasn't energetic the next day though.

Another thing I like in that working place: Braved myself getting on the tall ladder. Not the layman's ladder. The one like those mechanical ladders for putting up banners, a bit like that. But this one can't extend much, or it would be really high. Around 2 meters high. Freaked out 1st time on the ladder. Then, hey, when would I have another time? So yea, got on it, provided nobody teases me by shaking that damn ladder. Which makes me scream anyway. >.<

Didn't get college, meaning I'm leaving off campus. Sad? Not really, had been disliking because of the often forceful participation in the activities. :P I prefer being left alone, minding my own business with my 24/7 allocation. After all, there's still no guarantee, sometimes they say can get but end up not getting. Enough messing me with that crap. Okay, emotional aside.

Ahahhh! Remembered the special activity held at my faculty for the freshies! FBE Treasure Hunt!

My 1st ever product review! Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen !

My Obsession! Ankle boots. Which I haven't updated that I did bought one already. haha

1st participation in a challenge! OSK Investment Challenge! (With a quite okay score, since I played based on guts, didn't understand whatsoever....)

ps: September turned to be really significant suddenly.... realization creeping in~

Month of getting busy!

 But still had time for a product review!

ps: My 2nd product review!! xD

Even did a post about snubbing a someone.... hahaha.... >:D

It's private and confidential! Sorry! hahaha

Oh, did the 30 Things in 30 Days Challenge... I did cheated by scheduling some posts. >.<

Month of tests, finishing assignments... and understanding lectures. haha =.=

MOFEW 2011 <<< Loved the event but went too early and didn't save up any budget for this! Plus there was lots of bargains too! Disappointed in self that time.

BUT... compensated by watching a movie!

3rd product review: Rimmel Extra WOW Lash.

Also, love the sky view on 25 Nov!

Last of the month! Assignments finished, tests done, presentations got burned to crisp. Okay, that last part was merely joking, no one was really burnt into crisp. Though it stung so bad.

1st review about a comic: Resah Hati Tsubaki by YASUKO

A post about a friend in the same dilemma as me... >.< Mr Perfectionista

 1st time campaigning for a Churp Churp... Cik Muda 47kg, bukan 52kg


Summing up, this 2011 was *is? quite eventful. A number of significant posts with '1st' in them. Still have lots to do and achieve in the coming 2012. Hope Doom day is not real. =.="

Well, personally, gonna miss 2011. I might regret some but I won't want to rewind and change what had happened. I believed there's a reason for how things turned out. With that belief, I push myself forward and hope for more opportunities in 2012.

Whereby I'm in the LEGAL age and how I wish I don't have to be forced to do something. =.=' I prefer to be a student 1st and gain knowledge. World issues? If its related and may affect my studies or my life or my well being, maybe I'll keep in touch. If not, move aside, let me study, let me graduate, then come and woe me with your hidden agendas. haha

Oh, eyes closing, thought up my 2012 Resolutions, do hope I achieve them and pride myself then. >.<

So long and a Happy New Year!

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