Shy to ask?

5:25 PM

Quote from a lecturer~~~~
'Ask me, don't ask your friends. If your friends also don't know, you end up confusing yourself more.'

Actually in BM: Jangan tanya kawan awak kalau awak tak tahu, tanya saya. Kawan pun tak faham, ajaran sesat awak nanti!

hahaha.... >.< in a way true, because your friends might not understand too, like you... So on the safe side, ask the lecturers. After all, if you get wrong, you can always say, 'That's what the lecturer told me.' haha

So in the end, I ended up with lots of question. Really, you can't ask the person next to you. The moment she spotted you asking each other, there's her quote for reference.

Still, thanks so much. From her lectures, at least, I've started to enjoy asking questions. Even though at first I was hoping that the question does not sound foolish. =.=

That's why we avoid asking questions but yeah... Malu bertanya sesat jalan. (Shy to ask, lose your way)

Til next time, so long! >.<

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